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So, how is that pagan god, democracy, working out for you? Do you still have your faith in your god, democracy, to solve your problems and save your butts instead of in Jesus?

I was just reading the news and realized that our republic (a form of democracy) has become so corrupt that it is mind boggling and nauseating. Every aspect of our government has been seriously infiltrated and taken over by the liberal commie traitors and Muslims. The political parties are all run by the commies, the courts have so many commies for judges that it is getting increasingly difficult to get justice and enforce the US Constitution, our government funded schools are brainwashing institutions, and every significant government agency has been taken over by the commies. They own our government, they own our people, they own our economy, they own everything else, and they are systematically working towards enslaving us.

Wow, that has really worked out well, hasn't it?

And, yet, we are taught that democracy is a Christian thing in spite of the fact that democracy was dreamed up by Greek pagans hundreds of years before Jesus was born.

Did you know that democracy is not mentioned once in the Bible, Old or New Testament?

"But", you say, "the Old Testament was written well before the Greeks developed democracy."

Let me get this straight, you believe that God could see and tell us about future things which were going to happen all the way up to and including the Final Judgment but He couldn't see democracy coming?

If democracy is a Christian thing, why didn't Jesus mention democracy even once in all of his teachings? Why did Jesus tell us to obey the teachings of the Pharisees, which was to abide by God's Laws or live by a Biblical theocracy?

After all, both the Greek Democracy and Roman Republic had failed more than 100 years before Jesus was born. Therefore, with many Greeks still living in Israel and Israel occupied by the Romans at the time of Jesus, Jesus was bound to know about all forms of democracy.

Why did Jesus not say one word about democracy when He talked about free market economics and Biblical theocracy or Law?

Gee, do you mean that what we have been taught about democracy being a Christian thing is a lie?

One proof of that is that every form of democracy has been tried and has failed 100% of the time around the world with the US Republic lasting longer than any other democracy in history at just over 200 years, which was when the US was taken over by the pagans. Every other democracy in history has failed in less than 200 years. When God set up His Biblical theocracy 3,600 years ago, it took us humans more than 400 years to corrupt it enough to destroy it and the people had more freedom under God's theocracy than we do today with what is left of our republic. I also find it interesting that the only democracy which lasted longer than 200 years was Christian for almost 200 years. It was only when our government was taken over by pagans that our republic failed. Get the picture yet?

It isn't the type of government which counts, it is who is running your government, Christians or pagans, God or Satan. Right now, Satan has control of our government because we turned our backs on God and gave control of our government to Satan.

So, how is that pagan government thing working out? Do you like having Satan as your government leader?

If you don't have a Christian theocracy, you have a pagan theocracy. Either God runs your country or Satan runs it.

Which theocracy do you choose?

BTW, remember that I told you that the upper class trash natural elite intellectuals, especially college professors, were the primary cause of most of our problems for more than 1,000 years? How is that Jonathan Gruber upper class trash natural elite intellectual working out for you?

If you don't start holding these intellectuals responsible for their actions, it is just going to keep getting worse. Teaching treason and other crimes against humanity should be just as serious as carrying out those crimes.

Why do you keep letting the intellectuals get away with their crimes against humanity by teaching the upper class trash to commit those crimes? Don't you know that encouraging others to commit a crime is a crime?


I just watched a video by a woman who is possibly a prophetess. She was talking about the war which is taking place in this nation right now not realizing the war is already going on. She told about some of the things happening and said that we Christians need to go talk to these violent people.

If you have been paying any attention at all, you should know that this mess is well beyond talking because the commies and Muslims are already fighting in our streets trying to overthrow our government. If you try to talk to these people, expect them to attack you, you know, just like they have already attacked some of their own who dared disagree with their methods and violence, like the liberal man attacked with a hammer in Berkeley, California.

These commies and Muslims are fighting a guerilla war against Americans RIGHT NOW!

I just saw another video of Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, issuing a fatwa or decree that, if the black leaders don't take their blacks to war right now, those black leaders will lose their leadership. It was a warning to the black leaders and Obama to take the black youth into the streets to fight a race war (with the help of the white crackers, of course) or those leaders will be replaced by black leaders of Farrakhan's choosing. This was an ultimatum.

You still think the war isn't already going on right now?

Just look at the destruction and chaos the commies and Muslims are causing right now and this fight has just barely begun. It will get much, much, much worse before it is over. This hostile take over of the US by the commies and black Muslims is just getting started and the only ones fighting are the commies/black Muslims and a few groups of law biding citizens. At this point, when the commies and black Muslims encounter the law biding citizens, they back off but you know it won't last much longer, especially with Farrakhan calling for all out war.

You have to understand that, with the commies in control of the media and the media working to make the cops and military look bad, the good guys must wait until at least 65% to 75% of the people have turned against the commies and black Muslims AND are demanding the good guys do whatever is necessary to stop the bad guys before the good guys can do anything. Right now, I am seeing increasing numbers of people turning against the commies and black Muslims and asking why the good guys are not doing anything so the good guys still have some waiting to do before they can act. The people must be demanding that the good guys take the gloves and shackles off to do whatever is required to quickly destroy the bad guys and end the hell.

The question isn't if but when and where will this powder keg blow?

The destruction you are seeing in a few cities now, will soon be brought to your cities by the liberal white crackers and black Muslims on a much larger scale. You are right now watching the attempted hostile take over of our nation by the barbaric pagans. The fight's on.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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