We are the wealthiest people in history, living lives of far greater luxury and prosperity then anyone in history and people are so unhappy they are killing themselves? Maybe wealth and luxury don't bring happiness?

Watch this video.

Remember that I told you that I have been praying since I was a child that all I want is a small cabin in the woods, near a stream and pond, where I can grow my food, spend time with my animals and friends and, when Jesus has time from caring for you, drop by for a visit?

When I was a kid, we lived in real poverty, not imagined poverty. I remember my mother teaching me how to get to sleep at night when I was too hungry to get to sleep, we didn't have food, and we didn't have money. I wore other kid's hand-me-down rags that already had patches on them before I got them, I got "new shoes" that already had holes in the souls, and we had meals that were just a 1/8 slice of corn bread (made in a round cake pan) and quarter glass of milk for dinner. At school, I often didn't have a lunch or money to buy a lunch so I would just go straight from the class room out into the school yard while the other kids ate, which was quite frequent. I don't know how many birthday parties my family didn't have because we couldn't afford to make a homemade cake, much less buy presents.

In spite of all of that, we were at least as happy as most middle and upper class people and happier than many because happiness isn't determined by the money or stuff you have but by the family and friends you have. We didn't just sit around moping like the x-spirts tell you because we didn't have private jets, expensive cars, and a mansion to live in.

Don't believe me?

Look at all of the unhappy upper middle to upper class people in the world because they want more and more and can't get it fast enough or they have purchased more than they have the money or time to care for. Look at all of the very unhappy rich people who got caught doing something for more money they should not have done and many who end up in prison for wealth and stuff. Wow, that worked well.

When I was living with the middle and upper classes, I saw a lot of unhappy people who had much, much more than we had when I was a kid. I was never that unhappy.

Oh, I know, the academe and media make it look like we poor just sit around moping because we ain't got as much stuff as them but do you sit around moping because you don't have as much stuff as the people who have more than you?

Not unless you are really pathetic.

You just enjoy life as best as you can and don't worry about the stuff you don't have. It is best if you enjoy what you do have and thank God for it. You can still have plenty of fun. Just think of all of the fun you have without private jets, yachts, and half a dozen mansions. Plus I have watched the rich fret about the costs of ownership that come with their luxury and the almost constant fear of someone stealing something they have or destroying it.

Have you noticed how many of the very rich have to have things like drugs, orgies, and other stuff to relieve their boredom? What? Isn't having a lot of stuff supposed to make you happy? How does that workout?

They spend a lot of money trying to be happy when I can be just as happy or even happier with a bike ride enjoying the plants and animals alongside the road while talking to God.

When in LA, I went to rich people's parties where everyone spent their time walking around trying to impress everyone else with their stuff, while everyone else was trying to impress them, and I would rather spend the same time talking to God because I know I can't impress Him and God doesn't expect me to. It was a real experience to see well to do people spending all of their time and money trying to impress each other with none of them realizing that part of the reason they couldn't impress each other was because the others were so busy trying to impress them. It was like everyone was walking around saying, "Hey, look at me," while everyone else was only looking to see if others were looking at them. I felt sorry for them. What pathetic lives they live with all of their stuff.

Another thing is all of the garage sales where they sell all of the really great expensive junk they bought to impress everyone else because it was suddenly popular and cool. Then, when that junk no longer was cool so it couldn't impress anyone, they sold it for pennies on the dollar. They wasted so much of their money that way.

And you think those people are happy because they have money and stuff? Really? Then why are they so obsessed with getting more and more money and stuff? Didn't the stuff they had make them happy?

The best example I can give you is my second ex-wife, who is a very unhappy person. When I met her, she loved to tell people that she grew up in poverty to play the victim card but it just didn't sound right to me, especially since her daddy sent her to both Ithaca and Cornell universities, which are both very expensive "the right ukneebersities" with me turning out to be much more intelligent and better educated by a state university. She literally couldn't understand freshman level biology and chemistry, which I have proved I can teach.

After we got married in Los Angeles, California, we flew back to meet her parents in Paramus, New Jersey. Her father picked us up from the JFK Airport in New York in a dirty old Gremlin car and I thought, "Maybe her parents are poor." I gave her the benefit of the doubt.

