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Remember that I told you that the left would get around Newsom being recalled one way or another?

Then they said they would just have him resign so the commie lieutenant governor would take over but I guess that isn't working either because I just saw that Bruce (Caitlyn) Jenner is running for Commiefornia governor.

It looks like they are going to primary Newsom out with another nut just like I told you so they can keep the nuts in power.

Hey, Newsom served his purpose and now it is time for him to go under ye ole commie bus and the rest won't learn. They will think, "I'm different, I will make it work," you know, doing what they are told to do the way Newsom did. They are just throw away fools.

It is like I have been telling you, Satan's spawn never, ever, ever, ever, ever quit. They just regroup, reorganize, and keep right on with what they want.

Upper Class Trash

The upper class trash are not reading the writing on the wall because of their insane greed and lust for power. Dey just gots to steal more from more people faster.

The people are rebelling all over the world against the continued "COVID 19" lock downs now that they are learning the truth.

Now, just what do you think will happen when it becomes obvious that the upper class trash are oppressing the people with their dictatorship?

It will obviously result in a global rebellion that will almost wipe out the upper class trash everywhere because these increasingly angry people will storm ye ole castles and give the upper class trash free Bastille haircuts but the upper class trash refuse to see this because of their insane obsession with greed and a lust for power so they keep trying to force their dictatorship on everyone. The upper class trash just don't get it but, if they keep on doing what they are doing, they will get it from the people.

People, the upper class trash are inbred and trained nuts.

The people are RIGHT NOW telling the upper class trash royals with their actions that the upper class trash royals have gone too far and the upper class trash royals insist on going further.

That is like a rattlesnake buzzing you and you keep walking towards it. Not smart.

BTW, what the lefties are doing right now with things like the mess they made at the border is they are proving they will tell ANY lie that might fool the stupid people. Their lies are just too blatantly obvious but the stupid people will still believe the lies because they want to believe the lies.

God is using this to open people's eyes and cause them to make an informed decision as to whether they will be on Satan's side or God's side. When almost everyone has made that decision, then God will make His move.


Remember that I have been telling you about how the academe are largely responsible for most of our problems with their great sounding stupid ideas?

This video shows that is true because it is the lefty college professors who dream up such insane crap as "equity" and teach their students that such nonsense is of paramount importance and those students, who don't question their professors because questioning lefty professors can get you kicked out of school or flunked and is considered blasphemy in their fanatical lefty pagan cult, are who go out into the real world with those great sounding stupid ideas and force them on others, screwing things up.

All of this insanity we are going through was dreamed up by lefty college professors smoking dope in their white palaces. This crap has to stop or it is clearly just going to keep getting worse.


Remember that I told you about Alaric sacking Rome?

Note that he didn't sack the poor side of town but sacked the upper class trash side of town because there ain't nuttin' to steal on the poor side of town and the upper class trash always control better than 95% of the wealth.

Remember that I told you that, because of this phenomenon, the rich need a strong government and military to protect them more than the middle and lower classes?

Therefore, it is incredibly stupid for the rich to destroy or weaken their government and military so they can seize control of their nation to set up a dictatorship so they can steal more of the less than 5% of the wealth from the middle and lower classes. By doing that, they are risking losing better than 95% of the wealth to get 5% of the wealth because of their inbred greed, which is really stupid.

Then we have the inbred upper class trash thinking that these illegal aliens the upper class trash are permitting illegal entry into the US will be any more faithful to them than Alaric was to Rome. Remember that Alaric and his Goths protected Rome for years before they sacked Rome.

Does that make your brain hurt?

It should because history proves that these illegal aliens coming here from other nations will be loyal to the upper class trash until the upper class trash have weakened the US law enforcement and military enough that the law enforcement and military can't stop the illegal aliens from sacking the upper class trash side of town instead of the lower class side of town because that is where almost all of the wealth is just like has always happened in history.

Hey, just think how much you could make by sacking the Zuckerberg, Bezos, and Dorsey mansions.

Also, to show you just how really stupid the upper class trash are, the upper class trash believe that, after the greedy and power mad upper class trash of China, Mexico, Europe, Canada, and other nations have helped bring down the US, those greedy upper class trash will permit the US upper class trash, who will no longer be protected by the US law enforcement and military, retain their control and wealth because dey is are be buds. Yep, that is how stupid they are.

