Lad Syndrome

The Lad Syndrome

I have been watching this "Lad" syndrome in which men are getting tired of the abuses of feminism and rebelling in increasing numbers. This rebellion has been going on for decades, at least since the 1970s, and men have been rebelling against feminism by turning away from women at a rapidly increasing rate with this rebellion now reaching critical mass. This is a huge backlash against liberal male hating feminists.

Men have been trying to take back control of their lives but they didn't know how because they believed the liberal lie that men can't do without sex. At first, they tried to get around feminism by marrying women from other countries but the feminist managed to quickly make friends with these women and turn many of them into feminists and then unpleasant opportunistic women from other countries began using this attempt at finding good women to gain US citizenship by marrying the man, getting their citizenship, and divorcing the man.

Some men desperately turned to pedophilia, having sex with under age girls, in hopes of getting a good woman before they turned into feminists but all that has gotten them is prison time and shame. Some men have turned to homosexuality and others have become dependant on things like porn, sexual fantasies, and masturbation to get around feminism, resulting in sexual frustration, sexual addiction, and increasing cases of rape.

BTW, you need to know that all forms of non marital sex is adultery. Jesus said that to look on a woman and to lust after her is to have already committed adultery in your heart. That means that sexual fantasies, pornography, and masturbation are adultery because you are lusting after some one, almost always some one you are not married to. We also know that the Bible clearly says that homosexuality is an abomination before God and bestiality is expressly forbidden.

The pagan Jews have made up the fairy tale that an unmarried man having sex with an unmarried female is not adultery, it is fornication and, since the ten commandments don't use the word fornication, fornication is not a sin. They conveniently ignore, as all pagans conveniently ignore most scripture, the law that says that, if a man has sex with a woman and they get married, it will not be counted as adultery against them meaning that an unmarried man having sex with an unmarried woman is adultery. The pagans always lie.

How This Problem Started

The first thing the pagans did to cause this problem was to convince men and women of the lie that men cannot do without sex. To help prove this lie, the pagans even stated that celibate monks were not actually celibate but were homosexuals. When men began to believe this lie, they became trapped into not even trying to do without sex and slaves to sex.

This belief in the pagan lie that men can't do without sex permitted the pagans to sell everyone on the concept that such things as pornography, sexual fantasies, adulterous intercourse, and masturbation were not only natural and alright, but a good thing. Men quickly turned to this forms of adultery causing their bodies to dump huge amounts of sex hormones into their blood causing their sex drives to increase to the point the sex drives became completely out of control and further proving to the men that they can't do without sex. The out of control sex drives in men made it possible for feminist to use those out of control sex drives to control, manipulate, abuse, and terrorize men making the men feminist sex slaves.

At the same time, the liberals began converting as many women as possible into male hating feminists to increase the control of the men whose sex drives were out of control and those men believed they couldn't do anything about it. If the men complain about this sexual and emotional abuse of men by feminist women, the men are accused of whining and the feminist women increase the abuse and terrorism until the males submit quietly to their slavery. This gave the liberal puppet masters control over large numbers of feminist women and their male sex slaves. Get the picture?

Male Sexual Freedom

Can men regain control of their sex drives and free themselves from this abuse?

Yes, if you know enough about biology. I was raised up before most people believed the lie that men cannot live without sex and, by the grace of God, managed to remain a virgin until I was 21 so I learned young that a man can do without sex, contrary to the liberal lies, and I also studied a lot of biology in college learning how the sex drive works.

The liberals don't want you to know that, for both men and women, your sex drive is controlled by the sex hormone levels in your blood. When you have any kind of sex, physical or mental, your mind causes your body to release sex hormones into your blood increasing your sex hormone blood level and your sex drive. If you commit any forms of adultery such as adulterous intercourse, sexual fantasies, looking at pornography, sexually lusting after women you see, or masturbating, you release even more sex hormones into your blood increasing your sex drive and decreasing your ability to control your sex drive. Since these forms of adultery cause sexual frustration instead of sexual satisfaction, which decreases sex hormone blood levels to maintain control, these forms of adultery increase your sex drive to attempt to achieve sexual satisfaction causing your sex drive to get even more out of control. This vicious cycle can build, leading to extreme sexual frustration and an extreme sex drive, often causing people to commit sex crimes.

You need to understand that these sex hormones are constantly being filtered out of your body via your kidneys so the liberals have learned that they must keep bombarding you with things like pornography to keep your sex hormone blood level high enough to maintain control of you.

How do you regain control of your sex drive to regain control of your life?

Therefore, you can control your sex drive by controlling your mind and what you think about, you know, like lusting after women. The less time you spend thinking about sex and the more time you spend thinking about other things, the lower your sex drive will be and the easier it will be to control your sex drive.

You have to do away with all forms of adultery including soft porn, sexual fantasies, lusting after women you see, and masturbating. With your sex hormones being constantly filtered out through your kidneys, your sex hormone level will drop of rapidly until you can control it. The first two weeks are the hardest and it gets easier every week after that. At first, you have to really work at it to maintain mental discipline but eventually it gets very easy. You will be amazed at how easy it gets with just a little mental discipline.

