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History is an incredible teacher but only true history and not this lie called revisionist history, which is just propaganda and is taught in many schools today.

In the late 60s and early 70s, some of the Democrat upper class trash started openly bragging on TV that they were the "American royals". I thought, "How arrogant, they think that because they are rich and powerful it makes them royals?" So I said, "Let's see." I began researching it and, to my surprise and contrary to what they teach in the public school system, they really are members of the British branch of the European Royal Family. They really are royals called commoners.

I have spent more than 60 years or about two thirds of a century studying and digging into history with God showing me many things that answer a lot of today's questions. I want to share some of those things with you, connect a lot of important dots, and teach you how and why we got to the mess we are in today. Bear with me to the end and you will be glad you did, keeping in mind that this is just the nutshell version.

About the time of Moses, less than 3 percent of the people controlled better than 98% of the wealth with a tiny middle class of merchants and craftsmen, with the rest of the people living in poverty. The most important and common lies the upper class trash used to prevent the people from revolting and removing the heads of the upper class trash were:

1. We have more wealth and power because we are intellectually superior to you.

2. We have a degree of education because we are intellectually superior to you. (better than 90% of the people at that time couldn't read or write and, if you could, you made a good living as a "scribe", reading and writing for others including for most leaders.)

3. Because we are intellectually superior to you, we know what is best for you, therefore, you should submit yourselves to our absolute rule so we can take care of you, you know, the absolute rule of the government.

Does that Sound familiar?

Yes, the upper class trash have been telling the same lies to control the people for more than 3,500 years. These are also the same lies that all forms of Marxism are based on, the stupid people have been falling for this con for thousands of years, and they are still falling for it today in spite of the fact that history proves the upper class trash are clearly not more intelligent than you, which is why the upper class trash are now teaching "revisionist history" or lies.

"But, hey, it gots to be true because we is going to gets free stuff."

In ancient times, there was a common practice that the royal upper class trash would get to where the population had grown enough and there was little opportunity for those who did not have titles and were not ruling lands to advance under the existing system with them getting tired of being oppressed and ruled over by the ruling members of the royal family so they would take some of their people and move to undeveloped areas such as Greece, Italy (i.e. Rome), the rest of Europe, and the British Isles, set up new towns and cities that would grow into nations with them becoming the upper class rulers and oppressors because, after all, they had a "degree of education" and knew what was best for their people, though they never did do what was best for their people. Their people would always serve as impoverished slaves to make the upper class trash more wealthy without the upper class trash having to work more than was absolutely necessary.

Get the picture? Old habits die hard, don't they, especially when the rulers were raised to "do things that way"?

Now, some of these royals, like in some Greek city states, did experiment with and develop things like democracy and even republics, which normally failed after about 150 to 200 years because the corrupt members of the royal family would take over and destroy the democracy or republic to replace it with some form of dictatorship. These democracies and republics were also usually limited to only the royals themselves being able to vote with the rest of the people being oppressed slaves who didn't have a right to vote.

Sound familiar?

Have you ever wondered, if the upper class were the only people who had a degree of education, who educated the upper class?

The upper class educated the upper class because they were the only ones who could educate the upper class so that they had control of the educational system that educated them going back thousands of years. All of the college professors and other academe who educated the children of the royalty were members of the royal family called commoners to deceive their people. That has been true for thousands of years up until about 100 years ago, when increasing numbers of people began to get educations beginning in the mid to late 1800s and early 1900s in the US. It wasn't until about 60+ years ago, following WWII, that many middle class people could go to college. I was even taught at that time that it was impossible for lower class like me to go to college but here I am with a masters degree.

Note that, in Europe, if you were a member of the royal family and did not have a ruling title and domain, you were called a commoner to differentiate between you and the other royals or you were their "middle class" and to differentiate them from the rest of the people and to deceive the rest of the people into believing you were one of them. They were the royal commoners.

When the middle class finally began to get college educations, the upper class continued to differentiate themselves from the lower classes by saying they got the "right degrees from the right universities", you know, like the rest of you got the wrong degrees from the wrong universities.

People, the book publishers who printed the college texts didn't publish one set of books for the "right universities" and another set of books for the "wrong universities" because that would have cost them money and they were selling books to make money. To increase their profits, the publishers sold the same college texts to all universities and many of the university teachers at the "wrong universities" had graduated from the "right universities".

What, those college professors forgot everything they learned at the "right universities" before they got to the wrong universities to teach? Really?

Have you ever wondered, if the upper class were the only people who had a degree of education, where did they get their knowledgeable religious leaders?

