Government Corruption

God started teaching me about government corruption more than 40 years ago and has repeatedly gotten me behind the closed door of government corruption to witness the corruption and see how bad it is without being involved in it. It is amazing how little the government really tries to hide its corruption, which should tell you just how corrupt it really is and government corruption goes back a long ways.

When I was a kid studying history, the story about Billy the Kid raised some really big red flags to me which have caused me to think about and study what really happened to Billy the Kid.

First, why are there no pictures of Billy the Kid being laid out for public display before they buried him?

I mean, there were pictures of the James brothers, the Daltons, and almost all other outlaws after they were shot but not one of the most famous outlaws in history? Did you know that those bodies were laid out for public viewing while they made the caskets and dug the graves to bury the outlaws in? Did you know that Billy was buried before sunrise that morning (he was shot at night while everyone was sleeping), there was no public viewing by anyone, and there was no funeral for one of the most famous outlaws of the time? Did you know that Sheriff Pat Garret (who supposedly shot Billy) and Billy the Kid were best friends?

I met one of Pat Garret's granddaughters who had a book written by Pat's wife and her grandmother telling just how corrupt Pat was and, when I told her what my grandfather told me, she said she believed it.

What should that tell you?

They already had the casket made and the grave dug before shots were fired, they put the body in the casket and the casket in the grave before sunrise, and no one saw the dead body.

Does that mean there was no body in the casket?

No, there was a body in the casket but it wasn't Billy the Kid and some of Billy's descendants have been saying that for years.

I had a grandfather who was a sheriff in eastern New Mexico in the early 1900s and knew most of the members of the Kid's gang but they were all old men. They told him what really happened and twice gave him letters to deliver to Billy the Kid (living under a different name) in central Arizona at that time. Billy was legally blind, wearing coke-bottle-bottom glasses, and my grandfather had to read the letters to Billy and my grandfather told me that the old man who died in Texas years later and was rumored to be Billy, really was Billy.

What really happened was that Fort Sumner was the safest place for Billy because almost everyone there, including Pat, really liked Billy a lot. It would have been the worst place in the world for Pat to shoot Billy the Kid. Pat would have probably ended up dead, if he had really shot Billy in Fort Sumner and he knew it.

Pat, Billy and some others figured out a way to get the law off of Billy's back and the government off of Pat's back for not having already arrested Billy without arresting or killing Billy. There was a really bad Mexican criminal in Fort Sumner that Pat couldn't bring to trial because everyone was so afraid of the criminal killing them if they testified against him. So they made the casket, dug the grave, and Pat ambushed the Mexican criminal that night (instead of Billy), put the criminal's body in the casket, put the casket in the ground before sunrise, and told everyone it was Billy the Kid but no one saw the body and the Mexican criminal was never seen again. Gee, what a coincidence.

Get the picture?

Everyone in Fort Sumner knew what had happened but there were no actual witnesses outside of the few participants.

In the "Wild West" law men regularly ambushed criminals they couldn't get convicted in a court of law because people were too terrified to testify against them and disposed of the bodies in different ways. The bad guys just kinda, sorta disappeared.

About the end of the 1970s, I met a man who was New Mexico Governor Bruce King's right hand man and was considered to be the second most powerful person in New Mexico. I already knew the government was corrupt but I was about to get a first person lesson in just how corrupt.

I told the guy about an idea of mine which would make the state a lot of money and really grow the economy. He liked the idea so well he personally made an appointment with me to present my idea to Governor King and his cabinet in the Capitol building in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Get it straight, the man would not have made that appointment taking up the Governor's time if he had not felt it had significant merit and promise.

He and I met outside the Capitol building, entered, and were walking down a very large hallway filled with a lot of people towards the meeting room when Governor King and his cabinet exited another room right in front of us heading for the same meeting room so that we were suddenly the back of his group. Right after we became part of his group, Governor King met someone in the hallway and the entire group stopped to talk to this person and the people with him. The group Governor King stopped to talk to included at least two "investigative journalist" I recognized from the TV news.

I stood there stunned as they began openly talking about doing something I KNEW was illegal, they didn't whisper or look around to make sure no one was listening, and they were talking just as openly and calmly as if they were talking about going out to lunch. I tried not to show any emotions and kept looking around at the dozens of people walking by within easy earshot and no one showing any concern about everyone being able to hear the crime they were talking about committing.

Why would they be worried? Who was I going to tell?

The media were standing right there being part of the corruption.

As I watched, especially with the journalists who were openly part of the corruption, I knew they would just corrupt my idea, take it over, and ruin it. I knew I couldn't have any part in that so, when it came time for me to make my presentation to the Governor and his cabinet, I intentionally made a bad presentation to discourage them from funding it and wanting to be any part of it. I didn't want to become a part of their criminal organization and it was definitely an opportunity for me to make millions of dollars but my soul is worth more than millions of dollars.

I have thought about that idea and the timing of that particular moment for decades and, after I got my M.B.A., I realized it would have been much bigger than I thought it would have been at that time but my soul is already owned by Jesus and it isn't for sale for any amount of money. I would rather live in poverty than be rich and famous for a few years here on earth to face Jesus on Judgment Day for committing any crime, especially for being involved in organized crime.

