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Artificial Intelligence

I keep seeing people talking about how nice it will be to be governed by AI.


OK, imagine being ruled over by AI programmed by people like Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Bezos, Soros, or any other lefty.

How will that be better?

No, it will be much, much worse. It will be so bad that you will be forced to pull the plug.

When I see people talking about it being better to be ruled over by AI than corrupt human politicians, it makes me wonder if this crap is being put out by the upper class trash to sell everyone into permitting the upper class trash to start micro managing our lives by way of computers that will give the upper class trash even better control over all of us.

You better be very concerned about such talk and fight back against it because the upper class trash see them ruling over us by way of AI as the ultimate dictatorship for them. Hey, they won't have to worry about you storming their castles because they can always claim it was a computer glitch.

I don't know how many times I have seen solutions to problems put forth by the left turn out to be worse than the problem. Marxism is a really great example of that.

Good Channel

This video is for a pretty good and reliable news channel that covers some important and varied news. It is well worth watching.

Crusading Foundations

I have been watching crusading foundations for decades and, when they "solve the problems they were put together to solve" (many times there were not even real problems), they just keep right on crusading, almost always making things worse while lying about making things better.


Because the people making good money managing these organizations don't want to lose their easy, high paying jobs so they just keep crusading and lying. They also almost always end up getting annual government grants to fund their foundations so the people can keep getting their checks for causing harm.

A good example is the Arbor Foundation, which was founded in 1972 to encourage the planting of trees to save the planet.

The problem is that they have planted too many trees in too many areas and helped restrict logging to "save the trees".

You have to understand that trees are huge water siphons that draw a lot of water up out of the ground and breath that water into the air where it is blown away. Too many trees in one watershed will dry up that watershed, which will dry up aquifers, streams, rivers, and ponds and cause the loss and even extinction of riparian species. This will also cause harm to trees because, if there is not enough water within a watershed for the trees there, it will stunt tree growth and then cause trees in that watershed to go into a biological die off, which will cause those dead trees to become kindling, which is a major source of our forest fires throughout the US and other nations today, which causes damage to the land, dries up more water, and kills off a lot of wildlife.

I have studied the damage with my own eyes.

I studied these problems created by tree planting foundations more than 20 years ago in Wild Life Management, I see the same and worse damage than I saw 20 years ago, and these tree planting foundations still have most people convinced that what is need is even more trees to dry up more areas to cause more damage.


Because, if we don't need to plant more trees, then we don't need to fund these foundations, and these foundations will stop getting money to pay their salaries so they keep lying to you about needing to plant more trees, when we should be cutting down most of the trees in the US and other places.

20 years ago, we had 5 times more trees in the US than there was when the first Europeans arrived in the US. On average, our forests are 80% over forested with trees so that we need to log out 80% of the trees in our forests to make our forests healthy again, this is causing massive destruction to those forests and is the primary reason why we have so many forest fires every year and it is getting worse.

But these tree planting foundations just keep planting more trees and stopping needed logging to keep those checks coming in. They keep telling the lies about them still being needed so you will keep giving them money so they don't have to go get real jobs actually doing something useful.

These tree planting foundations easily and conservatively cause more harm to our forests every year than the logging companies ever did and for the same reason, money. That is all these crusading foundations really care about, money. They are in the business of making money and their crusades are how they make that money. This is especially true for all foundations set up to "save the planet".

That is all that all crusading foundations eventually become, money grabbing corporations that use lies to keep getting more money so they don't have to get real jobs. I won't give money to any of them and wish they would stop getting government money so they would just go away. These foundations are just cons that do more harm than good in order to keep the money coming it.

They have to keep those great sounding crusades going so they can keep the big bucks coming in.

This video shows you one such foundation that is causing harm and no good because they are not needed but have to keep the crusade going, no matter who gets hurt. The lefties have corrupt everything.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."


Remember that I have been telling you to not worry about all this hype about hypersonic missiles because, if it is traveling faster, you just lead it more?

