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I was watching a video by a cat cartoonist who brought in an x-spurt on cats to teach us about cats. This x-spurt said that cats don't meow or otherwise verbally communicate in the wild, it is only something they develop or learn to do when humans talk to them.


I have been studying free roaming feral cats for years and one of the first things a mother cat does after her kittens are born is chirp to her kittens to let them hear her voice and let them know that everything is alright. Any time the mother cat goes anywhere near her kittens, she chirps at them, especially when joining them to feed them or to lead them anywhere. They all do it.

And the kittens, what do they do?

The kittens respond by meowing that tiny little kitten mew WITHOUT even knowing what a human is. I have seen mother cats who had their kittens where I cannot even see the kittens, I don't go near the kittens because I don't want to disrupt them and upset the mother, and the kittens meow when they are hungry, the mother cat joins them to feed them, or when they wake up and the mother cat is not there without ever having seen, smelled, or otherwise come in contact with a human.

I have helped mother cats having trouble birthing deliver their kittens and, as soon as the kittens are free of the placenta, the first thing the kittens do is call out to their mother by mewing and the mother answers by chirping. Gee, that sounds like verbal communication from the start, to me.

BTW, when the kittens are still inside of the mother cat, they hear her chirp, purr, meow, and her heart beat and know her voice and heart beat by the time they are born, which is why the mother cat chirping at or purring to the kitten after it is born or while feeding the kitten soothes the kitten.

Here is a little food for thought and common sense. A kitten doesn't open its eyes for the first three to four weeks after it is born.

During that period of time, how can the mother cat communicate with the kittens using body English, except by feel?

The truth is that for the first three to four weeks, the mother communicates much more verbally with her kittens until they open their eyes and can BEGIN to learn to communicate using body English. Even then, the mother cat continues to communicate a lot verbally with the kittens until well after they are weaned and it has NOTHING to do with us humans.

That doesn't even begin to cover the other types of meows, hisses, growls and other verbal communications I have seen and heard between adult cats and/or kittens.

And they don't communicate verbally?

You should hear the racket a tiny kitten can make yelling (meowing) for its mother when it is hungry. It is almost enough to drive you out of the house. I never knew so much noise could come from something so small. It is the size of my thumb and can yell almost as loud as me.

My question is which dope smoking idiot dreamed up the crap that cats only learn or develop meowing as a response to humans talking? What was he studying, turtles? Does he even know what a house cat is?

This is the typical kind of bull crap I have warned you about x-spurts teaching you. When listening to an x-spurt, you have to know at least something of what they are talking about to be able to tell when you are being fed bull crap and use common sense to question what you are told.

I see this kind of bogus science all of the time. As a matter of fact, the vast majority of what I see being called science today is bogus.

Either the "scientist" gets a big government grant to over pay them a big salary while they sit around in their white palace offices smoking dope and dreaming up great sounding fairy tales for the government or they are overpaid by some marketing firm to prove whatever it is the marketing firm wants them to prove, which makes them intellectual whores with college degrees for sale.

Almost all degrees are for sale at your local university. There is very little credibility left at our universities.

I regularly see bogus research claiming that something like drinking coffee or alcohol helps prevent cancer or diabetes. You know that research was paid for by the industry to help sell the product. You need to know that, today, every industry has at least one national nonprofit organization all of the businesses contribute to which hires "scientists" to do such bogus research to help sell that industry's products and this practice was started by the tobacco industry more than half a century ago.

Actually research and study what they are an x-spurt about and tell the truth?

Oh no, that would be work and telling the truth doesn't make you any money. For example, I don't make squat from this web site but, if I lied my butt off and used lots of big words to make people think it must be the truth, I would have already made a fortune but my integrity is not for sale.

Just because someone claims to be an x-spurt, does not mean you can blindly believe what they say, I don't care how many degrees they have and from which universities they got the degrees. If they are on the government paycheck, you better first ask, how does what they are saying benefit the upper class trash before you even consider believing them.

Probably the biggest reason why God has me writing this web site is because there is so much bull crap out there misleading and confusing people so God has a "voice crying in the wilderness" to lead His sheep back to the truth because "the truth will set you free".

Basically, God is using me to open your eyes, which is why He regularly shows me things others are not wanting you to know.

Leaders & Judges

I have repeatedly told you that the primary job of any and all leaders is to protect their good people from bad people. Jesus showed us that the proper way to protect good people from bad people is to rule with a rod of iron to oppress the bad people and not the good people when He stated that, when He sets up His kingdom here on earth, following the Battle of Armageddon, He, Jesus, will rule with a rod of iron.

Jesus also set the example when He told us about the judgment, where He will have no mercy on the wicked and will send them into eternal damnation.

Jesus set the example on how to rule and protect good people from bad people.

As a leader or a judge, your job is not to be merciful to bad people, which clearly only encourages the bad people to continue their evil against good people. Get it straight, mercy is God's job and He did that 2,000 years ago to provide mercy for all of us.

What, you think you are God and are trying to do God's job?

Get it straight that, as a leader or judge, your job is to be hard on the evil people to oppress evil people so they will not cause harm to good people. To coddle evil people and encourage them to commit their crimes against good people is being inhumane and unmerciful to good people and is misplaced mercy.

For a leader or judge to not be hard on criminals and put good people at risk is at least criminal negligence and makes you an accessory to any further crimes they commit, making you also a criminal.

If you are a leader or judge, do your job of protecting good people and not God's job of providing mercy.

