House Cleaning

God has made it known to me that one of the things God must do with all these coming hard times and punishments is what we would call house cleaning. We humans have caused, contributed to, and/or permitted the corrupt people to make an absolute mess of everything in our lives to the point that we can no longer clean up the many messes as required before we can even begin to build a new nation. As a matter of fact, these messes have gotten so out of control that we can't even stop them from getting worse, much less begin to clean them up, only God can. The evil liberal commie/Muslim pagans have gained so much control that we can't do anything to stop their wicked actions against us in any way. Only God can save our butts now. In the near future, you will find this to be very true.

For example, the evil upper class trash have gained so much control of all of our different industries that they have literally created an economic dictatorship and economic slavery. All of our major businesses have been taken over by the evil upper class trash and those businesses have established such a dominance of all the different industries, that the upper class trash control every industry and are now consolidating their power via those businesses by eliminating the remaining businesses they don't own.

We have wrongly put our faith in the god we call the Internet to save our butts by permitting those of us who do know what is going on to share that information with everyone else but the upper class trash is not only threatening that last remaining hope, they are seizing control of it to the point that they now have almost complete control of the Internet. Most of you are afraid our out of control liberal government will either seize control of and/or start taxing the Internet so we won't be able to get the truth to or from anyone.

I have recently been surfing the Internet and have realized that, while we were distracted by the threats of them physically seizing control of the Internet, the upper class trash has actually, very subtly, almost completely seized control of the Internet in very much the same way they have seized control of everything else. They have set up a few extremely large systems or Internet businesses and are using those Internet businesses to 1) flood the Internet with their propaganda to the point that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the truth anywhere and 2) to censor us when we try to tell the truth to others.

And, as the carrot to get us into this trap, they make the use of these businesses free by paying for those business expenses AND turning a profit from advertising via those Internet businesses. They have learned that they will get more people to use those businesses, if the use of those business services is free. After they have gotten you into the habit of using those businesses, they flood you with propaganda and censor those who try to tell the truth. It works.

You have to understand that the upper class trash has learned that they don't have to have 100% control of an industry to have effective control of that industry. They only need enough control of an industry to be able to make the rest of that industry ineffective. Remember that they don't need 100% of the people to vote for their little political puppets called politicians. In a democracy or republic you only need to brainwash 51% of the voters so they will keep you in power. To prevent a successful revolution, they only need to have enough control over the people so that there won't be enough people who will revolt so that 1) there won't be a revolution or 2) the revolution will not succeed and will have minimal effect on their control.

The upper class trash know and have recently openly stated that history proves that most people don't have the confidence or courage to physically fight and that even most people who talk the fight won't show up to the fight. Most people can talk the talk but they can't walk the walk, they are too risk averse. It is only about 10% to a maximum of 20% of the people who will actually fight and all the upper class trash has to do is get that number low enough so the people can't win the fight. Add to that that the upper class trash is also stacking the deck against the people who will fight because the upper class trash are bullies and cowards who are too risk averse to fight without a minimum risk of failure and death.

When you realize that the upper class trash has so completely brainwashed at least 65% of the people to the point that anywhere from 51% to 65% will continue to believe the upper class trash lies and support their actions no matter what crimes they commit, you then also should realize that they have established effective control of the people or a dictatorship. But that is only the beginning because they have also seized majority or effective control of every industry in our countries, including but not limited to our government, our legal system, our educational system, our information system, our entertainment system, our financial system, our entire economic system, our housing system, our food system, our clothing system, and everything else. They own our butts!!!

Get it right, we are in the first completely true dictatorship in the history of the world and those dictators who are in control are just tightening their grip to prevent any possibility of a successful revolution before enough of us realize they have set up a dictatorship for the people to stage a successful revolution. The upper class trash currently controls almost absolutely everything in our lives and are working to make it absolutely everything for absolute control. Our ONLY hope is God, He is the only one who can save us.

Does that mean we should just give up and sit around on our butts hoping and praying?

No, that isn't the way God works. He requires that we have enough faith in Him to stage a hopeless revolution while praying and depending on Him to save our butts by miraculously making that revolution succeed against impossible odds. It takes very little faith to take the low risk route and sit on your butts doing nothing but praying and hoping. You have to be willing to risk losing EVERYTHING before God will do ANYTHING. The greater faith is to take a very risky action against impossible odds while praying and trusting in God to help you over come those impossible odds. Basically, you do your best and God will do the rest. That is the greatest faith.

Now you have to understand that, before God can even begin to help us create new nations out of the ashes of the old nations, He MUST first clean up all of those messes or the corrupt people will just use what is left of those messes to quickly establish control over our new nations. And that is what God is already doing with these hard times we are already in, cleaning house so He can help us build new nations which won't be under the control of evil people. As I have told you before, God uses hard times and punishments to accomplish a lot of different things and this is jut one of many things God is already working on with our current hard times and punishments.

John 3:16 - "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son so that whoever should believe in Him shall have everlasting life." Bet on it.

As always....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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