Before I begin on anything, I need to explain something. I had not thought about this before so I became concerned with me suddenly writing so many "I Told You So" essays. As I thought about it, I realized that, of course, when we reached a point of either pre meltdown or early meltdown in the evil plans of the upper class trash, I would have to start writing a lot of "I Told You So" essays because the things I have been warning you about would start happening.

Now, what should all of this and so many "I Told You So" essays tell you?

It should tell you that the fecal matter isn't just hitting the fan any more, but we are in either the pre meltdown or early meltdown stage with the evil plans of the upper class trash. Things are extremely serious right now and there are things I need to tell you. After you read this, I request that you copy this essay for posting somewhere else because you people need to know this information and it may get taken down.

This Essay

I have decided to write an essay which will probably get me in a little trouble with military intelligence or, even worse, OSI, the military's version of the FBI and they are not nice people to deal with, they tend to make people disappear. I would rather deal with the FBI than OSI but you need to know this information and I am taking significant risk in writing this essay. This essay is especially meant for you preppers who think you can run off and hide from the rapidly approaching tyranny of the upper class trash. After you read this essay, you will KNOW you CANNOT HIDE and the upper class trash is leaving you only two options, you will either fight them in a bloody war or they will kill you. You have no other options and I have thought about and researched this for more than 30 years.

Most likely the intel I am about to provide you with has been declassified but it may not have been. I would think that, with all of the other declassified material I have seen from my time, it has been declassified to at least confidential, which would not be a significant threat to our national security or any threat at all. As a matter of fact, with the Freedom of Information Act, you could probably obtain this information or most of it but I have not seen this information published anywhere and you need to know it. Always remember that they have much, much, much better technology today than we had 40+ years ago.

By 1970, we had the technological capability that, if we lost the where abouts of a Russian nuclear sub, all we had to do was turn one of our satellites on the spot where we last knew the sub to be, follow the ocean currents until we found the heat trail left in the water by that Russian nuclear sub, and follow that heat trail right to the sub. We could find any Russian sub within hours and we always knew where they were regardless of what the media and military told you. That is a fact.


This is the first time I have told anyone this. What you currently believe about our government not being able to find Osama Bin Ladden for more than a decade was smoke and mirrors used to control Al Quaeda. I sat quietly watching our military monitor OBL for more than a decade and it was so obvious to me that it was amazing and even humorous that none of those supposedly brilliant journalists or other experts ever figured it out. I didn't tell anyone this because I didn't want to compromise what I was watching the military do but you now need to know what was really going on for your own sake. Al Quaeda is not our most serious threat today.

Now, without an inside source, how did I know the military was monitoring OBL?

It is easy, first, you have to understand that Al Quaeda is vertically structured so that every one of OBL's first lieutenants had to get funding for their operations from OBL and to get that funding for their operations, their plans had to be approved by OBL. This required that those lieutenants send their plans to OBL via courier, OBL had to extensively review those plans with the courier, it would have been normal for OBL to have questions which had to be answered before OBL would approve those plans and fund the operation, which would require the courier to return to the lieutenant with the questions, and the lieutenant and his lieutenants would have had to work all of those bugs out of the operation as per OBL's requirements before OBL would fund the operation. After that operation was complete per OBL's requirements, then the courier had to return to OBL to obtain the funding, IN CASH, and carry that cash back to the lieutenant. Then there would have been one final meeting between that lieutenant and his lieutenants, during which they would 1) make sure that every lieutenant was on the same page to the most minute details for the operation and 2) hand out the cash, then and only then could that operation have been carried out.

Keeping all of this in mind, I sat quietly watching as the US systematically took out OBL's first lieutenants at a rate of from half a dozen to more than a dozen PER YEAR! I counted them. Also, there were more than a dozen times for which the military bragged that they had killed those first lieutenants and their lieutenants during their last meeting before the operatives were sent off with their cash to carry out their dirty dead, which required extensive knowledge of those lieutenants' operations.