Members of the royal commoners became the religious leaders so that the upper class also controlled the religious systems. Before the Church of Rome became Christian and later divided into the western Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church, royal commoners would join monasteries as monks and work their way up through the church to become priests, bishops, members of the Vatican, and the Pope. The slaves were not allowed to do this.

This practice still continues with the Catholic Church today and it is only with some of the protestant churches that non royals can become priests or preachers. This is why we have this Marxist Pope today.

Have you ever wondered, when the royals fought enemies, where did they get the well educated officers to lead their troops into battle?

Those officers were always members of the upper class royals because they were the only ones educated enough to command armies. The soldiers were the regular people who did most of the dying. This practice continued even in the US until after the US Civil War and, in many countries, this is still true today. It was very rare for an enlisted man to get a battle field commission to an officer so that almost all of the officers were members of the royal family, especially if they got their commission before seeing combat. Don't forget this.

An example here is that you are taught today that, because the peasants killed all of the ruling French royals, the peasants wiped out the French branch of the European Royal Family but that ain't quite true. Remember that Napoleon was a captain in the French Army when he took advantage of the French Revolution called Bastille to seize control of France and set up his monarchy, which means he was a member of the French branch of the European Royal Family. And, oh yeah, all of his military officers were also French royal commoners so their descendants are still living and are still members of the French branch of the European Royal Family, they are just called commoners by the ruling royals.

Many of the royals and royal commoners who controlled the government, educational system, and military had large plantations that grew a lot of plants and animals or products and these plantations used slave labor to increase the wealth of the royals. It was very common practice for royals who helped colonize or conquer a new area for a kingdom to be gifted large areas of land as a reward and they normally used slaves to turn those large areas of land into plantations. These gifted land masses or land grants were anywhere from thousands to hundreds of thousands of acres. Keep that in mind because we will get back to this because it explains some things.

Many royals were also involved in starting and managing very large businesses like merchant businesses and, following industrialization in the late 1700s and early 1800s, with their wealth, they formed big factories and major corporations, especially in Europe and the US. This meant they controlled the economy so that their "capitalist economy" was always really a corrupt crony capitalist economy favoring the rich and not a true free market capitalist economies.

This is pretty much how things were when the European Royal Family began conquering and setting up colonies around the world in about 1500 following the discovery of the American continents.

Settling the American Continents

The Spanish were the first to begin conquering and settling the American continents in the 1500s and they used their regular system run by royals with the permission of the Spanish Crown. You have to understand that the Spanish and Portuguese royals were called Dons and Conquistadors with Don meaning Lord or Knight so that it was a royal title and this is important because later it will explain some things.

The way this system worked was that the "Crown" or royal ruling class and some royal commoners would identify a promising area they wanted to colonize, the commoners would put together an organization including a small conquering army led by a conquistador, who would be promised large parcels of land for their work, some commoners called Dons who would be in charge of the government and economy and would be promised large parcels of land for their work, and a whole bunch of peon slaves, who were promised tiny parcels of land for their work, to build their colonies.

The Spanish crown used this system to settle all of South America except for Brazil, which was settled by the Portuguese Crown using the same system, Central America, Mexico, Alta California, Florida, Texas, and Nuevo Mexico. That is why all of the countries from Mexico south to the southern tip of Chili are still being ruled mostly by the European royals with the same third world poverty your European ancestors were subjected to under the European royals, which is one reason why so many Latinos from those nations flee their poverty and oppression caused by their peonage system to live in the US as illegal aliens.

The reason the Latino peons in Florida, Texas, the Southwest, and California don't live in that poverty is because the US purchased Florida from Spain, took Texas from Mexico, and purchased Nuevo Mexico and Alta California from Mexico in 1849 following the Mexican-American War of 1846 to 1848, placing all of those people under the control of the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America.

In the 1960s, it was pretty open knowledge in New Mexico that the descendants of those Spanish Dons and members of the European Royal Family were working to get New Mexico returned to the control of Mexico with those Spanish Dons returned to their absolute royal control and everyone else in the state as their peon slaves. They even regularly mentioned it on TV because it was no big secret.

Those descendants of those Spanish Dons are still working on doing this today with the tyrannical New Mexico governor Michelle Lynn Lujan Grisham, I call the New Mexico Nazi Queen, being one of those descendants. Note that she kept her maiden name, Lujan, which is the name of one of those Spanish royal families I have been watching for more than half a century.

Do you understand why she is such an evil little tyrant oppressing the people and demanding the people obey her orders or the people will be punished?

She is a member of the Spanish branch of the European Royal Family and cousin to the British Royal Family, she was raised to be the queen she is acting like, and she and the other members of the Spanish branch of the European Royal Family are trying to seize control of New Mexico to return it to being part of Mexico so they can return to the Spanish peonage system of slavery.

