Hate Crimes

Tonight, I was watching a "documentary" on PBS about the burning of Rome under the rule of Nero. It started out innocent enough by clearly trying to prove that Nero may not have intentionally burned Rome down as some think by proving that the fire was probably naturally caused and spread. Towards the end, it began trying to prove the "evil" Christians probably burned Rome down intentionally going completely against the "proofs" they had used to vindicate Nero.

They started by showing that the fire probably had been of natural origin in order to vindicate Nero and then went against their own proofs for it being of natural origin to prove that it really had been arson in order to prove the Christians had intentionally caused the fire blatently ignoring that they had just "proved" that the fire was probably of natural origin.

It was very clear that this was not a documentary but a hate crime paid for by our tax dollars clearly intended to cause non Christians to hate Christians. I have been noticing that there are increasing numbers of such "documentaries" on both PBS and the other liberal TV stations trying to discredit and/or turn people against Christians.

These people clearly hate God, the Bible, Christianity, and Christians and I realized tonight that what they are doing is trying to turn people against Christians in order to cause non Christians to declare Christianity evil and a hate crime so they can outlaw Christianity and begin legally persecuting Christians in order to destroy Christianity.

I have noticed the same trends in certain TV shows such as Charmed where they regularly portray Christians as being evil, bad, and stupid while portraying such things as witches, demons, satanists, and other pagan and occult religions and entities as being good.

Tonight, all of this came together for me causing me to realize that these shows are actually a hate crime against Christianity designed to cause Christianity to be outlawed the way Hitler outlawed the Jews and begin the same kind of persecution against Christians in order to wipe us out the way Hitler tried to wipe the Jews out. These shows and "documentaries" by the liberal media and Hollywood are nothing more than hate crimes against Christians intentionally designed to cause the persecution of Christians as has been caused for the Jews and others in the past by such evil people.

All Christians need to be made aware of these hate crimes against us and stand up to fight against such hatreds before it is too late and you are being legally persecuted. Once the laws are passed against Christianity and the persecutions become legal, it will be too late. The God haters will have won and we will pay for our apathy with our blood and our lives. If nothing else, think of your children. Do you want them thrown in death camps probably called rehabilitation centers by these God haters? Think about it.

These evil people are doing exactly the same thing to Christians that Hitler and the Nazis did to the Jews with their lies and propaganda. When will our Chistal Nacht arrive? I see increasing evidence that it is working the same way.

Wake Up!!!

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