I Told You So 243


Remember that I have been telling you that it is not possible for us to colonize Mars the way Hollywood and the lefties keep making it look like we can, especially because Mars gets less than 25% of the sunlight per square foot that we get on earth so very little, if anything, can grow on Mars?

The trailer I live in only has a few windows facing south so that I get very little sunlight in my house but at least as much as you would get on Mars.

I have not found a house plant yet that will grow well with this little sunlight. I have to put even plants like the fitonia and lily of the valley outside to get light on warmer days or they will wane and die. These plants are rated as "full shade" plants and can grow with much less sunlight than almost any other plants. There ain't no way you can grow any full sun food plants like potatoes on Mars. It ain't happening, baby.

Even my pothos, which is considered one of the best shade hardy plants in the world wanes during the winter until I can start keeping it outside in the spring.

There is absolutely no way you could grow almost any food plants on Mars, especially potatoes, because almost all of our food plants are rated as full sun plants, requiring as much sunlight per square foot as we get on Earth.

If you are going to live on Mars, you better like mushrooms and lots of them. I keep telling you that you can't believe anything out of Hollywood. If that is all you know about science, you don't know nuttin, baby.

US Coup

Remember that I have been telling you that the left has been and still is staging a coup of the US government to set up their lefty commie traitor dictatorship?

Surprise, surprise, McCabe just made it public knowledge that they are staging a coup of the US government.

Gee, who would have figured? Believe me yet that the lefties are evil?

Now the new Attorney General Barr said he is going to conduct an investigation about this treasonous coup (we will see) and it is being reported that the traitors involved in this attempted coup are turning on each other to save their own butts. This could be fun to watch.

The left is quickly running out of options as more and more of their evil plans fail. Soon, all the left will have left will be a violent coup of the US government, then you better duck.

Keep an eye on this.

BTW, remember that I have been telling you that the "natural elites" are not more intelligent than you and are actually less intelligent than you?

McCabe, who was upper level FBI and is considered to be more intelligent than you confessed to this criminal act of treason on national TV during an interview.

Just how stupid was that? And you still think the upper class trash are smarter than you? Why?

French Revolution

Remember that I have been telling you that it is only a matter of time until the conservatives have had enough and stage a violent revolution of their governments?

I got this from Breitbart by Chris Tomlinson:

"Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vest) movement member Christophe Chalençon announced that the anti-establishment movement has 'paramilitaries' ready to overthrow the French government."

Another source is reporting that these "paramilitaries" are "militia men" who withdrew from the French Army in support of the yellow vest uprising and they are being supported by and are working with the conservative Italian government. It sounds like they are probably armed.

Does this mean that the French Army is secretly behind this revolution?

Shades of Napoleon because that is exactly what Napoleon did. At the start of the French revolution called Bastille, Napoleon was an officer in the French Army who took the side of the French rebels and seized control of the French government. Deja vu, baby.

Add to this that Macron is increasing the anger of the rebels by insulting them the way Hillary insulted the conservatives to defeat the conservatives (how did that workout, Big Mac) and increasing numbers of lefties are turning against Macron to save their own butts, you know, ye ole lefty cannibalism.

Does this mean that the corrupt French upper class trash have failed to learn from history and are about to repeat history by losing their heads too?

It wasn't if but when.

Hmmm, maybe I should crowd fund a guillotine factory and start selling guillotines to the French people?

We could name the business "Getting A Head In The World" and make "Eat Cake" our motto (Mange du Gateau in French ; Essen Kuchen in German ; hey, Merkel could use a rebel's hair cut too) and put it on the tops of all of our guillotines. This could be fun...well, not for the French and German upper class trash but, hey, the lefties don't use their heads for anything but to keep their ears from slamming together.

I told you before that all the conservatives have to do is to use psychological warfare to scare the crap out of these criminal upper class trash globalists. The way it works is they start parking guillotines in front of the upper class trash palaces, homes, and work places, you know, Parliament, then sit back and watch the panic. The upper class trash, especially the puppets, will go complete wild with fear and many will resign but they will all get the message that they have pushed the people too far. If the conservatives learn to use psychological warfare against these evil globalist monsters, it may prevent a shooting war.

Many lefties will back down but a few won't and the conservatives will have to deal with those criminals one at a time. Even stupid people can figure out that power won't do you any good, if you are dead.

Note that, if the French rebels take over the French government, the EU will effectively cease to exist within months.

