I Told You So 112

Commie Economic Crisis

Remember that I told you that, when the excessive spending and debt of our government reaches a point to where the rich people investing in those government bonds used to continue to generate cash flow for the indebted government feel the government debt and spending has reached a level to where the rich investors will almost certainly not get their invested money back, those rich people will stop purchasing those government bonds, the indebted government's cash flow will cease, and that indebted government will enter a financial crisis which will destroy that government and its economy?

I just read the following headline at Newsmax.com: "Bond Firms Flee NYC Due to de Blasio's Soaring Spending" immediately followed by the following paragraph: "New York Mayor Bill de Blasio's plan to pay for labor contracts that boost deficits is causing UBS Global Asset Management Americas Inc. and RidgeWorth Capital Management Inc. to reduce holdings of city debt." Read the rich boys are not sinking any more money in that rat hole called New York City. The Chickens have come home to roost and it isn't going to be pretty, especially when you realize that New York City is one of the two largest city economies in the US and world. When that city goes broke because of the liberal commie spending, even the rats will leave that town, both two legged and four legged.

New York is the first and will quickly be followed by the rest of the commie run cities in this growing economic super crisis. Los Angeles, the US and world's second largest city economy, isn't that far behind. This is going to hurt but is necessary to open a lot of eyes and get people to see the fallacies of Marxism. No government can continue to function without cash flow.

This will finish off the US economy.

Obama Republicans

Remember that I told you that the GOP has also been taken over by liberal commie traitors and have helped finish off our political system so that we, the people, can't regain control of our nation by voting? The key liberal Obama Republicans have all won their primaries and will continue supporting and passing liberal doctrines like Obamacare, legalizing illegal aliens, and such.

This means the liberals have high jacked the entire US political system proving once again that the Republic of the US is dead and we now have a liberal commie dictatorship others are recognizing as an upper class trash white cracker oligarchy.

How is that pagan democracy thing working out? What, you just realized it is dead?

White Supremacists

Remember that I told you that the upper class trash is a white supremacists boy's club and that they will use crashing the economy while Obama is president to prove that blacks (and other races) are inferior to whites and black (and other races') genes should be purged from the gene pool to prevent contamination of the "superior white genes"?

While de Blasio is preparing to destroy the US and global economies with Obama at the US helm, journalist Nicholas Wade just published a book, "A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race and Human History", telling us that there are genetic differences between races with some being superior to others.

Gee, what a coincidence and impeccable timing for that book to miraculously get published at this time when, just a few months ago, no publisher would have touched such a book because of liberal political correctness. Was this book published at this time to get people's thinking to begin moving towards accepting genocide to prevent such disasters from happening again, you know, like I told you they would do?

Shiria Law

Have you noticed that the liberals in Hollywood are finally turning against Shiria Law? You know, like the liberal leaders didn't know 10 years ago that Muslim Shiria Law required killing all liberals, you know, adulterers, homosexuals, transvestites, transgenders, and such.

The liberals probably believe they have enough control of the US political system that they no longer need the help of Muslims in overthrowing the US government and are turning on the Muslims. Remember that I told you that the liberal upper class trash white crackers intended to kill off all of their Muslim allies after the upper class trash white crackers had finished seizing control of the US? Remember that I also told you that the Muslims, especially the black Muslims, intended to kill off all of the liberals after they had seized control of the US?

It looks like the liberal white crackers are making the first move. This is going to get very interesting and don't be surprised to see Muslims killing liberal white crackers in what you could call a vicious gang war. You better bet they both know where all of the other side live, work, and play.

Russia & China

Remember that I told you about the Russian and Chinese common defense treaty and that Obama trying to isolate Russia with sanctions would probably back fire?

Obama is having trouble getting more than a handful of countries to get involved with the pathetic sanctions against Russia. Mean while China has just agreed to invest 18.46 billion dollars in Russian owned Crimea, which will really help the Crimean economy, and signed a 30 year deal for Russia to supply China with natural gas, you know, the natural gas Russia was supplying to Europe.

Guess who is isolating who?

All Ukraine is getting from the Euro-American upper class trash is a 17 billion dollar loan they will have to pay back plus interest. In the short term, it might help them but, in the long term, it will kill them.

Then we have Obama promising Japan and the Philippines to be good buds with the US spending a few million bucks to base a few military ships in the Philippines.

I am willing to bet there are more than a few countries thinking, "Hey, maybe we should make buds with Putin and Xi because they give better deals than the Euro-American upper class trash." Don't be surprised to see more of them joining the now Russian/Chinese Economic and Military Alliance.

What, did that turn on a light bulb or two?

BTW, you do know that the primary reason why Putin has temporarily backed off on Ukraine is because the mega wealthy upper class trash bankers have used the IMF to loan Ukraine 17 billion dollars, don't you?

You see, it is those mega wealthy bankers who own our political leaders (A.K.A. criminals in charge). If Putin conquers Ukraine, all of that loan or rich banker money just disappears, and these bankers and their puppets will gladly send young Euro-American men and women to die fighting for that much of their money and Putin knows it. Therefore, Putin is finding other ways to achieve the same goal, you know, like making buds with China.

With everything I have been warning you about for more than a decade now happening, it just might be a good idea to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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