Now, with the US taking out all of those lieutenants for more than a decade and everyone of them having couriers traveling back and forth between them and OBL on a regular basis, the US didn't know where OBL was? I am sorry, you are going to have to sell me another bridge because I am not buying that bridge.

Based on my training and observations, I KNOW that the US used OBL to control Al Quaeda and prevent Al Quaeda from staging a successful attack against the US. The US always knows more than they let you know. You cannot even begin to imagine what they can do, but I can.

Is OBL dead? Either that or in custody because all of his remaining lieutenants were quickly killed off right after the mission which was supposed to have killed OBL. Al Quaeda is now under the control of Big Al, OBL's former right hand man.


After I got out of the military in 1976, I quickly became so fed up with all of this liberal crap that I decided to see if I could use my training and experience to find a place and a way to hide. Just to go fishing and hunting for a very long time and have some peace and quiet without the crazy liberals running my life. The short story is I spent years designing plan after plan and couldn't. I don't care where you go or what you do, they will find you.

Let me give you a few examples but let's start with what they will do. Using already existing super computer controlled satellites, they will set a global search grid looking for red flags. Most of these red flags will include heat signatures relating to human activity. For example, they will look for heat trails where you walk on the ground and the super computer will automatically zoom in on those heat trails to answer the questions, "was the trail made by man or beast?" If you have been out walking around within the last few days, they will be able to follow that heat trail right to where you are, you know, just like the Russian nuke subs.

If you think you can hide in a cave in a mountain, you need to know that the heat from any heat source used for cooking, warming, or just from your body will work its way out of that cave and at the cave entrance leave a nice red flag for the super computers to figure out what is causing that heat signature at the cave entrance by monitoring the cave and its area until the super computer is satisfied as to the cause of that heat signature. If necessary, the super computer will dispatch a special forces team to investigate your cave with orders to SOS, shoot on sight, and, with their infrared night vision, they will hunt you down in that cave.

In one plan, I became very innovative using even nature to try and mask my hiding place. I decided to take a page from the beaver's book and create an entrance to my hiding place to where it could only be accessed by a water entrance. My plan included finding a small river which passed by a significant hill or cliff within which to create my hiding place. I would then find a place along side the hill or cliff and under the water in the river to tunnel into the hill or cliff, preferably under a large boulder so the satellite couldn't see the entrance, and then tunnel up creating an abode similar to a beaver house.

The weaknesses to this plan include that you must create an air flow through your hiding place or the oxygen in your hiding place will quickly turn to carbon dioxide and you will suffocate. Dying is not an acceptable way of hiding. This would require drilling at least two air vents through which air could flow through your hiding place to replenish the oxygen. It would also mean any heat being generated by a fire or even just your body would exit through those events leaving a heat signature the computers would quickly find. Also, you just being near, forget about you swimming though, the water in your access tunnel would warm that water. The water passing by your tunnel entrance would carry enough of that heat down the stream to create a heat trail in the stream that would lead the computer right to the tunnel entrance along with a SEAL Team with SOS orders.

Now, of course, some people are going to think they can build a high tech hiding place but just hiring the engineers and people to build it along with the equipment required to build your high tech hiding place will tell them where you are hiding. End game before it even begins.

You CANNOT HIDE, you must either stand and fight or die. Anyone who tells you they are planning on hiding is telling you they don't know what they are talking about. So all of this prepping to run and hide is by ignorant people who don't know what they are talking about and have probably been watching too many TV shows and Hollywood movies. The liberal commie traitor upper class trash Luciferians have only left you two options, fight or die. You MUST stand by the good people in the US military and other government agencies and fight the evil liberal commie traitors to keep them from gaining complete control of our military technology because this is only a little of what they can do to you. You CANNOT run and hide. Deal with it.

Now you can better understand why I keep telling you that only God can save us and it is time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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