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One of the major reasons why I have really slowed down on my blogging is that I have been noticing more and more that increasing numbers of conservative journalists and bloggers are now telling you things I was telling you years ago. Add to this that most of what is going on now is just the continuation of what the liberal traitors have been doing before. It is just that their plans are further along and almost complete. As a matter of fact, their plans are so advanced into the latent stages of their political coup that I believe it is no longer possible for humans to stop the progressive power mad insanity. Our only hope now is God.

It just doesn't make sense to keep telling you the same things again and again or to keep telling you things others are also telling you. The main reason I started this blog was because I couldn't find anyone else who was telling you the things you need to know to stand against the liberal lies and the political coup by the commies/socialists/Marxists/progressives. Now there are several hundred bloggers and journalists telling you these things and I know that at least some of them got their early intel or information from my site because I talked to them about it. They won't admit it because my site is too "religious" for them to be associated with the site.

Now about all these mass murder attacks against people, especially children, to scare people into accepting gun control. It has become just too obvious that these attacks are staged by the left to scare people into accepting gun control so the commies don't have to worry about a civil war or revolution stopping their political coup of the US and setting up their dictatorship.

The elements of timing and coordination are just too critical for these attacks to be coincidence or copy cat crimes, especially in relation to everything else going on. These attacks began during Obama's last campaign and continue into him having just stolen the re-election as president.

By the way, they are just now starting to investigate the voter fraud for that "election" (which never really took place) and the evidence for voter fraud is accumulating very quickly and is amazing. They are finding entire counties where everyone voted for Obama and many counties in which all those Obama voters were many times greater than the total number of registered voters in that county. I read about one small, rural county in Florida where there were only 7 registered voters and all 98 of them voted for Obama. Do the math. I guess a lot of alligators voted.

And you still think the US is a republic? If your votes don't count, it can't be a democracy or a republic, it must be a dictatorship. Welcome to the USSA, the United Soviet States of America. As I have been saying for years, the USA is dead and it has finally finished kicking...when your votes stopped counting, November 6, 2012, the day America died.

The commie traitors have become too obvious in their crimes to seize control of the US government because they know they won't be prosecuted by their own commie traitor DAs who are in charge of the legal system. These commies or socialists are rushing head long to set up their dictatorship as quickly as possible. No lie or crime is too dastardly or evil to commit in order to set up their dictatorship. They are obsessive, compulsive Marxists traitors and criminals.

Now, of course, the progressives will just call me a conspiracy theorist in spite of the fact that it has become just too obvious that there really is a conspiracy to set up their little commie dictatorship. As they gain more power, they become more bold and obvious in their treachery. They have become so bold and obvious that you have to either not be paying attention or must be really stupid to not be able to tell there really is a conspiracy to seize control of the US and set up a dictatorship.

If you have studied the history of NAZI Germany, then you can easily see that the progressives are taking entire chapters out of Adolph Hitler's book and using them to establish the progressive's own dictatorship. The progressives adopted and have expanded on Hitler's use of the media to brainwash and scare people into accepting the progressive agenda. Everything from Hitler's game plan and more is in place and rapidly working towards the same goal of setting up a dictatorship for the left. The progressives are using the same scare tactics, propaganda, and everything else.

It has become too obvious that there are a lot of liberal progressive shrinks who have brainwashed and doped up a small army of professionally programmed lunatics who will do whatever those programmed lunatics are told, including using guns to murder children in order to scare people into accepting gun control. These doped up biobots will even kill themselves to keep the law from being able to interrogate the biobots and find out what is really going on.

"But," you ask, "would the progressives really use guns to murder people, even children?"

What, You don't think that Obama and his liberal socialists have planned attacks or mass murders to set up their dictatorship the same way Hitler and his socialist party staged a fake communist attack to set up their political dictatorship? What, you don't think the socialists are unethical and cruel enough to stage attacks against children to set up their dictatorship?

Always remember that it is the "kind, caring" left which teaches and practices altruism, that the end justifies the means or that anything is acceptable to achieve their goals. And believe me, they mean anything. Think not?

These same kind and caring people have already murdered more than 50 million unborn children just so they can have their free sex and they have already started working to make it legal to "abort" or murder children up to one year of age, they call it post birth abortion. Groups of them are now openly trying to get pedophilia or child sex legalized so they can have sex with children and not have to worry about going to prison with increasing numbers of them getting caught having sex with children. Yeah, these people really care about children, don't they.

They also brainwash children in the public school system to believe the progressive lies and it is currently in Obama's gun control plans to require doctors to ask your brainwashed children if you have guns and report the findings to the government so the government will know where to go when it is time to confiscate all your guns.

These barbarians will do anything to achieve their goals including murdering children. Hold it, they already are murdering unborn children aren't they? Think about it.

Jesus said, "Whoever will harm the least of these (children), is cursed." The least of the children are the unborn children. The liberal traitors are cursed by God.

Our only hope at this time is God, so....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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