"Oh no, der greedy and power mad upper class trash accomplices in crime wouldn't sack them too, would dey?"

And you think the upper class are more intelligent than you because they stole more than you or they could earn?

The arrogant inbred fools are setting themselves up to be sacked by the rest of the world...again. They and their arrogant academe never learn and just keep forcing us to repeat the same history again and again.

Do you know why they keep repeating history?

Because their arrogant inbred parents and academe keep teaching them that they are all-knowing, all-wise, intellectually superior, and better than everyone else so that, after a few generations of getting more and more arrogant, they believe those lies to the point to where they actually believe that "they will make it work because dey is are be smarty pants who are more intelligent than their ancestors".

They believe the lies so they repeat the history about every 150 to 200 years because they think they are smarter than they are and that you are dumber than you are. You are living the fall on just one more civilization because the upper class trash never learn and keep forcing us to repeat history.

I can't wait until after Judgment Day when we will be rid of these criminals and under the rule of Jesus for eternal peace. There will be no more upper class trash bull crap forever. As long as we live by the Laws God gave us to protect us from each other, we will be left alone forever. We will finally be rid of these rich, greedy, lazy upper class trash parasites who want to live lives of luxury on everyone else's backs. The combination of the two will be a wonderful thing.

Sailboat Cruising

I have been telling you about sailboat cruising and have decided that the channel I like best is RAN Sailing because they show you the boat life without candy coating it and they teach a lot about boats, maintenance, their problems, the places they visit, and they are not spoiled rich brats, probably because they grew up blue collar.

They are from Sweden but speak very good English, have been sailing as a couple for 5 or 6 years now and he has been sailing much longer.

If you want to see the truth about the cruising life, this is a good channel to watch. Note that they are always working on the boat in one capacity or another, they recently purchased a very good used boat (worked and earned their way up from a much smaller boat), and have been doing a lot of upgrading on it so you can learn a lot about boats. They are a very nice couple with a very young daughter.

If you are interested in cruising, I would recommend you watch the channel before taking up cruising to see whether you will like it. If you want to learn about fixing stuff on a boat, sailing, the different types of sacrifices you have to make, and how much work it requires, this is a good channel.

Note, this is not a "T&A show" to get lecherous men to watch to increase their money. This show is really about the sailing adventures of a young couple with a child, who is a little over one year old.


This video shows some very interesting things about the government and the economy. First, it shows that the government always makes things worse.


Because the lefties think that, because the economy isn't perfect, the government should intervene. Guess what, the government isn't perfect either, especially when you realize that the vast majority of people who get government jobs do so because they are too stupid to get real jobs in the economy, which makes the government even less perfect than the economy.

Thomas Sowell does an excellent job of showing such things in detail so you should subscribe to his channel and watch a lot of his videos. He is a brilliant man and the left really hates him but can't speak out against him for fear of being called racist.


Here is an interesting thought. They are getting ready to try to fly the first ever helicopter on Mars. They know this is going to be a long shot because Mars has about 38% of Earth's gravity but has less than .5% of Earth's atmosphere to generate enough lift to overcome the much greater gravity.

Don't be surprised if it doesn't work. I will be surprised if it does work and, even then, it probably won't work well. People, that would be like expecting a plane to fly on Earth with only 1.5% of the lift it should have.

Yeah, I know, they designed their little chopper to be lighter and the rotors to provide more lift but that is still a really big challenge and they know it because they keep testing their chopper one bit at a time trying to build up to a lift off. That should tell you they know it may not fly.

Upper Class Trash

Remember that I have been telling you that the Western upper class trash have been selling everyone and our futures out for immediate profits.

This video gives you some examples of this going on with the Western upper class trash not caring about anyone or anything but themselves and their short term profits, you know, the fools who gots dem duh right degrees from duh right unkneebursities because dey is are be smarty pants.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil." He didn't lie.

It shows you just how stupid the inbred upper class trash really are. You have to be dumber than rocks to sell weapons technology to nations that plan to use those weapons against you so you can get more wealthy, you know, until they sack you and your nation.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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