Since then, God has regularly gotten me behind the closed door of government corruption to witness just how corrupt our government really is and most people are completely clueless about just how corrupt it really is. The problem is much, much worse than they could even begin to imagine.

For example, in the late 1980s, I found out about a very massive nonprofit corporation with $1.4 billion dollars in its trust that was only giving out $12,000 per year. Even before I got my M.B.A., I could have done much, much better than that by myself. The corporation was making more than 10% return on its investments or more than $140 million per year and they were only giving out $12,000 per year, which meant they were pocketing more than $140 million per year from the corporation.

I told a successful person I knew about it and it turned out that he was managing a small nonprofit corporation as his livelihood. He intentionally kept it small so no large organization would take it over and he was comfortably living off of the income. He took me out to lunch at a nice restaurant to spend a few hours teaching me the truth about how nonprofit corporations really work and not what the media were telling us.

Basically, they don't work because they are all corrupt and I have not given any money to any nonprofit corporation since then. Nonprofit corporations are a racket to steal money from people while providing those people with tax deductions so that they are indirectly stealing from the government. After I got my M.B.A., I learned even more about how corrupt they are.

I have taught you before about the corruption of nonprofit corporations so I won't teach you about them here again. These nonprofit corporations are part of the government corruption.

About the same time, I met a young woman from the Cowles family, which most of you have never heard of, but they are based out of Texas and one of the most powerful families in the US and the world. At that time, the patriarch of the family, who ran everything for the family, owned controlling interest in Time Inc., which owned Time, ABC, Disney, Sports Illustrated, and many of the other media. Their family was considered to be the most powerful family in the media in the world and I got a little inside look at that lefty family.

Later I got a job as a broker assistant being trained up to become a broker for a local brokerage which was sharing office space with a broker from New York who was opening a branch of their New York based house in Los Angeles, they were temporarily sharing rent on the offices to save money. I read all of the books put out by the FEC as study guides for passing the government test to become a broker, those brokers sent me to classes taught by a very big house based in New York , and they taught me much more. It was a REAL eye opener.

The FEC books taught me what was legal and then ALL of the brokers from all of those houses taught me the corruption about how the stock market really works. Later, when I got my M.B.A., I saw confirmation of that corruption and it is rigged and a racket run by the upper class trash to steal money from you. They give you a false sense of security by telling you that the head of the FEC, whom they call the "top cop", keeps it legal, well, for everyone except them.

You have to understand that the head of the FEC is hired and fired by the US Senate, which is owned and run by the upper class trash. If the head of the FEC tries to just investigate the upper class trash for their criminal behavior, they will fire him and replace him with another "player". Yes, the head of the FEC is one of them and also involved in their criminal activities. He isn't going to investigate any of them.


Yes, he will investigate you but not them. Believe me, the upper class trash are above the law because they own the law.

BTW, after six months of working as a broker's assistant and being taught about the corruption I was being trained to be involved in, I reached a point at which I knew that, if I continued, I would not be able to look at myself in the mirror any more, quit, and found a job which made me feel much better about myself, sweeping floors. I didn't have to scrub as hard when I took a shower any more.

Yes, I turned down another opportunity to make millions of dollars. I have probably turned down at least a dozen such opportunities in my life because my soul is not for sale. I don't lie, I don't cheat, and I don't steal. I like being able to sleep at night and, oh yeah, I don't have to worry about the feds arresting me for the crimes I would have had to commit to steal that money.

These are just a few of the examples of the encounters I have had with government corruption or the nutshell version. I could probably write a book about what I have learned about government corruption and it is so terrible and massive that only God can clean it up. What you are currently seeing in the media about the "Deep State", I warned you about years ago and it is nothing compared to how corrupt our government really is. If the people really knew just how corrupt our governments and leaders really are, they would just rise up and lynch all of the leaders...well, except for the worst of them, whom they would have drawn and quartered. Believe me, when you find out the truth, you will want to have them drawn and quartered. They deserve it because they have earned it and we shouldn't keep the criminals from getting something they have earned.

Basically, today's governments are indescribably corrupt beyond your wildest imaginations. Our governments have been taken over by internationally organized crime and are run by crime families, about 300 families. That is why they are trying to set up their "New World Order", you know, the global commie dictatorship, so they can steal from and enslave everyone.

Knowing just how corrupt our governments really are and waiting for God to open enough eyes for Him to clean it up is really tough. I keep wondering why the rest of you can't see what is so obvious to me but keep reminding myself that God has spent decades teaching me what you don't know yet. So I sit here trying to be patient while teaching you and trying to help you catch up. When you finally learn just how bad it really is, you will be as repulsed and angry as I am at the jerks who caused this mess.

Mean while, I just keep tracking and teaching about our government corruption to help open eyes.

BTW, speaking of corrupt governments, did you notice that Trump is almost constantly having to clean out his own administration because of the people who keep stabbing him in the back and that members of his cabinet keep resigning because the corruption is so massive that they realize they can't do anything with it? Do you believe me now when I tell you that only God can clean up this mess?

Also don't be surprised if vets, especially the younger ones, get recall notices in the not too distant future to quickly rebuild the US military back up to more than the less than one front military Obama left us.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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