The Great Super Depression

Remember this date, June 28, 2010, because it will eventually become known as the day the global economy died. All of the intellectually superior, upper class trash, natural elite commie's who have caused all this mess with their incessant Marxism just had a meeting in Canada called the G-20 meeting, meaning the "Greatest 20 countries of the world." Tadah!

The more intelligent and honest economists have been saying we are in the early stages of the Third Great Depression. They are wrong, we are now officially in the early stages of the First Great Super Depression. How did the upper class trash natural elite geniuses accomplish this? By more of their intellectually superior upper class trash natural elite thinking called the G-20 meeting and what they very stupidly decided to do to "solve" the problems they created. We need to recognize that these problems didn't accidentally happen by themselves.

This will once again and finally prove just how mind bogglingly stupid these people really are. They like to go around saying they are superior to the rest of us in order to mentally intimidate and suppress us from rising up and kicking their stupid butts out of power so they will stop causing all the problems they have been causing since they and their ancestors got into power by lying, stealing, and murdering their way into power or by what I call getting into power by means of cold steel and warm poison. They murdered their way into power because they are criminals.

And to further prove they are superior to the rest of us they love to say they got to the top because the cream ALWAYS rises to the top. (More Tadah!) I remember the time I came home from school in second grade telling my father that my teacher had taught me the upper class were superior to us because the cream always rises to the top. I will never forget his great words of wisdom which caused me to begin to realize I had been lied to by the upper class who had brain washed my teachers into believing their lies and teaching those lies to me. Upon me telling my father the story about how the cream always rises to the top, he turned to me and said, "Yeah, and shit floats too!" Over more than half a century since my father told me that, I have learned he was absolutely right, the upper class trash is just the shit the floated to the top. So the next time the upper class trash tells you they are superior to you because "the cream always rises to the top", just remember, "Shit Floats Too!" I believe God is teaching this lesson to all of us right now.

BTW, as a Christian, I don't believe it is a sin to say certain "dirty words." This is something Christians have added to the Law in violation of the Law. Also, always remember that there are good upper class people but they are not the power mad whacko's who have created this mess.

So, what kind of trouble has the upper class trash gotten us into this time?

Remember that commie's are very simple minded fools who can only deal with one problem at a time and only in the most simplistic of ways. They either spend, tax, or tax and spend ALL problems away. They believe they, as the commie big government, can spend their way out of economic problems and tax their way out of the financial problems they cause with their big government spending, which, of course, only causes more economic problems. It is the only thing they can understand. They are facing two problems they have caused and their pathetic little inbred upper class minds are too feeble to deal with both problems at the same time. They are facing severely broken national and global economies they caused with their Commienomics and the severe government debts I have been telling you about which they caused with their Commie big government spending. They decided to ignore the broken economy they caused until they solve the government debt they caused.

Their simple minded Commienomics teaches them that the way to solve the government debt is to stop spending and increase taxes. Remember what I have told you about how they try to build economies with big government spending that only has a temporary effect on the economy creating the illusion (to simple minded and ignorant people) that they are driving and building the economy. Then they destroy that same economy by taking money from the economy in taxes to pay for that big government spending. Commie's are too stupid to understand anything which takes more than one sentence to explain.

Hold it, when they are taxing us AND spending at the same time, isn't that enough of a problem for our economies? Of course it is but now they, in their intellectual superiority, plan on not spending WHILE taxing us to finally pay that government debt down to a "reasonable level" which causes a double hit on the economy. You see, they have been NOT taxing enough to pay for all of their spending because it would have destroyed the economy but they just couldn't do without their big government spending because they are obsessive compulsive commie's so they kept spending until our governments are now all in super debt and collapsing AND we still have the bad economy they created.

So, will this "brilliant strategy" of theirs work? Of course it won't. I have told you before that, before you start a great sounding program you need to always ask the question, "And then what?" What will happen next? OK, I will ask the question.

And Then What?

They have decided to ignore our devastated economy they caused and raise their commie taxes to pay off their debt they caused, but will it work? No!!! When they raise the taxes, it will take money out of the economy so that every individual and business will have less money to spend and it will be even worse because, remember, they will also stop putting any money back into the economy. The money they take out of the economy will just disappear into their commie debt black hole. This will drive the economy down very hard and, under the current economic conditions, cause an increasingly severe depression or the First Great Super Depression. This will cause the individuals and businesses to have less income and fewer jobs because, in order to pay the increased taxes, the businesses will have to lay people off. This means there will be less taxable income which will mean the governments will get less in tax revenues to pay off their commie debt so the debt won't get paid off but the economy will get much worse. The arrogant fools will just have a greater debt with a worse economy.

Of course, knowing commie's you have to know what their simple little minds will think of next when the tax revenues decrease and they still don't pay off their commie debt. They will raise the taxes again because they are too stupid to learn from the first mistake. Listen, these fools have been watching Marxism fail for a century now and still have not learned a thing. Do you really expect them to start learning now? Get real, that will never happen. This is why I say they have invented infinite stupidity because their stupidity is never ending.

These idiots are so stupid they have been watching their commienomics fail for a century, refuse to learn and keep saying, "This time, we will make it work." My question is "How and what are the economic mechanics you are going to use to make it work this time when it has never worked before?" Mechanics? They don't believe in economic mechanics because they are too stupid to understand economic mechanics. They believe a cute little commie fairy will fly along and spread commie fairy dust on everything magically making it work.

So it is easy to predict that these fools will just raise taxes again to try and pay off their commie debt again. But all that will do is to cause the economy to get worse again. So the big question is "Just how many times will these stupid commie's do the same thing with the same results before the people get angry enough to realize the commie's really are not intellectually superior, raise up in revolt, round up the stupid commie's, hang them, and then fix the mess...gain? You know, just like history says the people will.

So, how do you fix this mess?

It is easy. You cut back on both taxing and spending at the same time. (Every commie who just read this just had a stroke.) At first, your economy will get a little worse for just a little while because the commie government won't be putting money back into the economy but that won't be missed long because that was only a short term contribution anyway. And this will quickly be offset by the decrease in taxes which will cause both individuals and businesses to have more money to spend. Their spending of this increased money will create longer lasting real jobs which will create more money for the businesses so they can keep paying those jobs which will cause the economy to quickly grow. As the economy grows, the taxable incomes for both individuals and businesses will increase which will cause tax revenues to increase even with a cut back on taxes. This will begin to pay off the debt the commie's have run up with the economy still growing which will cause the taxable incomes to increase even more and faster. It will solve both problems at the same time.

Think of the economy as being a big snowball. The stupid commie's have been pushing this snowball up hill until it has gotten so big it is now out of control and running over their stupid commie butts. What you need to do is get the stupid commie's out of the way and let the snowball run downhill like it will naturally roll. Eventually, if you don't let the commie's start spending again (that is why you always hang them), the economy will pay off the debt BUT the real problem is that the debt is probably too big for even a strong economy to pay off in our life times. This time, their screw up is really huge. It will take God to clean up their mess because it has gotten too big for us stupid humans to clean it up.

It is time for revival on a global basis. Acknowledge your crimes against God's Laws, repent of those crimes, and seek the amnesty of our Lord Jesus the Christ. John 3:16 - For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son so that who so ever believes in Him will have everlasting life.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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