If you weaken and give into any form of adultery including soft porn, sexual fantasies, lusting after women you see, or masturbating, it will set you back from months to years because it will greatly increase your sex drive by very quickly dumping large quantities of sex hormones into your blood.

For example, after two really bad marriages to feminists and having been celibate until I was 21, I knew I could become celibate again, and I decided I didn't want to even risk marrying another feminist so, using biology, I took a vow of celibacy to God in September 1990 and did away with ALL forms of adultery. The first two weeks of not even thinking about sex were really tough but after only about 3 months, I realized one day that I had not even thought about sex for at least a few weeks. Within just two to three years of sticking to the program, I realized I had beat the demons and was completely free by driving my sex hormone blood level down and regaining control of my sex drive, no woman controls me.

I have been celibate now for more than 24 years and couldn't be happier, I am now more free than I have ever been in my life. I have complete freedom, peace, quiet, and control of my life. I have not had to deal with some feminist abusing, tormenting, or terrorizing me for almost a quarter of a century and it is fantastic because I have my sex drive completely under control by staying away from all forms of adultery. After the first one or two years, it became so easy I couldn't believe it, disproving the liberal lie about men not being able to go without sex, and it is even easier today but I still have to "flee" adultery the way Joseph did when he was a slave in Egypt and his slave owner's wife tried to seduce him. I simply occupy my mind with many other things than sex which can be just as fun and more rewarding.

Today, I have complete freedom. Every time I think about it, my heart rejoices with joy beyond description at my freedom. No woman can control me, I do as I please, I go out when I want to go out, go where I want to go out, see what movies I want, eat what I want, enjoy whatever sports I want when I want and, most importantly, have not had to watch a chick flick in more than 24 years, which, in of itself, is worth it. I have more time and money to spend on me, my dreams, and the things I want to do instead of wasting that time and money on some feminist who hates me and abuses me. It has been more than 24 years since I have had a male hating liberal feminist screaming at me, throwing things at me, trying to manipulate me, or anything else I do not want. I am a very happy conservative celibate Christian heterosexual male and couldn't be happier. When an interested liberal feminist uses that lead in line, "Are you married?", I simply respond, "No, I am happy" and it ends that attempt to coerce me into a relationship I don't want.

I have also found that I have more time to spend with God when a feminist is not tormenting me and it has caused me to draw nearer to God. I now have a much better relationship with God and have learned so much more to make me a better person. I spend much more time in prayer, thinking about God, and walking closer to God.

Like all humans, I am not perfect but I am a good man and like me just fine. I do not need the approval of a woman or any one else. I try my best to help others such as by sharing information on this site. I am happy with me the way I am and refuse to change to be what anyone else wants me to be, especially a male hating liberal feminist. I am man, created by God in the image of God to be a companion for God. I don't need anyone else. I guess you could say that I am a 21st Century monk and am very happy.

You need to know that you don't have to resort to any form of adultery or aberrant sex to win the feminist Battle of Sexes. All you have to do is walk away from all forms of adultery and aberrant sex to automatically and very easily win the Battle of the Sexes. If the feminists want to fight that battle, they can do it by themselves and without me. Let them pay for their dinners at nice restaurants, movies, flowers, chocolates, and presents they don't appreciate enough to treat you with respect. Let the feminists lie lonely in the cold bed at night and keep their cold feet to themselves. I will not have some one I love treating me like her hated enemy and abusing me. If she wants my love, she has to return my love and not wage a silly Satanic war against me. Treat me right or leave me alone.

So, how is that adultery thing doing? You like being manipulated, controlled, and abused by feminists because you can't control your sex drive because of your adulteries and the feminists can use your run away sex drive to enslave you?

When you get tired enough of the abuse, control, liberal "Battle of the Sexes" crap, and being a feminist slave and you really want complete freedom, take a vow of celibacy with God and get that freedom by living by God's Laws. Or you can stick with the adulteries they taught you to love and continue to be controlled, manipulated, abused, terrorized, hated by your lover or spouse, and fight that insane Battle of the Sexes until you have had enough of their crap to rebel and get your freedom.

I encourage you to not start hating all women because there are still good women but I have seen increasing numbers of "Christian" women (well, they go to church) who are arrogant and manipulative feminists and not some one who wants to be part of a team to share life and make life be the best it can be for BOTH of you. My attitude is that, if women want to wage the Battle of the Sexes, let them, but not with me. They can fight that insane Satanic battle by themselves while I enjoy my life the best I can without them. I have found that I don't have to have a woman in my life and have been perfectly happy without one. If women realize the feminist Battle of the Sexes only hurts them and everyone else and they want to quit the male hating liberal feminism (a hate crime against men), then I will reconsider but, until then, I am doing fine without them and can easily go the rest of my life without them. There are so many other things in life to enjoy other than sex with an abusive partner. Let the male hating liberal feminist live in hell by themselves.

What you men need to learn is that you can be a very happy celibate Christian heterosexual male and you need to know how to do it so you can regain control of your lives and it requires doing away with all forms of adultery, which is one reason why I teach to quit the adultery because it is just giving control of your lives to those who hate and abuse you.

Be free of your sins and Jesus will set you free. Don't let your sins control and enslave you.

It is best to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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