I realized that we, the people, have been afforded the opportunity and responsibility to either repair our constitutional republic or replace it with a new and better government, pending whether the left manages to finish destroying our current constitutional government. We need to heal our nation.

We need to take this responsibility seriously and, to do so, we need to start working on the fixes required to clean up and prevent future recurrences of the current messes that are right now destroying our nation. The way we do this is to analyze how people have corrupted and abused the system to cause our current mess.

The first and most important thing you have to realize and remember in cleaning up this mess and preventing it from happening again is that the upper class trash, the corrupt members of the upper class, and their corrupt puppets have caused better than 90% of our problems and that is a conservative estimate.

Therefore, if you clean up the corruption of the upper class trash and their corrupt puppets, you will solve better than 90% of our problems and prevent most of these problems from happening again. This requires that one of the most important solutions to our current problems is to make sure that ABSOLUTELY NO ONE is above the law, we must all live by the exact same laws, and be punished by the exact same punishments regardless of power, wealth, fame, or popularity. If you do the crime, you do the exact same time everyone else does. That is Biblical, which is why the upper class trash and their puppets hate God and the Bible.

Also, we need to recognize that our current most significant problem and the present cause for the failure of our government is government corruption. Therefore, we need to establish that ALL government corrupt is treason and should be a capital crime because it is the greatest threat to our national security.

Those two laws will solve most of our current problems.

We, the people need to start working on fixing the problems caused by the lefties and their pagan pals so we can hit the ground running when the dust has settled following the current coup and civil war, whether we have to fix the existing government or replace it with a better government.

Remember that, in getting my MBA, I was trained to manage the businesses and financial affairs for the upper class trash so that I know how things work and how to fix those intentionally broken things. Therefore, you know the slimy corrupt upper class trash and their slimy corrupt puppets are not going to like this.

Below is a list of suggestions for fixing our current problem and quickly starting a new and better government, after the lefties have finished destroying our current government:

1. First and most importantly, we should be a Christian nation operating under Biblical Law, ruled by Jesus' "rod of iron", to best protect all of the good people from bad people. The primary responsibility for government is to protect good people from bad people and, if the government doesn't protect good people from bad people, it is failing and is a bad government that needs to be fixed or replaced.

2. There will be no government run or financed educational system. Educators must be required to compete for business, therefore, there can only be private schools and home schooling so the parents will have control of their children's education and not the government. This is because our current government run and financed educational system has not only failed but is being used by the left against us. We need to take that power and control back away from the government.

3. No one should be allowed to teach or promote lies for any reason because the truth will set the people free. Lying should be fraud and ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE who lies, exaggerates, or sensationalizes anything, especially the "news", should be tried for fraud and, if that lie is a threat to national security, then it should be treason and a capital crime. Freedom of speech and freedom of press do not give anyone the right to commit crimes, especially fraud. The press cannot be above the law.

4. The government should not be allowed to incur debt, except in extreme emergencies, such as war, and that debt must be paid off as quickly as possible. Government debt is just another way for the upper class trash to steal more from more people faster. What the upper class trash is doing with debt is stealing from your future because they can't steal enough from enough people fast enough.

5. Absolutely NO ONE should be above the law regardless of wealth, power, fame, or popularity. ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE should be required to live by ALL of the same laws and punishments. No special treatment for anyone. If you commit a crime, you do the time, the same time as anyone else.

6. Any judges or other government officials who turn criminals loose and those criminals commit another crime, will be considered complicit in that crime because the criminal could not have committed that crime if they had not been turned loose by that government official.

7. The intent of the law to protect good people from bad people should be above the letter of the law because attorneys will always find ways to corrupt the letter of the law for their benefit. True justice should have precedence over the letter of the law. Justice should not be blind and should be on the side of the people.

8. ALL government corruption should be treason and a capital crime with both the government and civilians involved being prosecuted. There should be no exceptions to this because government corruption is a threat to national security.

9. Courts should not be allowed to write law; they should only be allowed to interpret and enforce the law. It should be understood that the courts are part of the government so judicial corruption will be treason and a capital crime.

10. There should be no business monopolies and no business should be allowed to buy out competitors, either directly or indirectly. Everyone should be required to compete in an open and free market. If they can't compete, they go out of business and NO ONE should be considered "too big to fail". If any business is "too big to fail", then it should be split up into smaller businesses. Any existing monopolies should be broken up into the different companies they purchased to become monopolies and sold off to other people, non family members.

11. Crony capitalism should be treason and a capital crime because it often involves government corruption and is a threat to national security.

12. The Stock Market either needs to be fixed or eliminated. The upper class trash should not be allowed to control the Stock Market because controlling the stock market gives them control of the economy and the people and, if we cannot have a Stock Market without the upper class trash controlling it, then we should not have a Stock Market for the upper class trash to control.

