I just saw an old picture of pro bicycle racing teams from when I was coaching nationally and God showed me why the UCI made a major rule change in the 90's that I just had not thought about. The rule was to restrict up and coming teams like LART from competing against the top pro teams by forcing all teams to meet certain standards such as minimum number of pro racers on the teams.

By the strangest coincidence, this rule was made at the same time I was black listed from being hired by any pro team in the US or Europe. I just realized, "Gee, what a coincidence".

You see, with the Los Angeles Racing Team (LART), which was a pure developmental pro-am team, I had one pro and a bunch of amateurs and, in 1990, we showed up late for the Super Week bike race series, which is a points series race so that you could ride any or all of the events instead of being required to ride all of the events like in stage races and it was easily the biggest race in the nation that year with internationally ranked pro teams from the US and Europe.

We got there in time for the fourth event so we were behind on points, Coors Light, which was a top 20 ranked pro team in the world, had taken the lead in the first event with one of their European pro, Robberto Gazzioli, and he had been increasing the lead with every event so he had a pretty good size lead by the time we showed up with no points to start. (We had just left a big stage race a few days before.)

My one pro and little amateurs went straight to the front of the pack like I had trained them to do against about a dozen or more full pro teams, many of which were also ranked internationally, some in the top 10 in the world, and, half way through the series, my pro took the lead in points for the series, embarrassing all of those full pro teams, with a number of those pro teams openly flying in more pros to regain the lead from my widdle up-start pro-am team.

It didn't help any that all of those internationally ranked full pro teams were sponsored at least 7 digits and we only had a total budget for the year of $100,000 with them hiring the best money could buy and me training up almost all of my riders from scratch. It also didn't help that only 3 of those now beefed up full pro teams out of at least a dozen managed to finish riders ahead of my one widdle pro.

For those of you who don't understand bicycle racing, it was like me taking a college team to the NFL playoff's, taking the lead half way through, and finishing fourth against full pro teams. Gee, a wee bit of an over achievement. Gee, I wonder why they black listed me.

Maybe they didn't want to see what I could do with a full pro team?

It was such a huge upset that the magazine coverage for the biggest race in the nation was hidden back in the magazines so as to not embarrass those internationally ranked pro teams. The coverage of the top race in the nation and the results was just a few paragraphs hidden deep within the magazines so that you had to hunt for it.

Gee, I wonder why it didn't make the magazine front covers with really big stories?

I just realized that rule change has made it impossible for someone like me to put together an "upstart pro-am team" and embarrass the big boys again. Gee, what a coincidence.

That is called racketeering and is a violation of a federal law called RICO but, hey, it is tough to prove and keeps guys like me out of the sport.

Yep, even pro bicycle racing is corrupt. The upper class trash destroy everything they touch and you better not beat them at anything, you know, proving that the upper class trash royals are not intellectually superior to us. That will tick them off more than anything.

But it gets better. This entire thing has been a massive learning experience for me.

For example, I later found out that the royals own and run pro bicycle road racing in Europe. They own the races, the teams, their businesses sponsor the teams, they own the gambling concerning those races, they require all pros to buy and use the dope made by their chemical companies because they can't steal enough from enough people fast enough.

As corrupt as the royals are, you know they tell the riders who will win on any race so the royals can be sure to make more from their own gambling organization and, if any of the pros don't go along with the chosen riders winning, those pros will be busted for using the dope the royals know all of their riders are using so those pros will lose out by not obeying.

In that system, a guy like me is what they call a loose cannon and will cost them a lot of money.

That should tell you that all of those European based pros I beat at Super Week were using performance enhancing dope and were cheating and I still beat them with an upstart clean pro-am team because I had a rule that, if you were on my team and I found out you were using dope, you didn't stay on my team. To me, it is an insult to my coaching if my riders cheat to win because my sports science is good enough my riders don't have to cheat to win even against other cheaters. I would rather lose than cheat because me cheating tells my own riders that I don't have confidence in my own coaching so why should they?

