I Told You So 174

Note that this is my 1,200th essay on this site. I have been working on this for a few days and realized yesterday that this should be an "I Told You So" essay because almost everything I will be discussing will be something I told you about or predicted earlier. Right now, things are happening the way I told you they would happen from months to years ago.

Remember that I told you that the government is so infiltrated with lefty traitors that it is not possible for anyone but God to clean up the mess the lefties have made and that I definitely would not want to try to clean up this mess?

What is going on right now between Trump and the left is the most significant and massive power struggle between good and evil the world has seen. The left is RIGHT NOW trying to stage a coup to overthrow Trump and the US government to finish setting up their lefty, Marxist/Muslim dictatorship they have been working on setting up for more than half a century. They are RIGHT NOW committing every act of treason possible, should all be investigated, tried, and hung for various forms of treason to stop them from succeeding with this coup and prevent them from staging another coup in the future. Get it straight, you are RIGHT NOW witnessing a coup to overthrow the US government by the left to set up their Marxist/Muslim dictatorship.

You have to understand that Trump is not just fighting for your freedoms and rights but also for your lives because these evil pagans plan to butcher better than 95% of you on a global basis. This should be becoming more and more clear as they are replacing more and more workers with computers and robots so they believe they won't need most humans to maintain the lifestyle they want in their dictatorship.

You better pray long, pray hard, and pray often because Trump needs all of the help he can get from God.

Right now Trump is getting good support by the conservatives but the more support he gets and the sooner he gets it, the more likely Trump will be to win this war and stop this evil coup.

I have to respect Trump because he is fighting a much better fight than I had thought possible by a human, which has to mean God is helping Trump, but it is right now a very close give and take battle, especially in some areas. Some of the people he has appointed to manage different government agencies have quit within just a few months because they found those agencies so heavily infiltrated and controlled by the lefty traitors or "Deep State" that those people Trump appointed felt overwhelmed and that they could not do the job.

Trump and his people have made some significant progress in some areas but are being stalled out in other areas such as repealing Obamacare but Trump doesn't give up, he knows he must continue or lose everything so he just regroups, reorganizes, and keeps fighting. Trump HAS no other choice but to continue fighting.

This is a war of attrition where the left is trying to wear Trump and his people down by overwhelming them with attacks and resistance from every possible side at the same time. It is literally the last one who quits wins and Trump is not quitting. We are gifted by God with such an intelligent and strong fighter. Trump is definitely a scrapper.

So much is happening on a daily basis that it is difficult to figure everything out. Trump has been making good headway in the area of his people arresting very large numbers of people and they seem to be finally making some headway towards arresting significant lefty leaders in this fight and not just the minions, which have been most of the arrests so far. It seems like Trump is finally putting a few of the top leaders in this war on the run and defensive, which is exactly what he MUST do in order to have even a prayer of winning this war. Trump MUST soon reach a point to where his attackers are all on the defensive spending all of their time and effort fighting to defend against Trump's attacks so they cannot be attacking Trump.

This is where the head of the Department of Justice is so critical in quickly bringing charges against people and putting them in jail and out of the fight for at least a little while to give Trump a little breathing room in this war. This is the reason why Trump and Sessions recently had their spat, Trump did not feel that Sessions was being aggressive enough to help Trump turn the tide in this war for control of our government and trying to stop this coup by the left.

Trump recently made a good move by removing a lefty traitor judge who has been fighting against him. I told you that many of our current judges are corrupt lefties and they are proving it RIGHT NOW. Trump is going to have to remove many more bad judges soon to win this war.

Another very important thing Trump has to do in the near future is get rid of enough of the most powerful RINOs in Congress to get more people fighting on his side and fewer people fighting against us, you know, get rid of people like McCain, Graham, Paul Ryan, and McConnell. Trump can use a lot of help from God in this area.

Remember that I told you that, after the coup and possibly before it was even completed, the lefties would turn on and purge each other because power mad and greedy people can never be satiated or get enough power and wealth?

One thing that is helping Trump right now is that the Commiecrat Party is increasingly in disarray because of the infighting being caused by the lefties trying to establish as high a position in power as possible before the coup is finished to decrease their chances of becoming unimportant and getting purged by the rest. This is turning out to be a very big help for Trump and his people right now. The more Trump and his people can divide the left and turn them against each other, the easier it will be to defeat the left.

One of the problems the left is having right now is that it is made up of so many smaller groups of "minorities" who often have conflicting goals and agendas that they are being forced to turn on each other to get everything they want before the coup is finished and the dictatorship is established. A good example here is the extreme differences between feminists and homosexuals verses Muslims who want to kill all feminists and homosexuals.

Many of these differences are so extreme that they are causing increasing numbers of people to change sides and their support in this war and coup. It is also causing smaller groups to form behind different leaders who are opposing each other. There is even considerable lefty talk and even efforts to form another lefty party for specific groups, which will just about kill their efforts in staging this coup. Another lefty party will be much more likely to form if Hillary runs for president again because she caused so much division in the left this last time she ran and that division may have already destroyed the Commiecrat Party, which is why her running again could cause her to have a fatal "accident".