When we got into New Jersey and all of the freeways and homes were very nice, I was beginning to wonder a bit. We got off of the freeway, we went by some really nice 200 to 300 year old houses, you know, old mansions, that were on about 10 to 20 acres each and I asked her, "Is your home like one of these?"

She said, "No, we don't live in anything that nice." I felt sorry for her father and later found out that her older brother lived in one of those very homes we were passing.

We just went a few blocks further down the road, turned right, quickly went through a short S curve, and popped into a big driveway. I sat there absolutely shocked at all of the very nice homes I was looking at and it took me a few seconds of staring before I could get out of the car.

She grew up in an upper class neighborhood where everyone else in that neighborhood was a New York City MD and her father, who owned his own dry cleaning business and was obviously doing very well, was "the poorest person in that neighborhood." I kid you not, she actually thought she was poor because all of the other rich people in her neighborhood were more wealthy. I guess you could call that rich kid bubble poverty.

I had married into upper class without knowing it. I thought we had something in common by marrying a woman "who had grown up poor." It wasn't even close, baby. Later, when I showed her my side of the tracks, she immediately asked me for a divorce because she "couldn't stand the idea of being married to anyone who had grown up that poor".

Immediately upon going into their nice, big split level house, she took me on a tour of the entire house, which had to take close to an hour. If I had taken her on a tour of my childhood home, it would have taken about 5 minutes because all we would have had to do was walk from one end to the other end of a 42 x 8 foot American house trailer. She had grown up wealthier than most of you will ever be and thought she was poor and she isn't the only spoiled rich kid who is that way.

At one point towards the end of the tour, we went into a nice big two car garage where at least 80% of the floor space was covered with cardboard boxes stacked up to about 4 feet high and they were ALL full of the toys she, her older brother, and her younger sister had when they were growing up. I was so stunned that, to make sure, I asked her, "All of these boxes are filled with your toys?" She said yes but it gets better.

She took me straight from that garage down into a large basement that was filled with even more stored toys including a pin ball machine they had as kids. Talk about culture shock, baby.

People, we could have easily put all of the toys me, my older sister, and my two younger brothers had in just one of those boxes in that garage. I couldn't see how they could possibly have played with many of those toys more than just a few times. Any time a new toy showed up being advertised on TV, the father bought it for them. They got almost anything and everything they wanted, didn't appreciate it, and were clearly not any happier than the poor people I knew in my life and were not as happy as my family living in true third world poverty. As young kids, we had more fun playing with sticks as guns than they did with all of their expensive toys.

Via my ex-wife, I got to socialize with and see how rich people live on both coasts and I have seen much happier poor people than many of the rich. Don't believe the crap about what the x-spirts who gots dem duh right degree from duh right ukneebersity tell you about the poor. The x-spirts are full of crap. I have lived the life of everything from dirt poor to rich and know what I am talking about.

We didn't have much but we appreciated and enjoyed what we had and each other more than almost any rich people I have seen. Instead of running off at every opportunity to play with our expensive toys, we spent our spare time with family or out hunting and fishing with family. We would do things on special occasions like everyone show up at a person's house who had enough room, roll up the rug and move it into a hallway, move the furniture into a hallway, Uncle Burt and his friend Blacky would play the guitar and harmonica respectively, we would all dance and have a big taffy pull. It cost us almost nothing and it was fun.

It was poor people country fun and I never saw rich people have as much fun at one of their parties with their dope and easy women in New York City or Los Angeles as we had in places like the little farm town of Tucumcari, New Mexico. Hell, I have more fun here in this run down trailer in Alamogordo, New Mexico than I ever had with rich people anywhere.

I can have more fun with a row boat than the rich can have with their hundred million dollar yachts.

Do you understand why, when I was designing my version of a "mansion" or the house I wanted and God kept telling me to make it bigger to challenge Him in providing me with a much bigger house, with me knowing nothing can really challenge Him (He built the cosmos, people!), I refused to design anything bigger than a 4 bedroom home with a 4 car garage and workshop for at least 2 to 3 years, you know, my version of luxury that was the most I wanted in life and could easily live without.