This video shows you that they just shot down such a hypersonic missile just like I told you they would.

You have to understand how such weapons systems work. The radar, which travels at the speed of light, which is many times faster than any missile, sends back information about the direction, altitude, and SPEED of a projectile. The computer, which works really fast, quickly calculates all of this information in conjunction with such things as the speed of the intercepting missile so that the computer aims the intercepting missile to meet with the target, which means, it leads the target more to hit the faster target.

I don't care how fast a target is moving, if I aim far enough ahead of that target, I am going to hit it. You just lead it more.

Hypersonic missile scare stories are just bull crap to get you to watch their video or news story so they can make more money from advertising.


Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash are using COVID 19 to set up their dictatorship so they can set up their global dictatorship?

The upper class trash are doing this all over the world, which is why they are dragging out this fake "pandemic". This video shows the corrupt politicians in Canada have made a move to stop elections so they can remain in power as long as they can drag out this fake "pandemic". If they can drag out the fake pandemic forever, they remain in office forever. Guess when that pandemic is going to stop.

I bet that opened an eyeball or two.

Do you believe me yet? This pandemic is nothing but a power grab by the upper class trash to set up their global dictatorship.


Mark sent me some interesting e-mails that caused me to realize I should explain a few things.

First, I really like how Mark explained what the lefties mean when they misuse the word "science" so I will let him explain it to you.

"When the elites or the media say 'science.' They are using the word as club to try stop us from thinking for ourselves. Like many words in our language, the Left has changed the meaning of science.

When they use the word it means authority. In other words science is authority and you peons are not allowed to have any say; you must blindly and automatically do what 'science' tells you without thinking or comment.

The Left are like this is because they are guilty of the busybody syndrome, which is clinically named Narcissistic Personality Disorder."

Then he asked if them black listing me out of bike racing had anything to do with my illness and I responded as below and realized I needed to share this with you.

"Concerning my illness, I am certain it was caused by me getting HPV from my second wife but, I realize now that, if I had gone to Europe and been successful, it is something they would have done to get rid of me. God has shown me they would have done something unpleasant to get rid of me such as publically ruining me the way they ruined some of Trump's people with false accusations, murdering me, or whatever they felt like. By letting them black list me, God saved me from much worse.

I know about one pro who refused to use dope until a couple of guys went to his home and told him that, if he didn't use dope, those guys knew the route his daughters took to and from school so he started using dope to protect his daughters.

I would have quit racing pro in Europe and returned to race in the US but these same people took over pro racing in the US at the same time they blacklisted me, which caused people across the US to set up local to regional governing bodies for amateur racing in the US, many of which still exist.

Many, but not all, of the royals are very evil people and I have learned that a number of ways. They look and act like really wonderful people but behind closed doors things are very different.

If I had done as well against them in Europe as I did here, it would not have ended well for me. I am certain of that. God not letting me fulfill that part of my dream, which was pretty much almost all I did not get to fulfill, was God protecting me. I am certain of that because of what I have since learned.

Often God doesn't let us have what we want for our good and we may not learn why for a long time or even until Judgment Day.

It is important to understand that God didn't let me have the opportunity to go to Europe and race as a pro because I later learned that would not have ended well for me either because of the royals and what I have since learned they would have done to me.

BTW, to control and milk the sport for every dime they can get out of it, they have taken bicycle road racing from the second most popular sport in the world, with almost 2 billion followers, down to at least as low as the fifth most popular sport, with a decrease in following of at least 40% or 800 million people who have realized the sport is corrupt and quit following it, by about a decade ago. They destroy everything they touch for greed.

I have learned the hard way to not trust people until they earn my trust because you can't take the knives out of your back. Once they are there, you are screwed.

God taught me this by letting quite a few people screw me during the 72 years of my life or teaching me about others who were screwed by seemingly nice people, especially poser Christians."

Thanks, Mark, for the feedback.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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