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You need to know that in 1977 the US Supreme Court ruled that "all laws must be enforced equally and fairly" meaning that it is unconstitutional for these power mad tyrants to enforce laws on you that they do not abide by. If they break their own Nazi edicts against you, then they must either be punished for breaking those Nazi edicts or no one can be punished for breaking their Nazi edicts.


Today I started reading my e-book, "Yahweh", again, which is for sale at Barnes and Noble HERE, I have not read it for a few years, and I was amazed at the explanations I wrote in the book concerning the Egyptian plagues and how well those explanations fit with what we are going through right now.

You can see God's hand working today in the same way and for similar reasons as God worked 3,500 years ago with the pagan Egyptians. You can see the same way God turned the Egyptians against the Hebrews to want to drive the Hebrews out of Egypt and cause the Hebrews to want to leave Egypt, God is today turning the people against the pagans so the people will turn back to God. We must "exodus our pagan ways" and come back to our promised relationship with God.

Those explanations for those events 3,500 years ago fit like a glove with the events of today.

I also realized that, in the same way God worked with Moses and Aaron to cause them to work for God and His people and against the pagans, God will soon cause other men of God to work for God and His people against the pagans today. You are about to see some very interesting works of God.

It is also interesting that, contrary to how others show what happened, all of the Hebrews actually heard God speak to Moses from Heaven and give Moses instructions for the plague of hail mingled with fire. Many "documentaries" make it look like Moses was some ignorant old goat herder hearing voices in his head but the scriptures make it very clear that millions of people saw and heard Yahweh speak to Moses and you don't hear voices in other people's heads. The people also heard Yahweh speaking to Moses just before the plague of locusts. For forty years, the people saw and heard Yahweh speak to Moses on a daily basis in front of the Tabernacle.

Note that Ron Wyatt and his followers, some are even preachers, teach that God didn't part the waters of the Red Sea but of the Gulf of Aqaba (you know, God and Moses didn't know where the Red Sea was) because, according to Ron, they found the wheels from Pharaoh's chariots covered with less than a foot of coral when coral in that area grows at 1/2 inch per year and, if those were the wheels of Pharaoh's chariots, they should have been covered with 140 to 150 feet of coral so you wouldn't have been able to see or find them.

The scriptures make it very clear that God parted the Red Sea, because the Hebrews only traveled a few days from Goshen to the Red Sea, just like I tell in my book, and it would have taken them at least a few weeks to reach the place in the Gulf of Aqaba where Ron said they crossed. Either Ron is wrong or God is wrong and it proves that Ron is a con artist who didn't find a thing like I told you years ago.

Pay attention to the details in scripture to prove con artists wrong. There is no way that God parted the Gulf of Aqaba the way Ron said and God definitely parted the Red Sea because the scriptures prove it.

I see so many similarities between my telling of that story, the events of the Exodus, and what is happening to us today. Reading that book is giving me peace in knowing that God will take care of us and deliver us out of the hands of these evil pagans today. Yahweh will fight for us as He fought for the Hebrews.

God destroyed Pharaoh's Army in the Red Sea and God will destroy our "Pharaoh's Army" in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 with more miracles so everyone will know that Yahweh/Jesus is the only God.

When this is all done and we have our new nation, you will know Yahweh/Jesus is the Lord. There will be no doubt about it.

The Big Con

I just saw that they are now saying that we are about to reach 100 million infected with COVID 19. I laughed my butt off.


Because, if we have 100 million infected out of 350 million people and they have not even tested half of the nation, then we have reach "herd immunity" and there is no longer justification for the lockdowns, masks, and social distancing or they have to admit they were lying and inflating the infection count to terrify us into accepting their unconstitutional and illegal orders and have to quit the lockdowns, masks, and social distancing. Either way, their con is going to backfire on them soon.

Besides, if we end up with 100 million infected in less than a year, then it proves their lockdowns, masks, and social distancing didn't work.

Then I found this video which tells you that the x-spirts are now admitting they were wrong about their COVID 19 crap, especially the lockdowns, you know, just like I have been telling you.

And you still think this is not a legitimate conspiracy, that the lefties are all just coincidentally telling the same lies without working together or conspiring to commit these horrible crimes against you?

People are waking up to the truths I have been telling you and these human demons' plots against you are finally backfiring on them.

Man plans, God laughs.


I was watching the updates on this thing they are calling an election with so much obvious vote rigging and thought I should ask you, "Are you ready yet for a conservative Biblical Theocracy yet?" It would definitely be much better than what we are seeing that is being called government. At least everyone would have to live by the same laws.


Twice this year, I was suddenly locked out of being able to upload to this blog site and now this site is being censored by Google with a warning that this is a dangerous site that could cause harm to your puter, you know, your puter could get cooties.

It took me a while to find 1) a place to respond to Google and tell them that there is no threat on this site so quit censoring it and 2) get their fascist program to let me get to my site.

