Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash royals want their slaves back?

They are about to get their slaves back but first, I need to give you a brief history on Western slavery so you will better understand what they are doing because they are right now forcing you to repeat history. This is an easy prediction, people, and you know how good I am at making predictions.

When the Church of Rome assimilated Christianity into the Church in the late 400s AD, the roman royals were openly practicing two forms of slavery. The first form was just open ownership slavery and the second form was servitude. Now, you need to know that the upper class trash will tell you that servitude isn't slavery because, after all, it is spelled and pronounced differently, in spite of the fact that the royals treated their servants and slaves the same.

Sometime after "converting to Christianity", the royals found that God's Law included an out for ownership slaves that would cost the royals money. Every so many years, the slave owners are required to permit the slaves to decide whether they wanted to continue as slaves or be set free, which meant ye ole royals would have to give up their slaves instead of being able to keep them for life, which was going to cost the royals, even the academe, some money and the royals have made most of their wealth from slavery.

God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil." Oh, you will believe God by the time this is over.

The system is set up in the Bible so that the slave owner could keep the slaves long enough to make a profit from what the owner paid for the slave and then the slave owner had to permit the slave to decide whether he would remain a slave. If the slave decides he wants to be free, the slave owner must turn the slave loose.

So the royals had their royal cousins in the academe dream up three types of non ownership or throw away slavery because, if you didn't own them, you didn't have to turn them loose, you know, the royal upper class trash legal technicality thingy. The royal academe dreamed up the serf system, peasantry system and peonage system, each of which functioned slightly differently but were still forms of slavery. The serf system was practiced in England/Britain, the peonage system was practice throughout Italy, South France, Spain, Portugal, and later in the Americas, and the peasantry system was practiced throughout the rest of Europe.

The royals still maintained the servitude system where, if someone owed you money, they could be forced into servitude to work off the debt. In many cases, a person would sell themselves into servitude to work off a given amount of money loaned to them, such as one of my ancestors did to pay for his trip to the colonies in the early 1600s. After he got to the colonies, he worked for the rich person for a few years to pay for the cost of the trip to the colonies from Europe and earned his freedom. Unfortunately, not all rich people are that honest.

Most people don't know it but after the Democrats lost their right to own slaves because they lost the US Civil War, they used a corrupt Southern government to get their slaves back for a while.

The way the rich Southern Democrat royal mansion owners did this was that the local sheriff would arrest people for frivolous charges like, if you didn't have a job, they arrested you for vagrancy or, if you owed the government or rich people money, they arrested you to make you pay off the debt.

Then a corrupt judge would give them some insane sentence of 10 to more than 30 years in jail on "hard labor" or until they paid the government or rich person what they owed. It was servitude but because they were arrested, it was called a crime instead of servitude, which had just become illegal.

Once the sheriff had his prisoners, he would either hire them out to the city or country to do such things as road work, you know, the "chain gang" thingy or he would hire them out to rich royal mansion owners to work their fields with the sheriff pocketing some of the money and the rest being used to feed and house the prisoners at a subsistence level and pay off their debt to whomever.

It was a real money making racket that continued until the US Government finally stopped it. Them Commierats can't steal enough from enough people fast enough.

So, what do I see happening today?

It is time to connect some dots.

Did you know that, under Obama, the Democrats tried to push through a bill for servitude that stated that, if you owed the government money, the government could force you into servitude until you paid off what you owed the government?

The Republicans stopped that bill.

Did you know that they no longer just "give" money to people on Welfare or food stamps?

No, now you are accruing debt to the government on Welfare and food stamps so that you owe the government money. The money you get from the government for Welfare and food stamps is added to your account with the idea that the government can collect on that debt by doing something like seizing your property when you die or, if they pass a servitude bill, they force you into servitude to pay that debt to the government. It is designed to be a poverty trap because you know that the debt will continue to accrue faster than you can work it off, therefore, you will spend the rest of your life in slavery.

Now that the Democrats have their dictatorship and are just consolidating power so they can never lose control again and don't need the stupid lefty voters, many of whom owe the government school loans, I am waiting for the Democrats to push through their bill on servitude so that, if you owe the government money, they can force you into servitude or slave labor to work off what you owe the government.

Did you know that about half of the blacks in the US are on Welfare and/or food stamps accruing massive amounts of debt to the government?

Yeah, the Democrats plan to get their black slaves back.

I told you it was a poverty trap, didn't I?

But it gets better.

Did you know that these illegals are being put on Welfare and food stamps as soon as they get into the US so that they start accruing debt to the US Government and could be forced on servitude to pay that debt?

Did you know that many other people like Latinos and whites are on Welfare and food stamps and can be forced into servitude to pay that debt?

Did you notice that Biden is now refusing to raise the minimum wage to $15/hr, which would take these people only half as long to pay off their debt to the government than with the current minimum wage?

Did you know the Democrats will be able to force everyone who owes school loans into servitude? Did you noticed that the Democrats changed their pre election song from forgiving all school loans to forgiving just $50,000 to forgiving just $10,000 and are dragging their feet on forgiving that?

Yeah, they ain't going to forgive that $1.4 trillion they can turn into slave labor. That is tens of millions of slaves for the Democrat Party, most of whom voted for the Democrats. Talk about a sucker punch.

Did you know that the lefties will be able to arrest all of the homeless for vagrancy and force them to work in servitude? Gee, I wonder why the lefties are working so hard to drive up the homeless population and doing nothing to resolve it?

Did you know that, if you owe taxes, they will be able to force you into servitude and all they have to do to cause you to owe on taxes is change the tax laws so that, instead of getting money back every year, you owe the government money every year and those who can't pay will be forced into servitude?

Hey, they are going to get your money one way or another, baby.

Gee, I wonder why the lefties don't care about Al Capone Sharpton owing millions of dollars in taxes so they can get him back as another one of their black slaves?

Did you know that, if they can find ANYWAY to cause you to owe the government money, they will be able to force you into servitude and spend the rest of your life in slave labor?

I figure that now that the Democrats have their dictatorship, it isn't if they will try to push their servitude bill through AGAIN, but when and it will pass this time. I have been telling you for years that the royals want their slaves back. Keep an eye on this.

We have something very interesting happening in New Mexico right now. Governor Grisham, who is a descendant of Spanish royalty, and her Spanish royal cousins controlling the New Mexico legislature are setting up or reestablishing their Spanish monarchy right now. Grisham intends to be the Queen of New Mexico, which is why I call her "our Nazi Queen". They are very close to finalizing it.

All of the many thousands of Latinos on Welfare and food stamps in New Mexico will become their slaves...uh...I mean "indentured servants" as soon as the Democrats pass their servitude bill legalizing servitude again so that these descendants of the Spanish Royals' former peons or slaves will become these Spanish Royals' slaves...uh...I mean indentured servants so the Spanish Royals can make much more money from their slaves. They will also get many other slaves with their servitude bill like blacks, whites, illegal aliens, and others, which is why the lefty royals are so eager to give as many of them as possible Welfare and food stamp money or school loans. Probably at least one third of this state will become their slaves.

Hey, the royals are investing your tax money in their future and you being their slaves improves their future. The corrupt royals, who care so much for you, will make a fortune from your slavery. I have been telling you the royals want their slaves back and all they need right now is to pass their servitude bill so keep an eye on this.

People, this gets uglier by the day and is going to get really ugly. My question right now is, "Will enough of you revolt soon enough or before it is too late?" They already have tens of millions of people in this snare and all they have do is pass one bill and the royals will get their little slavies back.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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