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I have become concerned about the health and fitness of the good people in this country. It is a simple fact that obese and out of shape people will not be able to fight as well or be as likely to survive in the coming wars. So being over weight and out of shape is not only to your detriment but also decreases the number of people who can fight for the good guys making it more difficult and less likely for the good guys to win.

Fortunately, the majority of the people who are fat and out of shape will be the liberals who have been brainwashed to hate exercise and sports to physically incapacitate those people so they can't resist the take over. It is good for the good guys that so many of the liberals won't be able to fight but bad for the good guys when other good guys won't be able to fight.

I already gave you a link to a site I set up to help people get in shape and achieve their sports dreams at Coach Carl and I told you about the free information at that site. For at least 80% to 90% of you, the free information will do just fine and you will only need my e-book if you want to develop beyond the fitness level the free information will take you to. With the free information on my site, you can develop the fitness to pretty easily ride a 100 mile (century) recreational bicycle ride or become a beginning level competitive marathon athlete. (Remember that for the free information, you go to the home page, select "Articles/Training Info" in the upper left hand menu and there will be a list of free information with the most important for most people being the fifth item titled "Start Up Advice".)

There is some other information I want to share with you here to encourage you to get in shape for what is coming.

The sports media are guilty of a lot of hype or sensationalism to sell their media readership or viewership and increase their profits. One of the things they have sold most people on is the huge genetic difference between top professional athletes and the average person. They over sell genetics to make you think you could never be as wonderful as these great people so you will stay home to watch or read about the great people increasing the media's viewer/readership and wealth at your expense and most people believe this sensationalism.

I have studied all of the sports sciences under some of the best in the world, I have coached at the international amateur and professional level and I have one thing to say about all of that genetic superiority stuff, BULL CRAP! In exercise physiology, we have known for more than 40 years that there is almost no genetic difference between top pros and the average person and I have proved it with my own coaching.

In 1984, I went to Los Angeles to begin a career in coaching bicycle racing because LA was the biggest lake with the biggest fish in US cycling and, if you want to prove yourself, you jump into the biggest lake with the biggest fish and start swimming. Every program I tried coaching for during 1984 and 1985 tied my hands and wouldn't let me coach the way the sports sciences and my training told me to coach (they were PC) so in 1986 I founded the Los Angeles Racing Team to do things right, you know, the way I was trained to do things. I recruited NOTHING but beginners right off the street, you know, the average John or Jane Doe just like you. I had an open door policy that, if you wanted coaching, would use the coaching, and joined the program, you got the coaching regardless of how lousy of an athlete you were when you walked in the door and I got some really lousy athletes to turn into champions. Some of the younger ones were just a little over weight. I got people who would have been the last to be chosen for any school physical education or lunch time sports team in any school in the US and they all got my best coaching.

First, we had the lowest turnover rate I have found in bicycle racing in the US, anywhere. The normal turnover rate for all clubs was that 90% of new racers quit racing within one year and most of the rest quit within the second and third years. We started with 8 club members including myself and the team manager, whom I also trained up from scratch. At the start, I was the only person in the program who knew anything about bicycle racing. Within four years, we had over 120 athletes on the team and were the 13th largest team in Southern California out of over 200 teams with the largest team only having a little over 200 licensed racers. We lost a maximum of 10% to 20% of our new riders within a year or two because they all got the best coaching with weekly classes, clinics, coaching at races, and other programs just the way I was trained to coach athletes.

With all of that, I only had one male rider who stuck with my program for three years who didn't make it to Category 3 or intermediate amateur marathon level racing while being able to race aggressively at the front and consistently place in the top six and he was such a bad athlete when he came into my program that he would have been the last person chosen for any sports team at any school in the nation. He was such a bad athlete that the top riders on the team secretly made fun of him for the third year he was racing because he was still a struggling cat 3 and they even asked me why I wasted my time working with him. I told those people that as long as he kept trying, I would too.

In the first half of his fourth season, he won three cat 3 races and got 6 more podium finishes (top three). The laughter stopped. I took that young man from "super loser" to successful intermediate level amateur marathon athlete in just four years when all other coaches I know of would take their best riders from beginner to cat three top rider in at least 5 to 6 years with most of their riders never making it to cat 3. That was my worst case and proved that, with the right training program, anyone can achieve at least intermediate amateur marathon fitness level and not just the right guys with the right genes. END GAME, YOU!!!

By maintaining a policy of training up only beginners, I simultaneously coached all 120+ athletes from beginner up with our men's A team competing against a dozen full pro teams, we only had one pro or was only a pro-am team, and our A team was one of the top 6 to 8 men's teams in the US with our B team being one of the top 15 to 20 men's teams in the US. The women's and Junior teams were both easily one of the top three in the US and one of the best in world. My master's team was one of the top in the US and the world regularly defeating defending world champions. And we also had individuals consistently winning and place in two other sports, bicycle track and mountain bike racing, with me being the only coach on the team. All of that done within just four years and recruiting nobodies on the street and training them up.

Gee, what happened to all of that genetics everyone is hyping? How is it possible to turn so many nobodies on the street into somebodies on the podium with all this hype about most people being genetically inferior?

