History 3

Here is a little interesting history that will open an eyeball or two and this is very important to better understand what is going on right now.

When the Spanish Royalty came to the "New World", and you better know that it was the Spanish Royalty who did these things because, under the rule of Spain, only their royals could have done these things without being branded criminals, they started by settling the Caribbean and Central and South America.

They also set up settlements in what is today the US in Florida (which is a Spanish name), Eastern Texas from the Gulf of Mexico to about San Antonio or the River of Texas, and from the Rio Grande River up to just north of modern Dallas, Texas that was called the Territory of Texas (pronounced Tay-hass in Spanish), Alta California from modern Baja California up to modern Washington State and from the Pacific Ocean east to the San Andreas Mountains (forget the fake maps you see on Wikipedia), with a very large area of unexplored land from the Rio Grande River north to Canada and from the Mississippi River west to the San Andreas Mountains.

The Spanish Royals in Mexico kept hearing rumors from the Indians in their area about a very rich civilization to the north the Indians called "the 7 Cities of Cibola" (pronounced see-bo-la), where the Indians told the Spanish the dwellings were made of gold and the streets were paved with gold.

Well, you know that got the interest of the greedy Spanish Royals who named that entire area Nuevo Mexico or "the new Mexico" because they thought they would be able to steal more gold from the Indians in Nuevo Mexico than they stole from the Indians in Mexico, so, in their minds, it would be the NEW Mexico.

With the permission and some financing from their Spanish Royal Family in Spain, the Spanish Royals in Mexico put together an expedition in the early 16th Century (the first of a number) to settle Nuevo Mexico and, you know, find those cities of gold, baby. This Spanish expedition was made up of a number of Spanish Royals called Dons (a royal title meaning lords or knights) who were given land grants in Nuevo Mexico by the Spanish Royal Family in Spain, their peons or throw away slaves to do all of the work, and a small army lead by a military officer called a "conquistador", who was also a Spanish Royal.

Their jumping off point was modern El Paso and they traveled up the Rio Grande River starting strategically placed Spanish farm villages or stopping off and resupply points along the Rio Grande until they reached the place where they founded their capitol, Santa Fe, Nuevo Mexico, the oldest capitol city in the US today. They later founded Albuquerque, Nuevo Mexico about 60 miles south of Santa Fe.

The Spanish Royals used Santa Fe as their base of operation for settling, conquering, and exploring the Territory of Nuevo Mexico, you know, looking for those 7 cities of gold called Cibola. Different conquistadors explored at least as far east as modern Kansas, at least as far north as northern Colorado, and at least as far west as the Mojave Desert, claiming all of it all of the way up to Canada for Spain as the Territory of Nuevo Mexico under the control of the Spanish Royals in Santa Fe, you know, the capitol of their Spanish monarchy.

They really wanted to find those 7 cities of gold called Cibola. They searched the entire area for several hundred years.

The upper class trash royals will tell you that the peonage system wasn't a slave system but, I know, let's do the math and see how it worked.

First, the peonage system was developed in Italy by the royals who were the academe and taught the royal children. The peonage system spread from Italy through Southern France and throughout both Spain and Portugal. It was brought to the Americas by the Spanish and Portuguese Dons or royals to control the peons or slaves. The peonage system was design to use financial management to financially enslave and control the peons.

One of the first and most important aspects of the peonage system was that they had to keep the peons so ignorant they couldn't read, write, or do math. This was to prevent the peons from figuring out how they were being screwed. Under the peonage system, only the royal children could get an education. Anyone who could read, write, and do math was a royal.

Then the Dons or royals were trained to be able to quickly figure out what pay rate was subsistence or survival for any family in any area and they would pay the workers a little below subsistence so that the workers would run out of money before their next pay period and not be able to buy food.

When a young peon would first discuss this problem with the older peons, you know, not being able to buy food because he ran out of money, the older peons would tell the younger peon to go see the Don and he would give the younger peon an advance on their pay.

When the younger peon went to see the Don to get a pay advance, the Don would chew the peon out telling him that he ran out of money, not because he wasn't being paid enough to feed his family, but because the peon was stupid and couldn't manage his money, which is why the peons needed the "intellectually superior Dons to take care of the stupid peons", you know, by keeping the peons ignorant and impoverished. The Don would also tell the peon that, "if the peon would submit himself to the absolute control of the Dons, the Dons would take care of them."