It was only when I got that house designed the way I wanted it and needed something to do to occupy my time while so sick that I finally relented and designed a castle, mostly for the larger family God told me I would have marry into, that He later said I have to build and I know I would be happier without it. I designed almost ALL of that castle for my pending family and much of it for health, recreation, and education for all of us.

For example, I designed a dance studio and ballroom for my future wife because she was a competitive dancer and ballerina and I want her to be happy.

For me?

I designed a workshop, a small bike shop, a 50s diner for family parties, a small gym and large custom swimming pool to enjoy with my family, and a pool room with one pool table for relaxation. Even those parts of the castle were designed with my family in mind for such things as fitness, recreation, and education, you know, like PE for home schooling the kids. God and I can be perfectly happy without any of that.

People, I know what counts in life and it ain't money and stuff, it is friends, family, and God.

Heck, I don't want to be as unhappy as the rich. Keep it simple and enjoy it more, stupid. If God were to tell me that I don't have to build that castle, I would thank Him. But God's will be done.

Now do you understand why I still pray for just a little cabin in the woods near a stream and pond where I can grow my own food, visit with Christian friends, and, when Jesus has time from taking care of you, drop by for a visit?

When rich people look down their stuck up noses at me, I just tell them to look back up those stuck up noses at the arrogant fool looking down that stuck up nose at me because I have had a better life than most of them and didn't need one tenth of the junk they have to have that life. I have seen the price you pay for money and stuff and it ain't purdy but they become so convinced that more stuff will make them happier and all it does is make them less happy.

People, you can only live in one mansion at a time.

You have to understand what the rich think is happiness. They think they will be more happy if they can impress other people more than anyone else can impress those other people with them being greedy, power mad, and lazy. They think happiness is them living lives of luxury sitting on their butts with other people doing all of their work for them so they can spend their time being proper to impress everyone else who is trying to impress them, getting laid by every person on the planet, using dope because their reality sucks, and slaves waiting on them hand-and-foot because of their laziness.

Most rich people, you know, the upper class trash, are just lazy parasites who want to live lives of luxury on your backs.

People, I would get bored sitting on a throne for even one hour with other people slaving over me. If that is the best you can think of, you are really pathetic.

I am happier going for a ride with God on a bicycle than they are in their expensive cars, jets, yachts, and mansions. I used to feel sorry for the rich until I realized that life is their choice and they choose to live it, arrogantly thinking their stuff makes them happier than the rest of us, in spite of their extreme cost of ownership.

Now do you better understand me?

The one thing I miss most with my illness induced poverty is not being able to do things and make things for the fun of it but I can still spend time with God, which Satan's spawn can't.

BTW, the person God told me I have to marry, grew up rich too, so I really, really didn't want to marry her because I didn't think we had anything in common, especially after God had just saved me from being married to a rich parasite with a divorce, you know, like I wanted to jump back in that pond with those sharks. No thank you.

BTW, my first wife grew up in upper class too because I found out after I married her that her dad owned a big highway construction company so she got whatever she wanted and she was also just a rich parasite but I didn't realize that either one of them had grown up rich until after we were married. I just didn't pay attention to the signs because I didn't realize the difference in growing up upper class verses growing up poor. We have different values. Stuff matters more to them and people matter more to me.

Later, after I finally reluctantly agreed to marry my future wife, God showed me that we have a lot in common because she isn't the usual lazy rich parasite I have seen so many other rich people as being. She is one of those rich people who enjoy working, challenge, competition, recreation, just doing stuff, and she is very intelligent. She was going to college full time while working part time at a research facility, making straight As in biology, and had her own dance business teaching others to dance in spite of the fact that her father could have easily put her through college the easy way, which is what I had thought before I agreed to marry her. She is a workaholic just like me, which is why God put us together as a team to help rebuild our economy after the lefty upper class trash parasites finish destroying it.

There are good rich people and I have known plenty of them but there are also a lot of very bad rich people I call the upper class trash.

Get the picture?

After 20 years of being so sick I have not been able to do anything but design stuff and chomping at the bit to actually build stuff, working with her to build stuff will be a blast.

God knows what is best for us so ask God what He wants in your life.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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