What I have found is that there is a far greater difference between how people think than their genetics. The most important thing I did with ALL of my athletes was to listen to them tell me how they think, what they believed, what their dreams and goals were in life, and such to tell me just how far I could take those people. For example, if a college student told me he really enjoyed the racing but was much more focused on finishing college and getting a good paying job, I knew I couldn't take that person to the professional level because he was not willing to make the sacrifices required to be a pro. In other words, I let them tell me how they were limiting themselves with what they believed, thought, or wanted in life and coached them to reach their self limited potential.

I also never coached anyone to be an amateur, only to be a pro. They were already amateurs and didn't need my coaching to get there so I coached everyone to be the best they could be while accepting what they wanted from the sport.

A good example was years later when coaching over the Internet via my web site, was a man who was working on his doctorate in astrophysics and was a struggling college cat 3 who just wanted to get good enough to be able to enjoy racing at the front of the collegiate cat 3 pack and have fun. He got what he wanted so fast that he got excited and got himself moved up to cat 2 before he was ready and without telling me before hand so he wound up back in trouble because, in most races, cat 2s race with cat 1s and pros so it is a triple step up in fitness requirement and he needed me to save his butt again. I worked with him for a total of three years and got him to where he was consistently finishing in the top 6 with pros. A year later he was recruited by a Spanish pro team and he went from a struggling cat 3 to competent pro in just three years, which other coaches take at least 6 to 8 years to achieve. All of the pros I knew when I was coaching on the road took from at least 10 years to more than 16 years to go from beginner to being able to ride on the front of the pro pack. I never knew anyone who did it as fast as my riders.

Did you know there is no such thing as a natural athlete?

If you study the pre-school childhood of the "natural athletes", you will find that they were the kids who ran, jumped, and yelled a lot while the other kids played more calmly because their mothers yelled at them to stop running, jumping,and yelling.

While those "natural athletes" were running, jumping, and yelling, they were causing their growing bodies to develop stronger muscles, bones, and joints, better cardiovascular systems, better lungs (the yelling part), and better motor skills and coordination so that, by the time they got into school, they were much more fit, coordinated, and experienced at physical activities than the rest of the kids that it caused people to wrongly think they were natural athletes. No, they had just been training and developing their bodies while the other kids were being made to sit still and play quietly denying their bodies the physical development the running, jumping, and yelling causes. Basically, pre-school exercise and conditioning is the difference between natural athletes and the other kids, not genetics.

Gee, what about all of that genetics?

It doesn't matter. What is between your ears matters much more than what is in your genes. If you believe you can't do something, then you are right, you can't, I don't care what your genes say. If you believe you can do something and then LEARN how to do it, then you can do it. (The elitist upper class trash don't want you to know that because they want you to believe you are genetically inferior to them in spite of their inbreeding.) It is just that simple and I have done it too many times with hundreds of randomly selected athletes.

What should this tell you?

That, with the confidence, right knowledge, and being willing to make all of the right sacrifices, you can get in good enough shape to be a top soldier or warrior in the US Army and then all you have to do is learn how to fight right and you will be that warrior capable of fighting to protect yourself and others from the bad guys. You need to know you can do it, then you need to learn how to do it, and then you need to be willing to do the work and make the sacrifices to do it. You would be absolutely amazed at what a properly conditioned human body right off of the street can do. Very few people even come close to achieving their maximum physiological or genetic potential.

It isn't your genes holding you back but your brain.

Decades ago, I learned that, if I were to clone a good athlete into ten exact replicas and I were to take the heads from those ten athletes and put them on ten randomly selected healthy bodies while placing the heads from those randomly selected bodies on the ten athlete bodies, within just a few years, all of the ten randomly selected bodies would be good athletes and the ten athlete's bodies would vary significantly in fitness and performance with some being terrible athletes, just like their randomly selected bodies were.

Why was my coaching so successful?

Because I taught them they could do it, then I taught them how to do it, and then I coached them into developing the ability and experience to do it, you know, just like the military teaches you. I never let one of them limit themselves because of the genetics crap. You can do this too.

Do you know that they still do not have a test which can determine your genetic athletic potential?

No one can tell you what you can or can not do based on genetics, you still have to learn by trying. (The elitiest upper class trash don't want you to know that, which is why they keep hyping all of that genetics crap.)

BTW, did you know that all forms of developed fighting such as martial arts and combat fighting are just applied science?

If you don't believe it, study kinesiology or biomechanics and then study various forms of fighting. You will find that all forms of developed fighting are based on the structure and function of the human body and movement efficiencies. There is no magic or mysticism to martial arts or fighting. You can learn to fight better than most and it won't take much.

Give yourself as much advantage as possible in the coming wars. Get your butt in shape and learn how to fight with and without weapons. It may save your life and the lives of those you care about. Or, as the US Army says, "Be the best you can be."

You can use the information from my sports site or any number of militia sites to help improve yourself, just be careful in who you train under in those militias because there is a lot of stolen valor out there with phonies teaching things wrong, very wrong. Try a number of different sites and groups then choose the best.

Please, get in shape and learn to fight for your sake and the sake of those you care about. We, the people, need you to be a good warrior.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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