People, 500 years later there are literally tens of thousands of these descendants of Spanish Dons who are members of the European Royal Family and are spread throughout South, Central, and North America.

Get the picture yet?

Here is another little coincidence you will understand later, the descendants of these Spanish Dons in the US are all Democrats, you know, just like their cousins who are members of the British Royal Family. Don't forget that.

Did you know that both Castro brothers and Che Guevara were from rich Latino families (Castro's family lives in Argentina) and went to college in Mexico when only the Spanish royals could go to college in Central and South America?

That is right, Castro and Che were Spanish royals who used communism to set up their own "monarchy" in Cuba and they plan to invade Florida when the fecal matter hits the US fan.

Did you know that Britain's PM, Boris Johnson, is a member of the British Royal Family. This explains his unpatriotic behavior and him trying to destroy Brexit. Many of the members of Britain's Parliament are commoner members of the Royal Family so that the royals are still ruling Britain and Europe and are trying to take over the US so they can set up their global monarchy.

Do you see that knowing who the royal commoners are explains a lot of what is going on?

Quebec, Canada was settled by the French branch of the European Royal Family in much the same way but it was taken away from the French by the British branch of the European Royal Family and is now under control of the British Royal Family as a member of the British Common Wealth, along with the rest of Canada.

Gee, why did the US not end up still being run by the royals?

Because the colonies were settled differently without the direct control of any of the European crowns. The people who settled the colonies were fleeing the political and religious oppression of the European Royal Family, especially the British Royal Family and their church, so that, when they started their little towns or city states in America, they set up various forms of either Christian theocracies or democracies and republics out from under the oppressive thumb of any of the European royals. These little city states grew into the 13 colonies.

The French branch of the European Royal Family tried to claim or seize these colonies for control but the British Army defeated the French Army in the French and Indian War to establish control of these colonies but most of the colonies remained pretty much under their own democratic rule or control.

Note that many royal commoners did come from Britain until the American Revolution and were gifted large parcels of land and used slaves to turn those parcels into plantations from the northeast all of the way south to South Carolina and Georgia and this will be important later to understand what is going on now.

An example of this was that George Washington came to the colonies to fight in the French and Indian War as a lieutenant in the British Army without ever having seen combat, which should tell you that he was a British royal commoner and he was gifted a large parcel of land for his service in the British Army.

You will find that all of the Founding Fathers except Benjamin Franklin were British royal commoners who were gifted large parcels of land. Benjamin Franklin was a self educated man who was not a member of the European Royal Family but sure enjoyed living with and like them when he went to France.

Then why didn't the Founding Fathers oppress the colonial people the way the European Royals did everywhere else?

Because the Founding Fathers got to live under various forms of democracy in the colonies, had studied about democracies and republics, and preferred democracy to being under the rule of a monarch, where they had more freedom to do what they wanted. That is why, when King George III tried to clamp down on the American colonies for more control and money, those royal commoners rebelled, fought back, won, and set up a republic that would not oppress them. The US Founding Fathers were the Christian "black sheep" of the European Royal Family.

Note that not all of the British commoners fought the British with many fighting for the British in various capacities. These people, whether royals or citizens, were called Tories and, after Britain lost the war, they either left the colonies for other countries or moved to other colonies where they were not known, especially to the south, to keep from being persecuted and even killed by the US citizens they fought against.

For example, the black slaves who fought for the British Army were relocated by the British to the Bahamas, where their descendants live today under a democracy.

Now, by the strangest of coincidences, at the same time the people started throwing off the shackles of the European Royal Family with revolts like the French Revolution called Bastille and the American Colonial Revolution, the royal commoner academe in Europe, like Karl Marx, began working on another form of government to replace the monarchies called communism, which used the old lie about the government, you know, the royals, knowing what was best for the people so the people should submit themselves to the absolute rule of the government so the government could take care of them and the stupid people have been falling for this lie at an increasing rate since then.

All these royal academe did was change the name from monarch to communism and change the fairy tale to fool and con the stupid people. "But, hey, dey is going to get free stuff, baby, so it gots to be true!!!"

I bet that opened an eye ball or two. Yep, the royals want to get their power, control, and slaves back.

Did you ever wonder where all of those rich US Southern plantation owners came from who formed the Democratic Party and Confederacy and started the US Civil War less than 100 years after the colonies became the Republic of the US?

That isn't much time for poor dirt farmers to turn little struggling dirt farms of less than 100 acres into huge mansions with thousands of acres.