Then I also found out that all of the top riders on the internationally ranked US based pro teams were also doping.

All of the top pros I beat with my clean upstart pro-am team were cheating and you better bet the royals knew it because 1) their riders talked to my riders and knew they were clean and 2) all the royals had to do was check with their chemical companies to see who was buying their dope to know we were clean.

Now, imagine if I got loose on the European pro circuit with a clean pro team beating their dirty pro teams proving that you don't have to use the dope the royals were selling those pros and other riders with their chemical companies to win?

Yeah, that would have caused a rebellion and cost the royals a dime or two so just black list Carl and that will prevent that problem plus it will keep a lowly peasant from proving to you other peasants that the royals are not superior by humiliating the royals AGAIN! I was told more than once that they were afraid of me.

This is especially true when you realize that, at that time, bicycle road racing was easily about to overtake soccer as the most popular sport in the world, which would have meant that a lowly peasant could end up embarrassing the royals globally, proving to everyone that the royals are not superior to us peasants, which would have made it a wee bit more difficult for them to sell their Marxism to you in order to get you to submit to their absolute rule "so they can take care of you".

I mean, who is going to want to submit to the absolute rule of a bunch of royal losers who are getting their butts handed to them and them being humiliated by some lowly peasant, right? Yeah, getting the picture, aren't you?

Remember that I told you that I grew up in real poverty and not imagined poverty?

People, you can't get much more poor than not having food without dying. I clearly remember people giving my mom holey rages for us kids to wear because their holey rags looked better than what we were wearing. That is real poverty and we were probably in the lower 5% to 10% of the people in this nation as far as income during the 1950s so that is what the royals would classify as a peasant, surf, or peon and definitely intellectually inferior to their holinesses and you better bet it didn't take them long to figure out where I had come from. We are talking about trailer trash, poor white trash, transients, and American gypsies, baby, and proud of it.

And I humiliated them? How dare I? Wow, they suddenly don't sound so superior, do they?

Yeah, they had plenty of motivation to black list my butt but it gets better.

They figured that they had gotten rid of me so I could not expose the ugly truth about them not being superior to all of you middle and lower class peasants but God knew when He created me that they would black list my butt so, while I was learning to be a great coach, God also had me study all of the hard sciences, including the sports sciences and sports medicine, study the history and archaeology of every continent on the planet, study at least a little about all of the major religions plus about half a dozen or more ancient religions the lefties are bringing back, get really great military training, and get an M.B.A. so God could nail my feet down here with my illness so that all I could do was write this blog to expose the upper class trash royals and their lies to you other peasants so you can fight back.

They didn't get rid of me. All they did was free me up from what I wanted to do so I could only do what God wanted me to do by exposing the ugly truth about the upper class trash royals.

Man plans, God laughs and laughs and laughs.

Get this, God created a lowly, impoverished peasant that the royals and their academe teach you is stupid, raised him up in poverty, educated him better than most well educated upper class trash, and is using this lowly peasant to help you understand and fight back against the royals to stop their evil plans for you. I am just a lowly peasant doing the work of God.

THAT is how God works. He never takes the person with the greatest promise by the standards of people but always chooses someone who is expected to do little in life to do His greatest works in life. That way, people KNOW it was God working through that person and not that person so God gets the glory, not the person. God is not going to use rich upper class to take down the arrogant, elitist, evil upper class trash. He is going to use a lowly peasant, a shepherd or guide and teacher of the people.

Remember that Jesus chose lowly fishermen and not elite academe to build His church and you got that from a lowly peasant who embarrassed the intellectually superior, natural elite, upper class trash royals. Truly, God has blessed me.

A fun thing is that God has told me that, after He heals me, sets me back up on my feet, and turns me loose again, God has a lot more of these arrogant, elitist, evil royals to humiliate and bring back down to earth as being just as human as you peasants. They are no better than you.

God is using a lowly peasant to help bring down the mighty royals, you know, ye ole David and Goliath thingy. That way they know it is a work of God.

Man plans, God laughs.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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