Remember that I told you before Clinton started her last campaign for president that she should not run because she was damaged goods, she would not win the election, and the Clintons should run Princess Chelsea?

Just like the power mad, greedy fool she is, Hillary insisted on running. It is very apparent that she thought the election was so extremely rigged that she could still win in spite of her obvious corruption.

What she did not count on was that so many of her voters would become so disgusted with her, when they found out just how corrupt she really is, you know, with God opening their eyes, that they voted for Trump, which is a double force multiplier because 1) they didn't vote for her, costing her one vote each, and 2) they voted against her costing her another vote each so that each of her former voters who voted for Trump was like Trump getting two votes. She also did not count on so many of Bermie's voters refusing to vote for her, costing her one vote each, and the FBI stopping some of the voter fraud. It was a combination of these things which caused Hillary to lose the election, you know, like I said she would.

Always remember that man plans, God laughs. I only wish I could hear the roaring laughter in Heaven over the failing globalist plans.

Something none of us saw coming was that her exposure as such a vile criminal plus rigging the vote against Bernie would turn so many people against her that her running for president as damaged goods would devastate the Commiecrat Party and the party may not survive her corruption. The Commiecrat Party is in its death throes right now with the upper class trash furiously trying to salvage it while trying to get rid of Trump, who is setting the left back even further.

You are RIGHT NOW watching the demise of the Commiecrat Party AND Hillary caused it. You better bet that most of the left knows this and won't forget it.

If the Commiecrat Party is still alive in 2020 and Hillary runs for president again, which she is already making very clear that she will run again because she is so insanely power mad and greedy, she will finish off the Commiecrat Party. Get it straight that Hillary is such damaged goods and has so completely fractionalized the Commiecrat Party already that the party CANNOT survive her running for president again. Just Hillary acting like she is going to run again could easily finish off the Commiecrat Party and stop the globalists dead in their tracks.

(This is the most important reason why I do "I Told You So" essays and I need to return to doing more of them; to remind you that I predicted things and those things happened so that you will know that my next predictions will also probably happen and, when you see how many of my predictions have come true, easily better than 90% of them, you will KNOW that my next predictions will most likely also come true.)

Therefore, I am going to make an easy prediction; do not be surprised that, if Hillary persists in running for president again, which she will, that she will end up dead from a "fatal accident" or by "committing suicide" in the next few years to save the Commiecrat Party or at least the globalist agenda. It is very important to understand right now that, the sooner she dies, the better it will be for the left. The WORST thing they can do is let her live long enough to run for president again in 2020.

But, are they being intelligent enough to figure this out before it is too late?

After all, they did not figure out the damage she would cause by running as damaged goods in 2016 and we have already seen that a lust for power and wealth destroys common sense.

Hillary has gone from being one of the left's major assets to being its worst liability and a threat to the left's own survival. The same criminal machine the Clintons have repeatedly used to murder others who posed a threat to the Clintons, WILL kill Clinton if she continues to pose a threat to it.

Also, with increasing numbers of people who are going to testify against Hillary turning up dead, Hillary no longer being an asset to the left, and increasing numbers of people facing prosecution who can testify against Hillary, don't be surprised if the left finds it easier to just kill the Clintons to put distance between the lefty criminal organization and the people testifying. After all, if she is dead, they won't have anyone to testify against and the ugly truth is much less likely to come out in a court of law. The easy out or solution for the left is to simply kill the Clintons, especially Hillary.

Maybe she will have more health problems she won't recover from?

It is increasingly likely that you are about to see Hillary get purged by her own corrupt criminal organization.

If you study the Bible, especially the Old Testament, you will find that God loves irony with His justice and He regularly causes people to be killed in the same or similar manner that they murdered others. A really great example is Ahaz and Jezebel. Therefore, it would be very likely that God has set this all up and is using it to cause the very murdering criminal machine the Clintons have used to murder many others to kill the Clintons.

Keep an eye on this because it is VERY likely that Hillary will be dead before 2020. If not, then the Commiecrat Party will definitely be dead no later than 2021. That is an easy prediction.

The best thing that can happen for the US is for Hillary to run again in 2020. Run, Hillary, run!!!

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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