Listen, if the left is censoring my site, it should tell you that I am telling the truth because they don't want you to know the truth. It is actually a compliment that the lefty big tech nuts would censor my site because they don't censor sites that pose no threat to their global tyranny.

Most likely, some crazy lefty probably read a few things on my site, got their feelings hurt, went into lefty meltdown, and contacted Google with lies about my site damaging their puter.

You might want to share this site with your friends and family so they can learn what Google doesn't want them to know. Hey, you know that, if Google is censoring my blog, what I am writing must be true. The lefty big tech only censor the truth and not the lefty lies.


Remember that I have been telling you how evil the Commierats are and that they are human demons and the spawn of Satan?

In this video the man gives first hand testimony to how evil they are. He tells you about his fight trying to stop their tyranny.

He makes it very obvious that this COVID 19 thing is not about science or the virus, it is about control and power.

Laundering Money

Remember how I have told you that upper class trash use money laundering to protect them from the law in the event someone gets caught committing a crime?

This video gives details on how one member of the upper class trash, Zuckerberg, used one of the nonprofit organizations to launder money to commit voter fraud.

Soros does this all of the time but not quite so directly. He uses one main foundation to launder to other foundations to commit crimes to create more distance between himself and the crime. This is commonly referred to in the business and financial industries as "the shell game" because they use such organizations as "shells" to hide the cash flow to make it look like the "donors" are not directly involved in those crimes. In getting my MBA, I learned quite a bit about how this crap works and I am trained to manage it.

Do you better understand why I have come to believe such criminals should be hung?

The guy explaining this is pretty good.

The Wars

What do I expect for the coming wars based on what God has shown me and I see happening?

If Trump remains president, I expect it will be something similar to the following:

First, let's set the stage for where we will be when this all begins, assuming God gives Trump the win with us knowing that the Commierats have already made it very clear that Biden WILL NOT concede, even if Trump legally wins. This tells me that, if Trump wins, the lefties are planning and right now building a fifth column or shadow government to stage a coup to depose Trump and seize control of the US Government to set up their commie dictatorship. That much should be obvious by now.

The lefties are ALREADY setting the stage for this coup by claiming that it is Trump staging the coup and setting up the shadow government to justify what the left will call a "counter coup" to depose Trump. You know, those lefty bad guys always make themselves look like the good guys, their victims look like the bad guys and the stupid people just keep falling for it.

I expect the left to set up their fifth column government headquarters in Chicago because it is the third largest municipal economy in the US, is more central to the US, with New York and LA at the eastern and western extremes of the US, and very close to the government and power center for the British Common Wealth nation of Canada. I would not be surprised to see Dopey and Cruella set up their "White House" in the top floor of the Sears Tower with their government taking many to all of the remaining offices and taking control of nearby business buildings as their "Washington DC" from which to stage their coup.

There will be an accelerating exodus of the deep state from the US Government to Dopey's commie government in Chicago to help stage the coup. I expect even the Commierat members of Congress and the US Supreme Court, you know, like Roberts, to desert our government and set up their own Congress and Supreme Court in Chicago for when they seize control of our government. Hey, we can call it the KIA or DIY government. I expect these criminals to at least temporarily secede all of their blue zones from the Union so they can have better control of those zones and directly tax the people in those zones to pay for their coup without the US Government also being able to tax or have authority over those zones just like the Democrat Party did with the Confederacy.

Do you see God having drawn a line and everyone choosing which side they will be on, you know, just like the Democrat Party did just before their first war against the US called the US Civil War? Deja vu, baby.

You will suddenly be made aware of the infiltrated military forces, much of them from other nations, inside the US, which will be based in our big blue cities with a few million of those forces, comprised of mixed forces from China, Mexico, other Latin American nations, along with other nations, being station in Los Angeles, Commiefornia, most of them living and working in very tall buildings that will collapse during a severe earthquake storm killing most to all of those forces. A variety of nations will bring additional forces to bear at our northern and southern borders and along our shore lines to prepare for invasion.

Note that the US Military already knows all of this and, by the strangest coincidence, there are currently uprisings by their people against their governments in almost all of these nations, while all of this is going on telling me that, most likely, the US Military is orchestrating those uprising to tie down troops in those nations to decrease the number of troops those nations can bring to bear against the US Military and its militia forces. Keep an eye on this.

I have already told you that the US Military will be able to quickly field a force of about 20 to 30 million troops inside the US and already have most of it organized and working to stop this coup of the US Government.

I believe it will be at this time that Obama and Farrakhan will stage their coup of the Commierat Party by nuking Chicago and killing all of those leaders and blaming Trump for nuking Chicago.

After all, if Trump has control of the US Military, doesn't he also have control of nukes?

You can bet you will hear that from Obama.