13. The Central Bank needs to be eliminated and interest rates need to be fixed at 3%. Banks should not be allowed to create or "print" money in any way. (You would be amazed at how they are permitted to magically create money out of thin air. Banking is a racket, baby.) Only the government should be allowed to create or print money. We need banks but not corrupt banks.

14. To teach any form of Marxism under any name in a positive manner should be treason and a capital crime. Teaching any of the destructive Marxist principles such as Saul Alinsky or other such principles should be an act of treason and a capital crime. Teaching the ugly truth about Marxism to show that it has always failed and will always fail is a good thing.

15. Teaching lies about Islam or any other pagan religion to "be nice to" or promote Islam or any other pagan religion should be treason and a capital crime because the religion controls the people and, therefore, the government.

16. It should be a capital crime to even suggest that we have land taxes because land taxes give the government and not the people ownership and control of the land and, therefore, control of the people. There should be ABSOLUTELY NO land taxes, if for no other reason than to protect the poor from losing their land to the government.

17. The government should not be allowed to seize land except when that privately owned land is being used by the owner to commit a crime and then the land must be sold on auction and not kept by the government. The government can only keep what land is necessary to do its job, especially for national security.

18. The only tax that should be allowed should be a Biblical 10% flat tax on income. Everyone should pay a fixed 10% flat tax with no deductions or loop holes. There should be no tax free trust funds, especially for the wealthy. There should not be any other taxes such as land taxes, sales taxes, luxury taxes, gas taxes, utility taxes, phone taxes, or anything else. If the government can't run itself on a 10% flat tax, then we need to fire the existing government and hire a new government.

It needs to be understood that, with the current tax system, the poor are spending at least 50% of their income on taxes and changing to only having a Biblical 10% flat tax on income will decrease the taxes the poor have to pay by at least 80%. If you don't believe this, just look at the many taxes the poor currently have to pay, including but not limited to sales taxes, land taxes, taxes on your phone, taxes on your utilities, and many other taxes the poor have to pay. A Biblical 10% flat tax on income will greatly decrease the tax burden on the poor and everyone else, except the corrupt upper class trash.

Look, the Clintons used their tax free nonprofit corporation or trust fund to collect more than $200 million in just one year and pay less than half a million dollars in taxes when, with a Biblical 10% flat tax, they would have paid $20 million in taxes, more than 40 times what they actually paid.

Get the picture? Do you now better understand why the upper class trash lefties hate Biblical Law?

Remember that I have an MBA and am trained to know how these things work. The current tax system is just smoke and mirrors for the upper class trash to get away with not paying any taxes while stealing more from you, including the poor, with taxes. EVERYBODY should have to pay exactly the same Biblical 10% flat tax on income and ABSOLUTELY NO OTHER TAXES.

19. No government manager can be rewarded, paid, or promoted based on the number of employees or the amount of money they manage or based on time in service. They must all be promoted and rewarded based entirely on getting the job done and any job that is not done right, is not done.

20. Unions started out doing good for the worker by increasing salaries but have all become corrupted and are a big part of the current problems, therefore, all unions must be done away with, especially government employee unions.

21. Nonprofit corporations should be fixed or eliminated because of how they have been abused by the left for government corruption. The responsibility for caring for the poor should be returned to the church and not to the government or nonprofit corporations, which have both abused that responsibility and done a really terrible job; just ask the homeless how great of a job the government and nonprofit corporations are doing now.

22. The people who have stolen from the government and, therefore, the people, especially with crony capitalism, should be prosecuted for treason and all of the wealth they stole PLUS INTEREST should be returned to the government and the people to pay off our national debt. It is that stealing that created our national debt and returning those stolen goods to our government will pay off that debt.

23. All teachers, especially college professors should be held accountable for the things they dream up smoking dope in their white palaces and teach to the young people. If they are teaching young people to commit crimes like Marxism, then that makes them complicit in those crimes and they should be held accountable for their criminal activity. Teachers and college professors should not be above the law.

24. More than half a century ago, I was taught in college biology and it is still true that life begins at conception and that, genetically, the zygote is a human so abortion at any stage needs to be classified as murder. Children are our future and are given to us by God as a blessing. Therefore, it is our responsibility to protect ALL children from bad people. End of discussion.

This will do for a starting point, we should work on this and add to it. Please note that most of this has to do with cleaning up the corruption in the upper class and their corrupt puppets, which will solved better than 90% of our current problems. If you have other solutions to our problems, please e-mail them to me with the understanding that I can publish them on this site for others to consider, at my discretion. I will also probably add to these in the future.

We, the people, need to get ready to be the next generation of founding parents.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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