One of the problems I have with our current corrupt leaders is that I have seen the pictures of fear in too many faces of good people just before the people, especially the children, were murdered plus I have read of the horrific ways in which many good people have died. That was caused by our corrupt lefties, especially the upper class trash, and the harm they cause to gain more wealth at everyone else's expense.

These evil people and those who do the dirty work for them should be held accountable for their horrific crimes against humanity with severe punishments. They should be punished in such a way that they will blow their vocal cords out screaming before they die as a deterrent to others who are tempted to commit the same crimes against humanity. To me, being merciful to these evil monsters is betraying the tens of millions of good people, especially children, they have murdered.

It is my opinion that the worst of these evil monsters should have to scream for at least a few hours, preferably a few days, before they die. Then the next person who is tempted to commit those same crimes will think twice.

There is no telling how many millions of children's lives will be saved by such punishments of the wicked. Just hanging and shooting the wicked is obviously not enough deterrence for the wicked.

In particular, there is one little three year old Christian boy's fear filled face just before he was murdered that I cannot get out of my mind. According to the Scriptures, God demands justice for that child and the rest of the children. Know that, according to Jesus, the people who murdered that child and the rest of the children, especially the upper class trash, are cursed and I am furious, absolutely furious.

How dare they murder God's children for money?

Questions: Why doesn't Trump issue an executive order requiring everyone in Congress to use the same healthcare they force on the people? Why doesn't Trump issue an executive order requiring all members of Congress to live by all of the same laws that they force on the people? Did you know there is a petition to force Congress to use Obamacare?

That may cause Trump to issue an executive order forcing Congress to use the same healthcare that they force on the rest of us.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often...and sign the petition.


The upper class trash have made things so terrible in Germany that terrorist attacks are almost a daily occurrence and the leaders are doing nothing to protect their people. As a matter of fact, what their leaders are doing is making it worse and endangering their people.

Maybe the German people need new leaders?

Al Capone Sharpton

Al Capone Sharpton said that Trump comments encourage police violence.

You mean it isn't the criminal violence that encourages or causes police violence?

I thought cops getting killed by criminals, especial so many of them black criminals, is what is encouraging police violence.

Once again, Al Capone Sharpton lies. But, hey, if he were to ever tell the truth, the top of his head would probably fall off.


Remember that I told you that the Shiite Muslims don't consider Mecca and Medina their most holy religious site but consider Babylon their most holy religious site and that Babylon must be rebuilt before their Mahdi or messiah can come? Remember that I also told you that the Shiites in Iran have a plan to destroy Mecca and Medina to force the Sunni Muslims to accept Babylon as their most holy religious site so the Sunni Muslims will help rebuild Babylon so their Mahdi can come? Remember that I told you that Iran has helped the Houthis take over Yemen so they can use it to attack and destroy Mecca and Medina?

The Houthis in Yemen just fired their third missile in the direction of Mecca and Medina within the last year. They now have the range and just need to get the precise aiming down, put a few small nukes in their next missiles, and Mecca and Medina go bye-bye.

Of course the Shiite Muslims will blame Israel and the Sunni Muslims will believe it so they can have one more reason to hate and destroy Israel.

Keep an eye on this.

BTW, Babylon was still around about 1,000 years ago (Babylon fell about 1,000 AD, about the same time the Vikings found North America), though significantly diminished in importance, and Muhammad started Islam about 1,400 years ago. The Muslims conquered all of the way up to Persia (Iran) through Iraq from the Arabian Peninsula before Muhammad died about 1,400 years ago. The Muslims would have been in control of Babylon for 400 years before it finally fell.

It is almost certain that the Muslims contributed to the fall of Babylon and may have even been the ones who destroyed it. After all, the Muslims were in control of that area when Babylon finally fell.

Los Angeles Van

A van in Los Angeles, CA rammed into a crowd of diners on the sidewalk in front of a restaurant to the van's left side of the road, injuring a number of people. The driver has been arrested but his name has not been released (first red flag).

The police said that it "appears" the vehicle ran a red light, was struck by another car, and the impact cause the van to veer to the left into the diners. Buuuuut, in the picture, both front doors were open and there appeared to be no significant damage to the right front of the vehicle caused by a car (and a car impact strong enough to cause the van to travel across the road would have caused significant visible damage to the van), which would have caused the van to veer to the left (second red flag).

Note that an impact to the rear of the vehicle would have almost certainly spun the van out, stopped it, probably stopped the rear wheels from turning, and, if it did continue, cause it to travel in the opposite direction of the impact. In other words, an impact to the right rear of the van would have turned the van towards its right, caused it to either spin out or travel to the right and not to the left.

I looked at the picture of the van very closely and could see NO signs of a side impact by another car. This is a major red flag.

My first guess is that it was a Muslim terrorist attack and they are covering it up, which will just tick everyone off even more when it finally comes out that it was a Muslim terrorist attack and they covered it up.

You KNOW that, if it was not a Muslim terrorist attack, they would have already released the name and other information for the driver.

We will find out in the next few days.

US Military

They are acting like serving in the US military is a right. They couldn't be more wrong.

Do you realize that just signing up and swearing in before you leave for basic training does not guarantee you are in the US military?

You would be surprised at how many people wash out in basic training, especially in certain fields, and are dismissed from the military because they can't qualify, even after signing up and being sworn in. Then, if you flunk out of additional training or don't cut it in other ways later, they will dismiss you from the military.

At any time in the US military, if you don't make the grade, they will dismiss you from the military. The reason for this is because the military has to have high standards to win wars. Therefore, the US military must remain this way.

There is no participation trophy for fighting wars, you win them or you lose them.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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