If you have been paying attention, I am sure you know that monarchies still exist. It is just that they are now only figure heads and not supposed to be active parts of our governments, well, not supposed to be. Three of the best known existing monarchies are the royal families for Britain, Belgium, and Thailand.

Did you know that all three of those monarchies have had to intervene in the actions of their democratic governments a number of times in just the last decade because the corruption of their democracies got so out of hand that, if the monarchies didn't intervene, those governments would have almost completely destroyed their nations? The King of Thailand had to even disband the Thai parliament and call for new elections at least once in just the last decade. The monarchs in Britain and Belgium have, thus far, been able to be more subtle about it but have had to intervene to clean up messes created by their corrupt political leaders.

And you think that democracy, in all forms, including as a republic, has not failed everywhere, you know, as has Marxism, Libertarianism, and all other human based governments have also failed?

Listen, when monarchs have to intervene to clean up the messes of their corrupt political leaders, you know that their democracy has failed. People are realizing this and are increasingly turning against their democratic governments, even in countries where there are no monarchies. Do not be surprised that, after our criminals, called politicians, have destroyed our nations, some of those nations with existing monarchies will return to their monarchies for governing because, even the worst monarchs didn't do worse than our current politicians. Never in history has any monarch planned to kill off or butcher better than 95% of their constituents, which is exactly what our politicians and their Luciferian puppet masters are currently working towards doing on a global basis.

What we are dealing with today, because of the weaknesses of democracy, is the most evil and vile government movement in history. When the people of those nations with monarchies realize that their monarchies couldn't possibly do any worse than their current elected officials and would probably do better, the people of those nations will return to their monarchies and it may not be in the too distant future, especially after the EU implodes. People are finally learning that being able to vote for bad guys does not turn them into good guys.

Every form of human or intellectually based government has failed every time in history, which is exactly why we are where we are today. Absolutely every government before our current governments has failed and, with the exception of our government and one other government, they all failed because of corruption within less than 200 years to be replaced by another corrupt government. The democracies of both Greece and Rome failed in less than 200 years and were repeatedly replaced with various civilian and military dictatorships.

But, there has only been one time in history in which a purely Biblical theocracy was tried, 3,600 years ago, and it took longer for the corrupt members of their upper class to eventually destroy that government than any other government in history. It took the Jews at least 400 to 600 years for the corrupt members of the upper class to destroy that government and no other government in history has lasted longer than the US Republic, which was founded a little over 200 years ago on the concepts of Biblical Christianity.

Gee, what a coincidence that the two longest lasting governments in history were founded on and functioned based on the Bible. As a matter of fact, under those two governments, the people were freer, progressed more financially, and happier than under any other governments in history. Interestingly, both governments started out based on non crony capitalism but, like all other governments, eventually succumbed to cronyism or good old boy corruption.

Unfortunately, when most people think of a Christian theocracy, they think of the very corrupted rule of the Catholic Church and its Protestant off shoots. They don't realize that the Catholic Church and its Protestant off shoots were never true Biblical bodies working entirely on Biblical doctrine instead of man's or pagan doctrine. The Catholic Church started out as a pagan church more than 200 years before the birth of Jesus and, after more than 500 years as a pagan church, it tried to "solve the problem" of Christianity (it saw Christianity as a problem) by pretending to convert to Christianity so they could con the Christians into joining back into the Catholic Church, from which they had converted out of, with the Catholic Church thinking it would convert the Christians back to paganism only to have the Christians convert the church more towards Christianity but never close to a complete Christian conversion.

A truly Biblical Christian theocracy will be based entirely on Biblical doctrine and not on any human doctrines such as common law. For example, there will only be a 10% flat tax on income to support both the government and church with no other taxes being permitted. You will get to keep 90% of what you earn regardless of how much you earn. Even today's poor pay more taxes than that with such things as sales, property, and other taxes. The government and church will be required to make ends meet on that one tax or they will be fired and replaced with some one who will. In other words, the government must actually work or people get fired. Plus the doctrine of the government and the church must be based on the concept that the primary purpose of the government and the church is to protect good people from bad people by enforcing Biblical Law, which is why Biblical Law was given to us. The government and the church must maintain a treasury with annually balanced budgets and enough money in the treasure for emergencies including war because borrowing money to run the government and the church is against Biblical Law, therefore, the government cannot be financially taken over by corrupt rich people loaning the government and church money.

Gee, what a great idea!!! Why didn't our current governors think of it?

Probably because they never read the Bible because it was written in the Bible 3,600 years ago, thou shalt not do usury or borrow money, not even for the government. Gee, I wonder why the corrupt, rich bankers hate the Bible so much.

Oh yeah, even with a balanced budget, we must maintain a strong standing military with which to protect our people, as a matter of fact, the Biblical example is that everyone will be trained to defend themselves, their families, and their nation and MUST be armed. It is against Biblical Law to disarm the people. It would be just a wee bit difficult to protect our nation from a military invasion by Russia, China, or Islam with the local glee club.

Personally, I believe that every woman should also be trained and armed to defend themselves, their families, and their nation and should not be helpless in the face of violent attack and everyone should be organized into a reserves units for annual training of only two weeks (they can change units when they move). imagine invading a nation with 300 million trained, armed, and organized citizens fighting together for their nation. Even the most whacko power mad nuts would think more than twice before even beginning to plan for that invasion or to even overthrow your government from within, especially if they are also facing a nice arsenal of nukes. You are the best defense for you, your family, and your nation.

Believe me, when you see just how terrible our criminals...uh...politicians and their puppet masters are going to mess up our democracies, you will give up on democracy and accept the best thing you can find to replace it. Unfortunately, our liberal commie pagan traitors will set up their very evil pagan dictatorships or pagan theocracies but God will make it possible for us to set up at least one Christian Theocracy and most Christians and other people who prefer the protection of Christian morals and ethics will rush to that Christian Theocracy for protection. And, if we use the Bible and history to set up this government, maybe we can set up a government that will last even longer than the Jewish theocracy did 3,600 years ago. It would be nice, no great, to have a good, free, financially prosperous government (in which the people will prosper financially) which lasted longer than 600 years. God can do that because, with God, nothing is impossible.

BTW, no sooner had I finished writing this essay and I read on the news that the Thai military has just declared martial law because of the violent unrest against their government for the last six months. I read that the Thai military has successfully stage military coups 11 times since the formal end of the monarchy in 1932 because of government corruption and the current political unrest has been going on for eight years. Believe me, it won't take much more for the Thai people to welcome back their monarchy.

BTW, I keep seeing increasing numbers of Christian victories against the liberal traitors so keep praying, God is listening and it is working. Therefore, it is a great idea to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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