I recently received a request to discuss this matter in detail. This essay is based on my personal observations and understanding of God's Laws.

First, in the 1980's and 1990, God provided me with a very unique opportunity to study the homosexual community from within without being an active participant. For over five years, following my first divorce, feeling betrayed by God, and turning my back on God (fortunately, He didn't turn His back on me) I lived with and was married to a former lesbian who had obtained her masters in psychology to work with homosexuals in helping solve their problems. For me to gain their trust and for them to be put at ease in my presence, all she had to do was say, "He's Ok," and you could see them significantly relax at being in the presence of a heterosexual or what they call a "het".

Why would they be tense in the presence of a heterosexual? I found out that it was because they don't want the heterosexual community to know the truth about their life style. Decades ago, the homosexual community and the liberal media adopted the term gay to portray their life style as gay or happy. You will find out that it is anything but happy. In my opinion, for the vast majority of homosexuals, homosexuality is a hate crime and I will explain why I believe this to be true.

It is important to understand several things before beginning this essay. First, referring back to my training in biology, especially concerning field research such as studying a species in its natural habitat, I used my training in this area along with my wife being able to put the study groups at ease and the scientific method to conduct my research. Second, the homosexual community ranging from San Francisco to San Diego is composed mostly of homosexuals drawn to the region by the large homosexual community so that most of the homosexuals in this region are not native to California, therefore, providing a very good cross representation of, not only the national homosexual community, but also the global homosexual community.

My training in field research in conjunction with my wife being able to put the study groups at ease made it very easy for me to gain the confidence of these groups doing what I call playing wall paper so that they would even forget I was present for periods of time. This is the ultimate goal of every biologist doing field research because it means that you have zero effect on their current social behavior which was important to my studies.

My attitude in doing this research was to be as objective as possible knowing that a lack of objectivity will taint any research. Therefore, my goal was to find out what the homosexual sociology was really like answering the question, "Is the homosexual life being accurately portrayed by the liberal media or is it significantly different?" This research is one of many reasons why I now tend to refer to the liberal media as the lying liberal media. Just the statistics provided to me by my wife at the beginning of this research contradicted what the liberal media portrays as the homosexual life style.

Scio-Economic Analysis

When you study the socio-economics of homosexuality in relation to primitive cultures, it is easy to understand why there has been a long standing hatred by heterosexuals for homosexuals. It is important to understand that older cultures realized that the potential survival of a culture depended almost completely on the children from that culture.

Life expectancy in primitive cultures was very low. It normally ranged between 25 and 35 years of age for the average life expectancy in tribes and cultures. You have to understand that at least two thirds of the people would not live to achieve the average because of the few who would skew the average high by living considerably longer than the average. In such a culture, raising children up to adulthood as quickly as possible was critical to survival for the family and tribe.

If life expectancy is only 25 years of age and you begin having children at 13, you will most likely not live long enough for your oldest child to reach 12 years of age. The reason why the first born male was so very significant, is because the males did the hunting and fighting necessary for family and tribal survival. If the father died before the first born son was old enough to hunt for the family, the family often starved to death or became a burden on the rest of the tribe.

In the hunter/gatherer societies, it was very important for the first born male to become a good hunter before the oldest male became incapacitated by injury, illness, or age to where he could not hunt for the family. If the father became incapacitated before the first born male reached adulthood, that family became a burden on the tribe decreasing the survivability for the entire tribe, especially during hard times.

In such primitive conditions, it was crucial for every couple or family to contribute the human resources or children to increase the survivability for the entire tribe. Now, imagine homosexual couples who would not reproduce to provide the human resources required to insure the tribal survival but would eventually increase the tribal burden by becoming incompacitated. Such individuals were rightfully seen as a threat to the tribe and were persecuted to drive them out of the tribe increasing the tribal survivability.

The liberals have dreamed up and are pushing socialism because they don't want to be burdened with raising children and caring for their parents as is required by nature to increase the potential for survival of the species. They have dreamed up the concept of letting the government care for their parents and them when they become old or other wise incompacitated so they don't have to worry about having and rearing children to care for them.

The mentality of socialism is that, I don't have to worry about raising children to care for me when I become incompacitated because the government will do so. But it ignores the fact of where the government will get the money with which to care for them. They skirt this issue by calling the money taken by the government in taxes to care for them as government money. This mentality makes homosexuality allright and even good because it is seen as people not producing children will not place a burden on other people but on "the government."

The ugly truth is that the government still has to get the money to care for you from your children and, if you don't raise up children to pay those taxes, you do become a burden on everyone else's children and the economy as a whole without providing the human resources to meet that burden. Therefore, homosexuality is a socio-economic threat to even a socialist society.

Proof of this is the current problems we are facing with social security and the other socialist programs in not having the funding to continue these programs at their initial level because liberal mothers murdered off approximately 40 million unborn babies over the last 30+ years and the tens of millions of homosexuals did not have children to pay those taxes but all of these people are reaching an age to where they will be needing those socialist government services. Because of these short falls in taxes, most Americans will never be able to retire and increasing numbers will be denied medical services.