Sound familiar?

Of course it does because it is the same lie the upper class trash royals have been telling your ancestors for thousands of years to control them and is the basic lie for all forms of Marxism to get the people to submit to the absolute control of the upper class trash, you know, so the upper class trash can take care of the people.

Now this is where the financial slavery begins because, as soon as the peon accepts the advance in pay, he is now in debt to that Don and the peonage law stated that, if you owe someone money, you MUST work for that person at the wages that person sets until you pay off that debt.

The problem is that the Dons were trained in their universities to always set the wages low enough that the indebted person would not only not be able to pay off the debt but would always get further in debt because they would always have to get advances on their pay to feed their families. Yes, the peonage system is a financial trap designed by the academe to benefit the upper class trash royals.

This means that, as soon as that peon accepted that advance in pay, he is now going to be legally forced to work for that Don at a subsistence pay level for the rest of his life, while continuing to get further in debt, and, if he ran away, they would hunt him down and publically punish him for "not being responsible to pay his debt to the caring Don", you know, that ole "we care for the people" lie the lefties are still telling the stupid people today and the stupid people are still buying it.

The first time or two they caught a runaway peon, they would publically shame the peon to scare the other peons into not running away and put the runaway peon's butt in jail. The next time of two, they would publically beat the peon before throwing his butt in jail to scare the other peons into not running away, and, after that, they would publically hang or shoot the peon as a warning for the other peons to not run away from being slaves for those kind, caring Dons.

To add insult to injury, the Dons would work their peons at a subsistence level until the peons couldn't work well or became incapacitated, probably from being abused and worked too hard. This was very common throughout the Caribbean where the Dons literally worked their peon slaves to death.

At that point, the Dons would call the incapacitated peon in and to show the peon how wonderful the Don was, the Don would explain how he had let the debt run up to help the stupid peon because the peon was too stupid to manage his money and then praise the peon by saying the peon had been a good and faithful peon or worker so the wonderful and magnificent saintly Don was going to be gracious and "forgive" the peon's debt the Don intentionally ran up "so the peon wouldn't have to work for the Don any longer."

Basically, the Don would dump the incapacitated peon on his impoverished family to take care of so the Don didn't have to spend any of his money caring for the peon he worked almost to death while making the Don look like a gracious saint and care taker.

The peonage system was a very brutal and cruel form of non ownership throw away financial slavery with readily disposable slaves. This is the evil peonage system the Spanish Royals of today want to bring back to return to making themselves more wealthy at everyone else's expense and they want you to be their peon slaves.

Nice people, huh?

The more I study history, the more I abhor the evil, vile upper class trash and I dare any of you to prove to me that they are not the spawn of Satan and human demons. I have studied more than 3,000 years of their brutal and inhumane treatment of the people. Believe me that Jesus did not lie when He said that "it would be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter Heaven." I have seen evidence of some good rich people but very few of them are anything other than pure evil. I could never treat an animal the way they have treated people for thousands of years.

This is where things stood by 1799 when Napoleon started his wars. During that war, Spain sided with Napoleon as an ally against the British but the British Fleet blockaded all of Spain's ports, destroying Spain's economy and forcing the Spanish Royals to stop being Napoleon's ally to weaken the Napoleon military effort. This ticked off Napoleon who had his brother invade and conquer Spain to temporarily set himself up as the king of Spain and return Spain to supporting Napoleon's wars. (The Spanish Royals later retook the throne.)

While his brother was king of Spain, Napoleon needed money to finance his military, as all upper class trash do, and he and his brother sold the new Republic of the US the Louisiana Purchase, which was the Territory of Louisiana plus a really big chunk of the Territory of Nuevo Mexico.

This caused US settlers to start moving into the Territory of Texas, you know, right next door, which caused the Mexican ruler, Santa Anna to invade the Territory of Texas to drive the US settlers out, which resulted in the Texas Revolutionary War and freeing of the Territory of Texas from Mexico in 1836, which was the area from the Gulf of Mexico to just west of San Antonio and from the Rio Grande to north of Dallas.

