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Keep an eye on this. I have been watching Chavez in Venezuela for some time to see where the little mad man is headed. He has been building up his military quite rapidly for offensive measures and not the defensive measures he says. His weapons building is purely offensively designed.

I am pretty sure that he is playing Latin American Adolph Hitler with plans to conquer South and Central America. He is egotistical enough to probably also have long term plans for even conquering the US and Canada.

I learned a long time ago that it doesn't matter whether an egotistical despot can do something but whether they THINK they can do that something. It should be blatantly obvious that Adolph Hitler couldn't really conquer the world but he thought he could so he tried.

Therefore, the question isn't whether it is militarily possible for Chavez to conquer South and Central America but whether he is arrogant, egotistical, and vain enough to BELIEVE he can conquer South and Central America. Such things as the military feasibility of Chavez conquering South and Central American would be rambling to Chavez because it is not what he wants to hear any more than Hitler not being able to conquer the world was what Hitler wanted to hear. It is a left wing thing that Marxist's only hear what they want to hear and always go off on really stupid crusades that cause a lot of pain, suffering, and death for others.

It should be blatantly obvious to anyone who has been watching Chavez that he is adequately arrogant, egotistical, and vain to believe he can conquer the world much less just South and Central America. You put that together with his military build up and we have another fanatical Marxist dictator trying to conquer the world coming to your local South and Central American country just as soon as Chavez THINKS he is ready to conquer South and Central America.

It will almost certainly start with a staged or trumped up event in neighbor, Columbia, followed by a "justified" punitive invasion of Columbia. Please note that he is also building up his navy because most main cities in South and Central American are sitting on the coast of those countries. It would be much more difficult for Chavez to invade most countries in South and Central America by only land routes considering the lack of very many highways between most South and Central American countries. In most cases, there are only a few such highways through major mountain passes which can be easily defended by a descent army. It would be easier and faster to invade some countries by landing forces in their major cities than by fighting thousands of miles through mountains, jungles, and mountain passes. Why spread your troops out over thousands of miles of relatively uninhabited mountains and jungles when you really only need to conquer a relatively small and heavily populated part of those same countries to have control of those mountains and jungles?

I think it is only a matter of time and Adolph Chavez will be heading into other South and Central American countries. He is lining his ducks up at this time. He has already established Marxist Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Cuba as his regional allies and Islamic Iran and Syria along with Marxist Russia and China as his global allies very similar to the way that Hitler established Austria and Italy as his regional allies and Japan as his global ally.

I would strongly suggest that neighboring Columbia start building up their military. They will probably need it very soon and it takes a while to build an army and navy. It would also be a very good idea for other near by countries to start ramping up for war because Chavez is ramping up for war. Here we go again, another upper class whacko lied his way into power.

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