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Our country is going crazy and is being forcefully drug there by the liberals, especially Pharaoh Obama.


In a recent governor's meeting with Pharaoh Obama, Pharaoh Obama threatened both Republican and Democratic governors saying that, if Pharaoh Obama hears anything about them standing against him, they will hear from him. This was undoubtedly Pharaoh Obama threatening the states. Pharaoh Obama said that he is also going to gut the National Guard and you know it is because the states have been standing against Pharaoh Obama and his tyranny.

Pharaoh Obama has already effectively gutted the US military while building his DHS and is now going after the military forces or National Guard under the control of the states to keep the states from taking a stand against Pharaoh Obama. Basically, Pharaoh Obama has almost disarmed the US military and is now going to disarm the states. Pharaoh Obama is getting increasingly aggressive towards those who appose him and it seems that everyone is running scared, afraid to take a stand against Pharaoh Obama, you know, like in some of my dreams.


In Connecticut, the vast majority of gun owning citizens have refused to register their guns as required by a recently passed Connecticut law. Today, the state sent out warning letters that, if these people do not register their weapons, the state will take those weapons. There are a number of questions for which we will have to wait for the answers and they may not be long coming. Will the citizens resist this law and force an encounter with law enforcement? Are the citizens organized enough to succeed with this resistance? Will the law officers blindly obey the orders to confiscate the weapons to the point of shooting citizens? Will the first shots in this coming civil war be fired in Connecticut? We will see.

Piers Morgan

It is being said that Piers Morgan was canned by CNN but the truth is it was the US people refusing to watch his crap which got Morgan fired and not CNN. Therefore, it is more correct to say that the people of the United States canned Piers Morgan. But Morgan remains belligerent towards US gun owners and has stated that he is not finished with the NRA. Obviously, the belligerent commie has not learned anything about the American people. We will see if the American people are finished with Piers Morgan or will they have him deported? How long do you think it will take for the US people to start passing around a petition to have Morgan deported back to England, where he belongs?


I have been seeing a lot of violent cop videos lately with the theme being that they are about bad cops. In most of them it is difficult to tell whether it is cops being bad or if the person(s) being battered by the cops brought it on themselves by resisting arrest or in some way attacking the cops, therefore, I am keeping an open mind about this since I know the lefties have been trying their best to turn the US people against cops since at least the 1960s. There is a very strong probability that these videos are being put out by the liberals to turn everyone against cops and it is working all too well.

I have had quite a few cop friends over the years and know that almost all cops became cops because they wanted to protect the people. Yes, there are some bad cops but I don't believe that even half of the cops are bad. The few cops who are bad and get caught on video are going to cause a backlash against all cops when the people get mad enough. As a matter of fact, some of the violence in those videos could be caused by people who have been turned against cops and are being belligerent towards those cops.

California Drought

Even though Commiefornia is a very liberal state, which has always supported Pharaoh Obama, and is in a severe drought, Pharaoh Obama has stated that he will not free up water in federal reservoirs to help his loyal liberal commie traitor puppets with this drought. As with the threats against both Democratic and Republican governors and with Obamacare, this is just another example of what I have told you that the upper class trash will not be loyal to its liberal commie puppets and will screw them too, but, especially so will Pharaoh Obama, you know, who already chose Islam over communism. There is no loyalty among criminals, the only person they care about is themselves. It is just like I told you, the upper class trash and, especially Pharaoh Obama, will screw all of you liberal commie traitors.

The big question here is, "when these liberal commie traitors get thirsty enough, will they remain loyal to Pharaoh Obama?" We will see.

After Birth Abortion

The liberal commie traitor pagans have accelerated their efforts to legalize "after birth abortions" or the right to murder you own children, even after they have been fully born, A.K.A. infanticide. It seems that their movement is in full swing just like the "same sex marriage" movement has been. The liberals are tossing out so many different things they want to legalize at once that it is beginning to confuse and overwhelm many good people. I think this strategy is being meant to do that and to stretch conservative limited political and legal resources so thin we won't be able to stop any of their efforts. I believe they are resorting to this strategy because the conservatives have beaten back a number of issues so the liberals are throwing everything at us at once so we won't be able to effectively stop any of it.

BTW, their "after birth abortions" campaign is so repulsive that even some leading liberals are being repulsed by the movement. I told you that God was permitting the liberals to have what they want so you will find out the repulsive truth about liberalism and what they really stand for. This is going to turn a lot of people away from liberalism and towards Christianity. Keep an eye on this.

USA Today

USA Today stated that increasing numbers of people are standing up against Pharaoh Obama and the liberal agendas. They noted that this "up rising" is increasing rapidly across the nation and are wondering if this is the beginning of a revolution in the US.

It is beginning to look that way, isn't it? That is one reason why I intend to keep an eye on the gun control efforts by the state of Connecticut and the resistance by its people. Have the government tyrants under estimated the people? Are the people going to stand up before their guns can be taken away from them? Will this be the beginning of the shooting war?

It is definitely a good idea to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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