Hard Times


I have realized that my new job or task, since returning to writing, is to help you prepare for and get through the coming hard times. No one is teaching that today. I will be here to help you as long as God is willing.

Based on what I have learned about history and man, these coming hard times are going to be extremely severe, some of the worst hard times in history. History is the study of man and I have studied at least the basic history and anthropology for every continent on this planet. These hard times have actually begun and even ended for many with their deaths. This is not going to be pleasant for anyone so I will start with this essay by teaching what God uses hard times for and what will be expected of you.

All my life I have been a very curious man and, because of that, I have studied about almost everything and will continue to study and learn more because I know that no one knows everything about anything much less everything about everything. Only arrogant people believe they know everything. I will share with you what I have learned to help you survive and become better and more knowledgeable people.

You need to understand and deal with the fact that this is not a global war between communists and freedom loving people. It is a war between pagans and Christians where the pagans are trying to get rid of God's people...again. I will prove this with the following essay.


Just in case you have not figured it out yet or are in a fit of denial, we have entered into a time of Biblical punishment. God uses punishment for a number of things and most of the punishment is caused by the things we do. When we chose to turn from God, God lets us have the things of this world we want instead of God, knowing that those things will only bring mischief and hard times causing many of us to turn back to God.

God knows that there are many people who are so evil that they will never turn from their wickedness. That is why God taught and commanded us to use the death penalty against such people. The only way to permanently stop the wicked people from causing harm to good people is to kill those wicked people because dead bad guys cannot hurt good guys. God will be using these hard times to kill or remove enough of those evil people so that the hard times can eventually stop. As long as enough of the evil people causing these hard times are still alive, the hard times will continue. That is just common sense.

History teaches that, during the times of mischief caused by these evil people, most of the evil people will be killed, many by their own "friends" and accomplices. After Hitler achieved his absolute power, a number of the top people and their subordinates who helped Hitler get into power were killed or arrested and sent off to their own death camps by their own friends and accomplices so those friends and accomplices could move up the food chain and have those people's power. You can expect many of the current evil people who are causing these hard times to be killed by their own friends because the only people they love or care about is themselves and their evil lust for power will cause them to turn on their own. History proves this to be true.

Throughout history, these evil people have never learned that the laws and social systems which protect good people from evil people and the evil people want to destroy so the evil people can oppress, rob, and kill the good people also protect the evil people from other evil people. As soon as that system has been destroyed, the evil people also become vulnerable to other evil people's attacks and many will die because they destroyed the protective system. Evil people will only remain even relatively united until they have destroyed the system. All evil people eat their own and I have taught you about what the military calls consolidation of power which will cause the evil people to kill at least 90% of the evil people who have destroyed our protective system and put them into power.

This can be seen today and in recent events when you see the evil people turning on each other to promote themselves by destroying other evil people even though they have not yet completely destroyed the protective system they hate. These evil people just can't wait to get more power so they destroy each other to get that power. Just watch the news and you will see them devouring each other again and again. This will get much worse once the protective system they hate has been completely destroyed and they are no longer protected at all, it will turn into a veritable feeding frenzy of monsters devouring monsters.

God has to punish us for our crimes against His Laws, I don't care what the liberal or pagan "Christian preachers" say. He is a just God and must hold us accountable for our actions. His punishment will be in two parts. First, God will be using these terrible times to turn lost souls to God for those lost souls to make the choice of salvation through Jesus Christ or eternal damnation. Second, God will use these terrible times to turn his back-slidden Christians back to God.

God did not give us His Laws to punish and oppress good people. His Laws were very clearly written to oppress the actions of evil people so those evil people would not cause harm to good people and to punish those evil people who did cause harm to good people. God's Laws were written to protect good people from evil people and, when we let those evil people seduce us into turning from God's Laws, we also unwittingly turn from being protected by those Laws permitting the evil people to destroy our protective system set up by those Laws.

Therefore, God is using His punishment to drive us back to God and His Laws so that He and His Laws can protect us from evil people. As long as we remain outside of those Laws, we are vulnerable to the will and harm of evil people. Until enough of the people are turned back to God's protective Laws, the terrible times will continue. Based on information I have seen, I believe it will take a lot of punishment for most people to even acknowledge that we are being punished by God, much less turn back to God. When you see that our evil continues to get worse, it is only common sense that it will be a long time and things must get much worse before our evil will stop getting worse, much less for us to begin to completely turn from that evil.

This is largely because some of the things we shouldn't do are fun to do and we don't want to quit doing those fun things we shouldn't be doing. This is going to hurt a lot because the pain has to be greater than the fun is worth for people to give up their fun for the protection of God's Laws. Based on what I see in our country and our world, this is going to hurt a lot.

Once the pain has become severe enough, both Christians and the lost will realize that the fun and material things of this earth are temporary and not very important compared to the eternity of our souls. The most important thing will become their salvation and protection by God. This will be especially true when people start seeing their friends and family die in the coming war and atrocities which will be committed by the evil people and, believe me, they are planning some very atrocious things such as planning to butcher more than 7 billion people. These are easily the most evil people in the history of the world.

When people have lost everything but their lives and are facing their near death, they will realize that all things of this planet, all the fun toys, all the evil pleasures are nothing compared to their eternal destinies. It is then that they will make the decision as to whether or not they will turn to God. That decision will cause their eternal destiny to be sealed.

A preacher friend pointed out to me that one way God protects some good people from such wickedness is to simply remove those good people from this life by either killing those good people or permitting others to kill those good people. In Heaven, they won't have to endure the horrors and pain which will be caused by the wickedness of the evil people. The good people God will keep alive will remain behind because God has more work for those people. God's people remain alive and have to endure the hard times caused by evil people until their work is done. For God's people, there are far worse things than death and, for evil people, there is nothing worse than death and eternal damnation.