Almost all of those Southern plantation owners were members of royal commoner families the British crown had gifted large parcels of land to and they used slaves to turn those lands into plantations all across the South. Yep, all of those rich plantation owners, the state's governors, and their army officers, including generals Lee and Jackson, were members of the British branch of the European Royal Family and, importantly, they were all Democrats.

I bet that opened an eye ball or two. Now we are getting somewhere but it gets better.

You also have to understand that almost all of the big money industrialists of the North were also members of the British branch of the European Royal Family. It takes a lot of money, knowledge, and business contacts to build those big factories and other businesses they quickly built in the north before the Civil War, very few of the common people had any of that, much less all of it, and the northern "Robber Barons" were the Republicans.

There were greedy, power mad bad guys on both sides of this story.

If you study the history of US economics, you find that, in the 1850s, less than 3% of the people in the US controlled better than 95% of the wealth, there was a tiny middle class of probably less than 1% but a maximum of 2% of the population, and the rest of the people were living in third world poverty because the royal commoners had turned their free market capitalism into corrupt crony capitalism that kept the people poor like they are doing today. That was true for both the North and the South.

It was this oppression by the royal commoners in both the north and south that started the westward movement of the people that grew the US into what it is today. As these people fled west out from under the oppressive control of the royal commoners, you know, just like their ancestors did a few hundred years earlier, it permitted these people to reestablish free market capitalism out west, which made it possible for most of those people to claw their way out of poverty over the next 100 years, which caused the US to become the greatest nation in history.

Of course, as the western economy and financial opportunities grew, the royal robber barons also moved west and have turned our economy back into a corrupt crony capitalist economy doing their best right now to put those mom and pop businesses out of business.

What caused the US Civil War?

If you listen to the experts, they use bits from letters written by the Southern royal upper class trash plantation owners to prove that the war was just fought over slavery but, hold it, almost none of those Confederate enlisted men who died on those battle fields could afford to buy a slave, much less feed, cloth, and house one plus slavery oppressed those people by keeping wages very low.

Why would they risk their lives fighting for slavery?

What happened is that the Southern plantation owners and dirt farmers could make more money selling their agricultural goods to Europe than to the Northern robber barons and the northern robber barons didn't want to pay enough to purchase those goods because it cut into their profits and they couldn't make as much money. The robber barons controlled the US Government and passed export tariffs that were so high that the plantation owners and dirt farmers would make less money selling their goods to Europe than selling those goods to the Northern robber barons at prices that would break the farmers and farms were going broke by the dozens.

Those Confederate enlisted men were not fighting for slavery but were fighting for their farms, families, and the ability to survive. After the Confederacy lost the war, many of those farmers and some plantation owners lost their land and had to move west to get out from under the oppressive crony capitalism of the robber barons just to survive.

See, I told you that there were bad guys on both sides.

During the war, the British kept trying to help the Confederacy because 1) they needed those agricultural goods and 2) the Confederacy creating a new nation opened up the potential for the British Crown to get back some of their colonies back, you know, ye ole divide and conquer thingy. The problem was that the US Navy had grown powerful enough that it could blockade all of the Southern ports to keep British ships out and the British literally told the Confederacy that, if the Confederacy could get the British ships safely to port, the British would consider going in on the side of the Confederacy.

At the end of the war, the Confederacy did a "hail Mary" effort to open up ports for the British ships to safely bring in supplies, weapons and even men. They launched an attack up the Rio Grande River from El Paso, Texas with 3,000 men towards neutral Santa Fe, New Mexico. Their plan was to use Santa Fe as a jumping off point to invade and conquer California to seize her ports so the British could use them to help the Confederacy.

Yeah, I know, it was a long shot and act of desperation just like the left is doing today to stage their coup.

New Mexico has very little surface water so there were so few farms and such a small population that the Confederate Army could not live off of the land and had to have a huge supply train to survive on until they captured California.

After the Confederacy captured Albuquerque and Santa Fe, a militia army from Colorado moved into Northern New Mexico to engage the Confederate Army and held them in place until Colonel Kearney arrived with his US Army unit and engaged the Confederate Army in the Battle of Glorieta Pass southeast of Santa Fe, which ended up a stalemate. Mean while, the militia army managed to traverse the mountains protecting the Confederate supply train from attack by the Union Army and destroyed the Confederate supply train. This forced the Confederate Army to disband with every man being on his own to find their way back east to Texas and about 2/3 of them died from hunger, thirst, or exposure on the trip home, which ended the hopes of the Confederacy.