To prevent Trump from making buds with Putin to work together to stop the globalist agenda, the RINOs in Congress just passed sanctions against Russia, which is sabotage and treason. International affairs are Trump's job and not Congress'. To show just how corrupt our government is, they are saying this bill is being supported by enough people in Congress to make it veto proof, which will require a 2/3s majority vote by Congress to override Trump's veto. That is a lot of RINO and Commiecrat traitors Trump will have to get rid of to win this war and stop this coup.

Remember that I told you that it looks like Germany has used the EU to finally conquer and control Europe? Also remember that I told you that it looks like Germany is making nice with Russia since Trump was elected to stop Trump from destroying their globalist plans to set up a global dictatorship and butcher more than 8 billion people?

Since our traitors in Congress passed the bill to illegally put sanctions against Russia to drive a wedge between Putin and Trump, Germany has come out threatening that the EU may retaliate for Russia by placing sanctions against the US AND the EU is pretty much just going right along with whatever Germany says.

Gee, who would have guessed? Do you think that Germany has used the EU to do what she has not been able to do with guns, tanks, and planes, you know, conquer Europe?

It appears that the US, a European ally, placing sanctions against Russia, is hurting the chances of Germany/the EU making buds with Putin to stop Trump. It is also causing the European lefties to turn on the US lefties, which will be fun to watch.

A little problem with this strategy by Germany and the EU to make nice with Putin to stop Trump is that Germany and the EU already have sanctions against Russia because of Putin working to stop the evil globalist plans of the European upper class trash and it seems that Trump and Putin have already made some deals to stop the Euro-American upper class trash evil globalist plans. Oops.

It is just a wee bit difficult to make buds with people you have already been waging war against.

Plus everything the evil lefty upper class trash keeps doing to save their evil globalist empire keeps failing. Just take a good look at their two "Ken doll" (in Southern California, they used to call pretty momma's boys like Trudeau and Macron Ken dolls, as in Barbie and Ken, to make fun of them) wonder boys in Canada and France.

Yeah, the globalists beat Le Pen with their globalists puppet Macron winning the election in France but Macron is already losing face with the French people because his efforts are not doing too well and are actually making things worse for France, ALREADY!

Then we have increasing numbers of Canadians quickly turning on Trudeau as he shows his true Muslim colors by literally committing treason to help Muslim terrorists.

Just remember, man plans, God laughs.

Also remember that I told you that, before this war is over, the US will have to invade, conquer, and annex at least Mexico, probably also Canada, and who knows how many countries in Central and South America because they are increasingly posing a threat to US national security?

For years under Obama, Mexico made no bones about working with our lefty traitors and infiltrating thousands of their people, including many Mexican soldiers, into the US to take the Western half of the US. Believe me, when the fecal matter begins to hit the fan by the truck load in this war, expect to see Mexico try to invade the US to at least take the US South West.

Trudeau is showing signs of not just betraying his people but also preparing to help take down the US with the help of the EU to set up their beloved globalist dictatorship, which will require a US counter attack to stop Trudeau. I even recently saw a meme about Trudeau becoming the US president.

Then, in Venezuela, the US government is placing sanctions on the top 13 members or inner core of Maduro's upper class trash so they won't be able to do business in or with the US, you know, they will only be able to do business with the rest of the planet, especially Marxist Europe.

I guess it beats nothing and may be a first step towards having to invade the country to relieve their people of the tyrant, you know, send in the US Marines. Keep an eye on this.

BTW, this shows that the US knows who all of the inner core upper class trash are including our own.

I am seeing the same political and economic failures and violence breaking out throughout almost all of Central and South America, especially in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Honduras, and Guatemala. Even formerly very peaceful little countries like Belize and socialist Costa Rica are now having riots and fighting in the streets because of the lefty globalists.

You better also know that, if the EU is going to war against the US, all of those European nations' properties and potential military bases in the Caribbean will become a threat to the US and be up for grabs by the US.

If you are going to conquer a nation, you might was well annex it and clean it up to prevent having to conquer it again later.

This doesn't even cover the problems Trump is facing with nations like China, North Korea, Iran, and possibly still Russia, pending how those winds eventually blow.

The lefty upper class trash have made a horrendous mess of almost every nation on this planet with their partner governments failing in all of them. Their corruption is bringing down all of their nations, which is why government corruption should be an act of treason and a capital crime requiring the death penalty.

Over the Internet, I am seeing quickly increasing frustration that is turning to hatred and outright statements of wanting to just kill everyone involved in causing this global mess. History teaches that it is about time for the upper class trash and their bed partners to start losing their evil heads.

And remember that I have been warning you about all of this for some time now and things are happening the way I have been telling you they will happen. Keep an eye on it.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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