God tells us in the scriptures that life is a test. The first and most important test is whether we chose good or evil. We all fail that test at some point which is why Jesus had to come to earth and die to pay for our crimes against God's Laws so that we could have some form of amnesty and be able to chose between and God and Hell. Without Jesus, we are all on our way to Hell.

During these hard times, we will all be tested severely. We will be tested as to whether we will chose to remain good people or chose the elusion of safety provided by turning to wickedness. Satan will make it look like you will be protected by the other evil people, if you just turn to the wickedness and join those evil people. He will make it look like the evil people will protect you, if you become one of them to tempt you into turning from the light of God to the "dark side". Many will turn to the dark side in spite of the fact that many evil people will be killing each other because the elusion will be so tempting.

Over the last 40+ years, I have learned that there are many poser Christians who are only Christian in name for any number of reasons. In their hearts, they are not Christians, they are pagans. Jesus said, "You are with me or against me." You are a Christian or you are a pagan. There are many who call themselves Christians because, in some remote way, they are associated with Christianity, after all, this is a Christian nation so they must be Christian. It may be that they like most Christian laws, they have some distant relative who was a Christian, they belong to a pagan church which calls itself Christian, they joined a Christian church and went through, what to them, was a meaningless ritual to be accepted into that church for a variety of reasons including social acceptance, as a cover to financially prey on innocent people (to make money), or as a cover for the wickedness they do such as covert swingers clubs which now exist in most "Christian" churches.

You have to understand that, once the pagans are completely in control and feel safe to come out of their closets, as increasing numbers are doing today, the pagans hiding in our churches will see no reason to continue to hide in our churches. They will come storming out of our churches to openly join their pagan brothers and sisters in openly doing their wickedness. The scriptures tell us that even some true Christians will initially fail this test but that God will eventually turn them back.

God is drawing a line in the sand and saying, "chose one side or the other, no more hiding in my churches while living like pagans. No more riding the proverbial fence." God is separating out the poser Christians from the true Christians. When the poser Christians are faced with losing everything they have, including their lives, or openly converting to the dark side, they will quickly chose the dark side and not the light of God. All those poser Christian preachers who only preach a false version of Christianity for money, will convert to paganism when all their followers convert to paganism because they will follow the money to paganism. You will see entire churches convert from the pretence of Christianity to openly teaching Satanism and witchcraft over night. After all, their church doctrines are already closer to paganism than to Christianity. Liberalism IS Satanism, deal with it.

You have been taught and programmed by pagans to believe that pagans, especially witches, really are not evil. This began by them teaching you that there were both good and bad witches or a half lie and then was changed more recently to it being that all witches are good and Christians are bad, the evolution of pagan lies. When the pagans are in complete control, the lies about how paganism is good, kind, and caring and how Christianity is evil will stop and you will see the evil truth about paganism because they will no longer feel a need to hide that truth. They will openly practice their human sacrifices, which is what abortion is really all about.

Why do you think they have been trying to go from it being socially and legally acceptable to murder the unborn to "post birth abortions" or murdering infant children? It is all so they can legally bring back open human sacrifices, starting with child sacrifices. Hey, if it is legal to murder their one, three, five year old child, why not just use their religion to murder them? You see, the abortion thing was all about legalizing pagan human sacrifices one step at a time, the evolution of the pagan lie.

You are about to learn that everything they have been teaching about paganism being good, is a lie because, once they have absolute control, they won't have to hide behind the lie any more. They will be able to openly show off their true evil because you won't be able to punish them for their evil. They will be in control, not you because they have destroyed the safety system which was built using God's protecting Laws.

When the evil pagans have absolute control, will you turn to the dark side to be liked by everyone else?

These coming hard times will test the metal of all Christians, true and poser. Some will pass the test and many will fail. The line has already been drawn in the sand and increasing numbers of closet pagans are openly standing with Satan against God and all that is good. It will get worse as the hard times get worse and the truth you are about to learn will set you free.

You Christians will also get your faith in God tested. It is very easy to have good faith when everything is bright and sunny but it gets much more difficult to have faith when the winds of the storm start to blow. The harder the winds blow, the stronger your faith has to be. Believe me, your faith is about to be tested to its maximum potential. Almost everyone will fail at least a few times but will learn a new and stronger faith which will make you better Christians, which brings us to topic number three.


God uses hard times or punishment to build us into better people. Like a sword in the fire, we are tested and hammered into a better sword. You cannot make a good sword without fire, testing, and hammering. The greater the hard times, the greater the Christians who survive those hard times.

During this time of tribulation, each test will teach you and help you grow into better Christians. You will learn things you could not possibly learn in peace and good times. You will learn more about the evil people and better understand the meanings of God's Laws, why He commands you to kill bad people instead of feeling sorry for bad people. The pagans have coerced you into feeling sorry for bad people and to "understand them" instead of punishing bad people because the pagans are bad people. Get the picture?

You will learn the truth the pagans have been hiding from you and learn to hate evil as God does. You will learn to love good, care for good people, and the necessity of protecting good people from bad people. You will learn that almost everything the pagans have taught you is false and that truth will set you free.

In a horrible struggle, God will build great true faith in you and you will be better because of it. I promise you will value the lessons but won't want to endure those lessons again. :-) These will be hard earned lessons which will make you a better person and turn you back to God and His protecting Laws. You won't stray easily from those Laws again. You will be much more solid and dependable Christians. You will be a better you.

One thing you will learn is that it is always time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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