Power Mad

The Alaska DA's office has just filed its 18th ethics complaint against Sarah Palin in spite of the fact that all of the complaints which have reached court have been dismissed. In my opinion, this can be nothing more than the liberal DA abusing her power, authority, and tax payer dollars to wage political warfare against Sarah Palin.

My question to the voters of Alaska is, "How can you permit this jerk to abuse her government authority, power, and your tax dollars to wage a political war against anyone?" I would think that you voted this irresponsible person into power to fight crime and not commit it. Why are you permitting this terrible person to abusing her power, waste her time, and abuse your tax dollars to wage war against Sarah Palin?

And, really, this question goes out to everyone in the US. Every time a DA presses false charges against another person for political reasons, especially our soldiers but also other politicians, they are really doing nothing more than violating the trust of their voters to wage war against conservatives. This is really nothing more than political oppression which is a crime. It is considered illegal and unethical to prosecute anyone because of their political persuasion. How can you just stand by and watch such misbehavior? Why don't you immediately stage a recall election against such abusers of power and take their power away from them?

What these abusive DA's are doing is insane, criminal, and should be stopped. You, the voters, are the ones who can best stop this abuse of power by the power mad DA's in American. They are doing nothing more or less than abusing their power as DA's for extortion, censorship, and intimidation which are all crimes. They bully anyone and everyone who dares to disagree with them or expose the truth about them. This is supposed to be unacceptable behavior in this country.

What, don't these power mad DA's have anything else to do other than bully people who disagree with them? Are there no crimes or criminals left in their jurisdiction to prosecute so they can waste their time illegally waging war against political opponents?

You, the people, are the ones who are responsible for stopping such criminal tyrannical behavior with your votes. I strongly suggest that you, the voters, organize nationally to stop these power mad tyrants by quickly staging recall elections against them. Stop their bullying or pay the price.

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