Just think what would happen if conservatives park guillotines in front of Congress and the homes of the top radical lefty commie traitors like Pelosi, Schumer, AOC, The View, Maher, Carry, and the rest. Hey, the US traitors can use a rebel hair cut too. You think they won't lose it? Who knows, they might even move to Canada.

I keep waiting for someone to figure this out and make it happen.

US Civil War II

Remember that I have been telling you that the US is already in a civil war and it is escalating?

See this video.

I left this comment for that video less than half way through the video:

"You're late, the civil war and its violence was started years ago by the left and it has just been escalating. The violence will continue to escalate the way it is in France until it turns into an all-out shooting war, the way it will soon turn into a shooting war in France. The shooting war will also happen and escalate gradually with shooting confrontations increasing in frequency and intensity, at first with raiding, caused by the left. The fight is on and the survival of the US is now at stake.

Because it has started this confrontation and is more willing to resort to violence and escalate it, the left will seize the advantage early but lose it when the right joins the fight in earnest.

It will be very bloody, it will be fought almost completely in our cities with house-to-house fighting and not in farm fields and meadows, and there will be a huge amount of civilian collateral damage and killing, with the left staging brutal slaughters of innocent civilians who will not fight for them. People will be drafted into the left's 'Citizens National Security Force' at gun point and entire families and neighborhoods will be wiped out by the left.

The left has already started staging attacks or raids and ambushes against police and will soon turn against the military.

There will be massive civilian migration in an effort to escape the fighting but the fighting will be in all of the major and medium size cities so the migration will be to the smaller cities and out of country.

Economy? What economy? It will be a survival economy.

It is and will increasingly be ugly. If you don't believe it, just look at the violence already being staged by the left against the right but also anyone who gets in their way. Your story is yesterday's news."

After I left the comment, he stated that some other people had also stated that the civil war has already started. The video is an eye opener but, being from Canada, he is missing a lot of points.

1) He asked who will lead this war?

Obama is already leading it and has been leading it for years, supporting violence by lefties, blacks, and Muslims against conservatives. Mad Maxine and other lefties are stirring the pot to escalate the fighting. Note that you only need a leader on one side to start a war, not on both sides.

2) He asked, "What will the ultimate aims be?"

The ultimate aim by the left will be to seize control of the US to set up a national and then global dictatorship and the aim by the right will be to prevent that dictatorship. He misses that this war has already been started as a coup that will lead to a civil war.

3) He asked, "What is the nature of the fighting and who will do the fighting?"

As I stated above, the nature of the fighting will be house-to-house in all of our medium to large cities. He also misses that ALL wars are fought by less than 5% of the people and it will not involve all or even most of the people fighting. It has already been started by the left years ago under Obama and will soon include conservative militias, law enforcement, and the military on the right. That will include less than 5% of the people total. As usual, the rest will be too concerned with surviving, you know, just like in Syria, Iraq, Libya, and other nations today. What you see there is what will happen in the US and, just like Syria, Iraq, and Libya can thank the lefties for their wars, you can thank the lefties for this war.

4) Will this war be fought over economics?

Sort of because it will be fought by the left to regain power so they can steal more from more people faster. This war is already being fought primarily for power but also for greed.

5) He tries to make it look like Trump is also exacerbating this war by increasing division but Trump is working to get blacks, Latinos, and other minorities on our side. The number of minorities crossing the aisle is increasing under Trump as God opens more eyes.

6) He misses the thing about guns in that the left is trying to take guns from conservatives so the left can set up a dictatorship without getting their brains blown out. He misses that the left is staging a coup that will cause the civil war.

I later added the following comment to his video:

"You miss a lot of points and a big one is that, for several centuries, very few of the people actually fight in a war. It is always less than 5% of the population that actually fights so that 2/3 of the people being fat, doesn't matter because there are plenty of people on both sides who are not fat and will fight. Combined, less than 5% of the people will actually fight in this war. The obesity of the majority of the people will just make them easier victims.

Another point you miss is that the lefty started this war years ago to seize control of the US to set up a Marxist/Socialist dictatorship and the conservatives will eventually fight to prevent the dictatorship. It is about power, Obama started leading the left in this war when the left and blacks started violence in the streets and he is still leading it out of Washington DC with other lefties like Mad Maxine stirring the pot. To fight back, at some point, the right will have to pick their leader. It only takes one side with a militant leader to start a war.

You need to check your ideas about what is causing this war and whether it has already started."

The most important point is that he tells about a number of other people who say either that the civil war has already started or is imminent. I am not the only one who realizes that the civil war has already started, was caused by the left, and is being led by Obama.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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