As more US settlers continued to settle in Nuevo Mexico and Alta California, Santa Anna invaded the Territories of Texas, Nuevo Mexico, and Alta California in 1846 to drive the US citizens out and regain control of Texas, which started the Mexican-American War of 1846 to 1848, which the US won by conquering Mexico City but the US did not annex the nation of Mexico as permitted by international law.

Santa Anna's army was so decimated by that war and Mexico was broke so Santa Anna sold the Territories of Nuevo Mexico and Alta California to the US for about 2.5 to 5 times the market value at that time, which permitted Mexico to rebuild her army.

Because of this sale, the upper class trash in Texas drew up a fake map showing that the Territory of Texas went all the way from the Gulf of Mexico west to the Rio Grande but Congress knew better because they had just purchased most of that land as the Territory of Nuevo Mexico but they ended up letting Texas have about half of that land to where the New Mexico-Texas border is today, better than doubling the size of Texas. The upper class trash in Texas are still trying to get the rest of that land because, just like I told you, the greedy and power mad upper class trash can never be satiated and will always want more.

But, hey, much more recently, the upper class trash in California said, "We can play that game too," so they drew up a phony map of Alta California and are claiming all of the land from the Pacific Ocean to the Rio Grande, completely wiping out the Territory of Nuevo Mexico. The combination of those two fake maps is what you will find on Wikipedia as the maps for the Territory of Texas and Alta California with no Territory of Nuevo Mexico and it is 100% bogus upper class trash bull crap.

This is very important because you suddenly had all of these Spanish Royals lose their Spanish monarchy and being trapped in Nuevo Mexico, forced to live under the US Constitution, with their slaves being freed, and they have been working with the Spanish Royals in Mexico trying to get their monarchy and peon slaves back ever since, which is very, very important to understand what is going on now in New Mexico and this will be a big eye opener but it gets better.

Did you know that, before WWII, almost all of the Spanish Royal Family became practicing Nazis and not just in Spain but also throughout Central and South America and the US?

Did you know that before and during WWII, the Spanish Royal Family made a deal with Germany that, if Germany conquered Britain, they would join the war on the side of Germany? (The Spanish Royals don't like their ports being blockaded by the British Navy again.)

Did you know that the Spanish Royal Nazis ruling Mexico got caught during WWII making a deal with the German Nazis to stage an invasion of the US from Mexico by Mexico, Germany, and the rest of the Nazi Axis?

Did you know that the Spanish Royals are almost all still practicing Nazis, mostly closet Nazis?

Did you know that is why South American nations like Argentina and Bolivia gave sanctuary to German Nazis after WWII?

Did you know that the Spanish Royal Nazis/socialists running all of these Caribbean, Central and South American nations explains things like Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and other Marxist dictatorships run by Spanish Royal Nazis/socialists?

Did that answer a few questions?

But, hey, it gets better.

This explains why the Spanish Royal Nazis/socialists in New Mexico have used COVID 19 to seize control of the people with the masks, social distancing, and lock downs to finally get back their Spanish Royal monarchy/dictatorship with the governor and about 2/3 of the legislature being made up of Spanish Royal Nazis making a power grab to get their monarchy and slaves back.

Do you understand why I call our Spanish Royal governor our Nazi Queen?

She obviously believes that, because she is Spanish Royalty, she is New Mexico's queen. She behaves the way history teaches a tyrannical queen would behave, plus her maiden name is Lujan (Loo-han) and she is a descendant of Don Lujan who helped settle Nuevo Mexico hundreds of years ago so she is Spanish Royalty.

"I will seize control of your medical care from your doctors and you will do what I tell you or I will punish you, after all, I am your queen so I know better than your doctors!!!"

Do you understand why the Nazi Queen and her Nazi Spanish Royal accomplices in the New Mexico legislature are so determined to not give up any of their recently regained and unconstitutional royal power?

People, that should also explain why Mexico has been infiltrating soldiers into the US, especially in California and New Mexico, working with the cartels to gain access and control of parts of the US, and working with countries like Marxist China and the US upper class trash lefties to help conquer the US. The Nazi Spanish Royals in Mexico have been committing acts of war against the US since before the US entered WWII and the only thing that will stop them is death. They have already proved that.

