I Told You So 63

I recently told you that the commie's and Muslims will use the precedence's set in Libya against Israel in order to stop Israel from being able to defend herself and, you can bet, they will eventually use those precedence's to stop every other country from defending themselves against their terrorist friends including the US.

I just read that the Arab League is demanding that a no-fly-zone be established over Gaza to keep Israel from defending herself against the rocket and mortar attacks by the terrorists in Gaza. This will only encourage Hamas and the other terrorist groups in Gaza to further attack Israel in hopes of stopping the counter attacks via international intervention and permitting the terrorists to attack the civilians in Israel with impunity.

Also watch as, more and more, the commie's and Muslims will call the terrorists civilians to prevent military attacks against the terrorists.

Also please note what I warned you about before with us working to perfect warfare so that there won't be any civilian casualties or collateral damage in order to make war less ugly. I recently read that the experts are finally beginning to realize that their great sounding idea is not only not working but is causing war to be even worse. They have realized that fighting to not cause collateral damage instead of fighting to win the war actually causes the wars to last longer and increases the collateral damage over the long term. It also provides the enemy with the weapon of using civilians as human shields, knowing the idiot liberals won't attack targets if there will be any collateral damage.

In other words, trying to decrease the collateral damage in war and make war more sanitary is just one more great sounding idea from the liberals that has caused things to be even worse than they were before. It is just like the military told us decades ago that we need to keep war ugly or it will only get worse but the idiot liberals knew better (as always), wouldn't listen, forced their stupid ideas on us again, and things got worse again. Go figure.

But you can bet on two things, 1) the liberals will refuse to admit their great sounding idea was wrong and 2) that their great sounding idea just made things worse. Instead, the fools will insist that what we need is more of their stupidity to "make it work". They never learn. Liberals never admit they are wrong about anything and they have been wrong about everything.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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