Great Lie

This is a 2:30 am essay where God kicked my butt out of bed and said, "Write", so I did.

In thinking about the Catholic Church converting its members to Islam, I have been wondering just how they will do that. I thought, well, OK, they will increasingly perform Islamic religious rituals and decreasingly perform Christian rituals slowly seducing and converting people to Islam (which they have admitted they are doing right now) but I still had problems with more than just a few true Christians just dumping Jesus for Islam, you know, cold turkey.

In the book of Revelation, God gave John a prophesy which said that they will tell a lie and many will believe that lie because they want to believe the lie and that even some of the elect or saved Christians will be deceived and believe the lie. For decades I have thought that maybe this lie was one of a number of lies being told to us today which even some of the elect believe such as evolution. God showed me this morning that none of these lies are THE Great Lie prophesied by John. The Great Lie is the greatest act of blaspheme in the history of existence and it is the lie which the Catholic Church, liberal churches, and all false prophets and healers will use to trick even some Christians into converting to Islam, as prophesied in the Bible. This lie commits the first and worst sin, it elevates Satan above God, which is pure blasphemy.

The Great Lie was first told by Muhammad 1,400 years ago when he created Islam and more than 600 years after the death of Jesus and when the prophesy about the Great Lie was given to John. The Great Lie, which is being told to Christians around the world RIGHT NOW to get them to convert to Islam is that Jesus was a Muslim and worshipped Allah. You see, with the Great Lie, they don't have to dump Jesus to convert to Islam, all they have to do is stop believing Jesus is God manifest in the flesh and that Allah is god, elevating Allah above the one true God.

Now, to those of you who are knowledgeable about the Bible and Islam (which is why this site exists), this is obviously wrong and could not possibly be true but, to those who are not knowledgeable about both the Bible and Islam, this will be a very convincing lie. The truth is that this could not possibly be true because Muhammad didn't invent Islam by using Allah, the war god of Sabianism, to create Islam until more than 600 years, almost two thirds of a millennium, after the death of Jesus. Therefore, Jesus could not possibly have been a Muslim.

So the con or deception currently being used by the Catholic Church, all liberal churches, and all false prophets and healers to convert even some born again Christians to Islam is to get people to believe that Jesus is not God, Jesus was and still is a Muslim, Jesus was just a great prophet of Islam and not God manifest in the flesh, and Allah is god. They don't have to give up Jesus, they just elevate Allah above Jesus and push Jesus into the back ground to eventually be forgotten. Most Catholics and poser Christians will fall for this con.

Every good Christian who has had the opportunity to study the Bible and religious history knows that every pagan god and goddess is just a front or alias created by Satan to get you to worship Satan instead of God. Satan doesn't care which name or deity you worship him as as long as you worship him instead of worshiping God. If you don't like this pagan god or that pagan goddess, that is alright, Satan will create a new pagan god or goddess for you to worship him through. That is why there are so many pagan gods and goddesses. Hinduism alone has more than 1,000 different gods and goddesses.

Allah, originally Allah Ali, started out as one of those false pagan gods as the war god of Sabianism. Then Satan used Muhammad to use Allah to create Islam in the mid 600s with Allah as the only god of Islam. Therefore, Allah is just another front or alias for Satan and to elevate Allah above Jesus, who is God manifest in the flesh as a human, is to elevate Satan above God which is the first and worst sin which caused the fall of Satan and the angels who chose to follow Satan. It will also cause your fall, even if just temporarily.

What Satan is saying with this Great Lie is that, when Satan carried Jesus away to the high place described in the Bible and said, "Fall down and worship me and I will give you the world", Jesus fell down and worshipped Satan becoming a Muslim or worshiper of Allah or Satan. But we Christians know that Jesus refused to worship Satan saying, "It is written that you shall worship none but God."

Beware, when you hear the Great Lie that Jesus was a Muslim or Satan worshiper, know it is not true. Warn your Christian friends about the Great Lie so they won't fall for it.

God has also caused me to know that, when this happens and many poser Christian leaders of Christian sects turn themselves and their followers to Islam, there will be a really huge power vacuum in Christianity. Some of these Christians will temporarily turn to different cults and others will seek shelter in the remaining Christian churches with other Christians. You true Christian leaders need to quickly gather these sheep together into God's fold to keep them from straying from God and the truth.

It will be at this time that the only Christian leaders will be true Christians, because all of the posers will have converted to Islam, you know, they will have chosen which side of God's line to stand on. God has shown us that this will all happen in early 2015 when the Catholic Church dumps Jesus for Islam and forces their members to choose between the Church and Jesus.

Remember that the Cardinal who made the public announcement that the Catholic Church will dump Jesus and convert to Islam also stated that the Church will change its name. It will probably be a Muslim name and you can bet they will change their attire to that of Muslim religious leaders. This will be the iron mixing with the clay of Nebuchadnezzar's figure in the book of Daniel.

The upheaval caused by this event will be massive on a global basis and mind boggling. If you are not ready for it, you will be stunned. It will cause a great amount of confusion, which will cause many true Christians to give up or stray. You true Christian leaders must prepare your people for this event so they do not become confused and stray. You must stand taller for Jesus than you have ever stood for Him. You will be needed now more than ever before and many of you will have to form new churches to gather in the confused and straying sheep of God. You have been warned.

Don't believe the Great Lie because, if you do, you will be committing the worst act of blasphemy possible.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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