Wow, this is really big. I have been waiting for this one to happen. Fox has a new show they are planning to show beginning in 2016 named "Lucifer". It is about Lucifer or Satan the Devil leaving Hell and coming to earth in Los Angeles, California. Of course, Lucifer will be portrayed as the good guy, very charming and cool, who will work to help people, you know, mister nice guy.

Guess who is behind this one.

Ah, gee, it couldn't be the Luciferians I have been warning you about, could it? You know, how they are the upper class trash running everything in the West, including all of the media, and working to set up their global dictatorship under the Luciferian cult?

And you know that their mantra will be that old Lucy will be running the world for your good. Why Lucy is just so cool and wonderful that all he really wants is to take care of you, in spite of all the wars, murders, and other terrible things he has caused for thousands of years, but they won't tell you about that part.

The Luciferians have been working a long time to set this one up. They have been working patiently to get you to accept all of Lucifer's followers as being good with shows like Charmed where the evil Wiccan witches were the good people protecting the "innocents" from the evil Christians, Harry Potter, which taught that witchcraft is good with just some bad people in it, then Hell Boy that taught that Hell Boy (Satan) is actually a good guy and super hero, then the fallen angels which were portrayed as victims of God and actually good beings helping people instead of evil demons, and now that a lot of people have bought into the crap, the Luciferians are bringing on the king of Hell himself, Lucifer, god of the Luciferians to get you to think that old Lucy boy is really a great, cool, kind, and caring being while, of course, making Christians look evil and be the bad guys.

Gee, could it be that the Luciferians are on the verge of setting up their Satanic global dictatorship and want you to think Lucy is a good guy so you won't reject him and their dictatorship? For a long time, these people have been mocking the existence of God and Satan as being old wives tales and foolishness and now they are going to openly admit that Lucifer is real, but he's a good guy, right?

And, of course, they will portray Jesus, who died to pay for your sins so you don't have to burn in Hell, as the bad guy.

Then there are some interesting coincidences between the TV series, Lucifer, and other things.

Remember the evil Goa'uld of Stargate SG-1? Remember that they invaded the bodies of human and other hosts and took control of them, you know, like Biblical demonic possession? Remember how the Goa'uld eyes glowed red?

Well, in the TV show, Lucy's eyes will glow red.

Remember how the Goa'uld were gods to their slaves?

Well, Lucy is the god of the Luciferians and you can bet you will see that theme at least a few times in the TV show, with Lucy, of course, being modest about it.

Then there were the good guys, the Tok'ra, whose eyes glowed white, you know, just like Jesus's eyes glow white in the Book of Revelation and the Holy Spirit indwells God's people?

So, how many people will choose to stand on Lucifer's side of God's line because of this show?

And you think Fox is on your side? Fooled you, didn't they? The Luciferians got you to trust Fox by making them look conservative and then yanked the rug out from under you, didn't they?

Do you remember the prophesy about people in the end times calling good evil and calling evil good?

It is happening. The Luciferians are about to make many people believe that Lucifer is really a good guy and not evil at all.

BTW, I want to thank one of my four confirmed readers, Arthur, for giving me the heads up on this item. Another confirmed reader, Mark, has provide me with some interesting information for other essays. Thanks, guys.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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