You know that, before Obama nukes Chicago, he will stage a formal ball in the Sears Tower as an excuse for getting all of the most powerful racist, white leaders there so he can take them all out at once.

Hey, why waste time taking out a few here and there when you can be more efficient and kill them all at once?

These racist white leaders will almost certainly include the big money men like Soros, the political and bureaucratic leaders, the governors and mayors of the blue zones, lefty administrators of major corporations and banks, the big tech crazies like Zuckerberg, Dorsey, and Bezos, probably at least some of the British Royal Family, and the lefty media.

Farrakhan will have his already existing Nation of Islam government, trained by the US Government, seize control of all of those governments and it will be nothing for him to have some armed black Muslims take over control of all of those businesses and other entities, you know, half a dozen armed black Muslims barging into their board meetings to take control, and, just like that, he will have his own black Muslim run Confederacy to stage a coup of the US Government, while subjugating all of those white racists who are already working to kill off all blacks.

I believe that it will be about this time that God will destroy most of Los Angeles just like He showed me in that dream decades ago, killing most of the millions of Commierat troops positioned there that Obama and Farrakhan will be depending on to stage their violent overthrow of the US Government, which will cause them both to feel like they need to take forces from a number of nations to invade Israel so Obama can prove he is the Muslim Mahdi by standing on the Temple Mount and giving the order for all Muslims to kill all remaining non Muslims in fulfillment of Muslim end time prophecy, which will cause 1.5 billion Muslims to be required to unite behind Obama so he can return to the US with a force of at least a few hundred million combatants to overwhelm the US forces.

It will take them and their allies about 6 to 9 months to move those forces into position on the "northern hills of Israel" in Lebanon and Syria during which time I expect the US Military to take advantage of this respite to prepare for what is next and encourage all of those hostile nations to take as many troops as possible to invade Israel by stopping all hostilities against those hostile nations by their rebelling people, called psychological warfare, baby. Hey, if their leaders see less of a threat at home, they will feel safer in taking more forces to Israel and Israel has nukes. The more troops those leaders take out of the US and their own nations, the easier it will be for us and the revolutionaries in those nations to topple the remaining forces.

I believe the US Military will use this lull in action to arm, train, and organize all of these forces in those other nations for the soon coming military actions to 1) defeat the forces gathered against the US Government and 2) topple those hostile governments.

You also have to understand that ALL of these power mad leaders MUST meet in Damascus to wheel and deal for the best possible power positions after their global dictatorship is established. All of these royals, all of their puppets, and anyone else involved in this globalist coup MUST be there or get left out.

It will definitely be at this time that God will do two things. 1) He will cause a massive earthquake in the area of those troops causing confusion and chaos so that the forces, which don't trust each other, will turn their weapons on each other just like the Bible says and the Bible also says they will kill 5 out of 6 soldiers or 83.3% of the troops will die at their own hand.

2) God will destroy Damascus the same way He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah by raining fire down from Heaven, killing everyone in Damascus, just like the Bible says, turning all of those corrupt, power mad leaders into Damascus asphalt and leaving their troops with no leaders.

That means that the vast majority of all of their troops in all of their units including almost all of their officers AND all of their leaders will be killed. At that point, the remaining troops will suddenly realize that they have destroyed almost all of their officers and troops within all of their units, the Israeli Army, suddenly the most powerful military in the world, doesn't have a scratch on it and is ready to attack them, plus Israel has nukes, they will throw down their weapons and run as fast as they can for the Euphrates River to get away from Israel.

When this happens, the Jordanian and Saudi holding forces on the Israeli eastern border and the Egyptian holding forces on the Israeli southern border will realize it is now just them and the much more powerful Israeli forces, they will panic, throw down their weapons and run for either the eastern border of Jordan, the southeastern part of Saudi Arabia, or the Nile River, permitting the Israeli forces to take all of that land without any resistance fulfilling the end time prophesy of Daniel where the Muslim forces will be divided like the two feet in Nebuchadnezzar's dream.

At that point, the US Military, its militias, and its revolutionary forces in the other nations will stage a simultaneous armed assault against the remaining commie/Muslim forces to take back all of those nations for the people. Then the US Military and the people will build a new nation by annexing at least some of the nations that brought forces against the US like Mexico, Cuba, and Western Canada plus others. It will be an even bigger and better Republic of the United States of America reaching from Alaska to the southern tip of Chili.

I also believe that Russia and her allies will take Ukraine, Transnitria, and Turkey down to the Euphrates River to gain control of the sea traffic through the Bosporus Straits, regain control of Istanbul to rename it Constantinople and return the Orthodox Christian cathedrals now being used by the Muslims as mosques to the church to earn Putin sainthood, and give Putin sea ports on the Mediterranean Sea.

Based on what God has shown me and current events, that is what I believe is most likely to happen and every day it gets one day closer. Keep an eye on this.

Man plans, God laughs.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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