See how history can explain so much?

If you have seen it in the past, you recognize it in the present.

I can't wait until we are living under the eternal rule of Jesus and all of these greedy and power mad tyrants are burning in the Lake of Fire where they can never again cause anyone any harm. God has taught me that the only thing which will absolutely prevent these evil human demons from ever again causing anyone any harm is to incarcerate them forever in God's penal institution, the Lake of Fire, which is why God gives them all more than adequate opportunity to repent and treat other people right.

But, hey, they keep choosing to go to Hell because of their insane greed and lust for power. I am sick of their treatment of other people I am ready to just let them go to Hell.

Satanic Commierats

I just saw a Gallup Poll, which is heavily Commierat biased, that said, "Gallup Poll Shows Largest Increase in Democrat Party Affiliation in Decade".

If that is true, then this nation is definitely going to be severely judged by God and is a dead country walking. We are talking a zombie nation and only God can save our butts because of our sins and us turning our backs on God.

Now, a big part of this is probably the illegal aliens the Commierats have permitted to register as voters and are still registering as illegal voters.

God showed me that this illegal alien thing is the same thing the upper class trash did more than 1,500 years ago that finally finished off and brought down Rome.

Gee, don't the upper class trash ever learn from history to prevent repeating history?

You have to understand that so few of the Romans wanted to serve in their army by then that the Romans were forced to recruit non citizens called Goths to server in their military. This got so bad that the Goths realized under their leader Alaric, that, since they were most of the Roman Army, the rest of the Roman Army wasn't big enough to stop them, they got tired of being the second class citizens, and they marched on and sacked Rome, pretty much ending the Western part of the Roman Empire.

And here our intellectually superior, natural elite, all-knowing, all-wise, over educated, upper class trash are more than a thousand years later, not having learned from history, doing the same stupid thing that I have been warning you about for years. Yep, dey is are be duh smarty pants.

Who among these illegal aliens will be our Alaric?

According to what God showed me, our Alaric is Obama, who was not born here or a citizen. Gee, what a coincidence.

Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash are too stupid to learn from their ancestors' mistakes so they don't repeat history? Do you get the picture yet?

And you still think these criminals are more intelligent than you because they stole more money than you can earn? Really?

People, wake up. God showed me years ago and I warned you that this nation is dead and, after the fight, we will have to build a new nation. It is best that you not remain in denial, that you deal with it, and you prepare for it because being in denial won't do any good and will make it worse. Because of our sins, the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America is dead and just not finished kicking yet.

Do you believe me yet when I say, "Deja vu, baby"? Do you get the picture yet? Don't think so?

Alaric sacked Rome on August 24, 410 AD and the Muslims finished off the Roman Empire over the next 200 to 400 years. The irony here is that it will be the Muslims who will sack our Rome and finish off the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America and the rest of the West.

When you see the Muslims in control of this nation and forcing Sharia Law on the blue zones, you better know that our republic is dead, you will have to fight a war against the Muslims and lefty traitors to get your land back but not your nation back, and you will have to build a new nation. People, we are almost there right now.

You just might want to turn from your sins, turn back to God, pray long, pray hard, pray often, and lock and load because this is just going to get worse until that mess is over, you have to turn back to God so He will start working through us to take back our land and build a new nation.

The upper class trash are doing the same things today that caused the fall of all of their nations over the last 3,000+ years getting only God knows how many of the upper class trash killed and dey tink dey is are be duh smarthy pants. They think they are smarter than they are and that we are dumber than we are because dey gots more money.

Hey, I am waiting for Bastille II and I want video of the upper class trash getting der Bastille haircuts. I am just a wee bit furious at the upper class trash and the death and destruction they always cause.

If you have seen it in the past, you recognize it in the present.

Hey, I know what is going to happen because I studied history and God keeps making sure I remember history. Our Alaric will sack our Rome the same as their Alaric sacked their Rome because, according to God, "Nothing is new on the Earth". It has all happened before because the upper class trash never learn from history and always force us to repeat history. They really are that stupid.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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