After the Democratic royals lost the US Civil War, they suddenly didn't have slaves, had to adapt to survive, many lost their plantations, and they were wooed by the European royals into turning to Marxism to get their power and slaves back. They formed the ACLU, the US Communist Party, and many other things working towards getting their power and slaves back. During the 1950s and 1960s, following WWII, the Democrats began to make really big headway by taking over things like Hollywood, the media, our universities, and infiltrating a number of things like our government, public education, and even our churches.

Remember that I told you that all of the presidents except for Reagan from Johnson to Obama were members of the British branch of the European Royal Family and I also realized about 9 months before she said anything about her running for president that Megan and Harry's little game of "leaving the British Royal Family" was just smoke and mirrors for Megan running for president and she only recently proved me right by saying she is going to run for US President in 2024.

Remember that this is where you get tomorrow's news today.

Did you know that both Clintons are members of the British branch of the European Royal Family and they were both educated at Oxford in London?

There are at least tens of thousands of royal commoners spread throughout the US and they are almost all Democrats working to destroy the Republic of the US to set up their global dictatorship using Marxism. Alec Baldwin, Jim Carry, Bill Maher, and CNN's Couper are just a few.

That is what all of this globalism is about; the European Royals want their planet and slaves back and have openly bragged that they plan to commit the worst genocide in history by murdering more than 7 billion people, including all non whites, to depopulate "their planet" for the "good of the planet". Hey, to the pagan left, any crime can be justified for a good cause, no matter how horrible.

All of this crap in the US is about the royals trying to get their colonies back so they can use the might of the US, the UK, all of Europe, and the British Common Wealth to set up their global dictatorship under their rule with the survivors being their slaves.

Don't believe me?

I found out several decades ago that Mexico was infiltrating soldiers into Los Angeles and Santa Fe to have an army inside the US borders to attack the US military from behind to help those Latino royals get their lands and slaves back when the fecal matter hits the US fan. They now have Mexican drug gangs run by Mexican military officers scattered throughout the US selling dope to stupid lefties. The Mexican Cartels are all run by Mexico military officers gone rogue.

I have also learned that the other Latin American nations run by Spanish royals are sending a lot of single young, military age men to the US as "illegal aliens", of which many are certainly soldiers from those Spanish Royal run nations here to help with the Democratic coup of the US Government.

A few decades ago I found out that China is moving military forces into the US. The Democrats either sold or are leasing a major part of the Long Beach Port to China with very extensive facilities for loading and unloading a large number of huge ships. Almost all of the people China is using for their business ventures in the US are members of the Chinese Army and they have a number of places in the west with thousands of personnel. They have one place in Idaho that has 50,000 Chinese "employees" and no American employees that is supposed to be some kind of manufacturing city but no one but the Chinese are permitted entry.

In LA, the Commiefornian Democrats are building huge Spanish royal armies, a massive Chinese arm, the Commierat Antifa and BLM armies, and who knows what else.

Now you know why I have been telling you to secure your red zones?

Now, let me share something interesting with you.

Remember that God told me years ago that He is going to destroy a large part of the greater LA area with a massive earthquake or earthquake storm?

God isn't just going to destroy this huge area because it is being run by evil pagans but also because He will be destroying those invading armies to save our butts plus God is permitting the commies in Commiefornia to be little tyrants to cause many conservatives to flee that area to save their butts.

Then God is going to permit Obama and company to nuke Chicago to kill a big part of the lefty upper class trash and their deep state while permitting Obama to gain control of the Commierat Party.

Then God will cause Obama to take a big black Muslim/commie army to Israel to invade Israel to gain control of 1.5 billion Muslims around the world to help him finish off the US and the West so he can set up his global dictatorship but God will use the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 to destroy almost all of these corrupt upper class trash royal leaders in Damascus and 83.3% of their army so we can win this fight by finishing off the rest.

Now, do you understand why I keep saying you better turn from your sins back to God and call on His name to save your butts?

There are millions of these royal commoners scattered around much of the world, mostly the West. Many are evil but some are family black sheep who hate what their family is doing. Everything to do with this COVID 19 crap is just a power grab by locking you down so you can't rebel against them to stop them.

Did you know that Trump is a member of the British Royal Family?

I have been watching very closely and I am convinced that he is a black sheep just like the Founding Fathers. That explains why he is doing such a good job at stopping the left from seizing control of the US and setting up their Marxist dictatorship. Trump knows who they are, what they are doing, and how to stop them to preserve our republic. He needs your prayers.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load because our glorious lefty Commierat traitors have really stacked the deck against us but man plans, God laughs.

Did I connect enough dots for you? The Commierats have made a really ugly picture, haven't they?

But, hey, dey gots to get der planet and slaves back and they don't care who they hurt or murder.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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