This short coming of socialism is also beginning to impact the capitalist part of our economy because people who invested in stocks so they could retire later in life are going to have tens of millions of fewer young people to sell those stocks to so they can have the money required for retirement. It is inevitable that the global stock markets will crash in the not so distant future because of the liberal socialists, their abortion, and their homosexuality. When this happens, it is very probable that we will have what is called a biological die off because the economic crash will be so severe that as many as over one billion people will starve to death.

In other words, the liberals have greatly decreased the potential survival of our species posing a threat to all of us. The truth is that, no matter which economic system you use, the children are and always will be our future. This means that homosexuality will always be a socio-economic threat to mankind and we must realize that adopting some one else's children is not the same as reproducing.

A current example of this is the declining populations in cities with large liberal and homosexual populations with San Francisco having the fastest declining population in the US. What will happen here is that, as the population declines, the taxes gathered by San Francisco will also decline, the city will have to cut back on services letting city properties fall into a state of disrepair, the life style will rapidly decline until the city is in such a state of disrepair and crime is high enough that a mass exodus will occur bankrupting the city. This will accelerate as the current population begins aging and stops working or becomes increasingly incompacitated further decreasing the tax revenues. This will be caused by the liberals not providing the human resources to continue the survival potential in their community or "tribe."

Another threat homosexuality poses to our communities is that their extreme promiscuity and lack of relationship stability is causing an epidemic of incurable and terminal sexually transmitted diseases. These diseases pose a threat to the rest of us in several ways. First, the homosexuals don't just transmit these diseases to each other often killing innocent heterosexuals especially through things like tainted blood supplies or other methods of blood contamination.

Second, these diseases incapacitate people younger and increase the required medical treatment among a group of people who are already not providing the human resources to help meet such needs placing an increased tax burden on the rest of society. This only increases the socio-economic threat to our society.

Marriage and Adoption

The main topics requested for discussion were marriage and adoption. Decades ago, the liberal media and others began their deceptions about the homosexual life style in order to begin pushing or selling it to the rest of us. One of the first things they did was adopt the term "Gay" to show that their life style is gay or happy. This is a deception because I found out that their life style is anything but happy and, since my studies, I try to refrain from using the term gay in referring to homosexuals because it is a lie and I refuse to lie.

Through liberal and homosexual psychology, my wife made available to me some statistics that I found to be shocking and contradictory to what the liberals are portraying as the homosexual life style. The most important of these have to do with relationship stability and domestic violence. It has been over 15 years since these statistics were made available to me so I only remember them in a general sense but, for this essay, that will suffice. If you want more precise statistics, you will have to do the research yourself.

The statistics for relationship stability for lesbians is that the average relationship only lasts from two to three years. This means that most lesbian relationships do not last two years. Their relationships are very unstable with a very high rate of turn over but the relationships for homosexual males is much worse with an average duration for relationships of only three months meaning that most homosexual male relationships don't last even three months.

In spite of these statistics, the liberal media regularly use incredibly rare relationships which have lasted ten years or longer to sell the idea of homosexual marriages. This is obviously misleading and a cover up because, if the general public knew that the vast majority of their relationships were much shorter, they would not even think of permitting homosexual marriage. Homosexuals currently represent only about 10% of the population but I conservatively estimate that, if homosexual marriages are legalized, they will quickly overwhelm our civil courts with an increase of at least 30% of the current divorce rate or higher.

The second set of statistics has to do with domestic violence. I was amazed to learn that domestic violence among lesbians is at least two to three times higher than among heterosexuals and is at least 5 to 10 times higher among homosexual males than among heterosexuals. Not only that, their instances of violence are much more violent and more frequently resulting in serious injury and even death than among heterosexuals.

I was informed that steps are being taken to keep this last statistic from the general public to the point that law enforcement agencies in many of the larger, more liberal communities with large homosexual populations were instructed to not report cases of domestic violence between homosexuals as domestic violence. Therefore, these statistics are probably much lower than what really occurs.

A prime example of this was a case my wife worked on in which the butch (dominant lesbian) regularly beat her lover to the point of hospitalizing her. To stay out of jail, she was quietly required to have regular psychological therapy with my wife as the counselor. My wife thought she was making significant progress when she went to work one day to find that, after leaving the previous day's counseling, the butch went home, severely beat her lover, killed her lover, and then committed suicide.

Not so much as a mention of this murder/suicide made any of the media. If it had been a heterosexual murder/suicide, it would have made the TV news in even Los Angeles for at least a few days.

Legalizing homosexual marriage will force the police and news media to report all such cases of domestic violence among homosexuals as domestic violence and the liberal media will no longer be able to cover up the dark side of homosexuality. I conservatively estimate that, within a few years of legalizing homosexual marriage, the homosexual community will overwhelm our criminal courts with anywhere from 40% to over 50% of the current case load for domestic violence.

These estimates are very conservative when one realizes that adding the stresses of marriage to such unstable and violent relationships will only increase the instability and violence in these relationships. Even the liberal media will not be able to cover up the dark side of homosexuality any longer. In other words, this is another case of liberals insisting on something they should not even want.

I found that the reason for such violence and instability is that the homosexual community is founded primarily on hatred. I was amazed at the level of hatred for the opposite sex in the homosexual community. Surprisingly, I found that at least 80% to 90% of that hatred was directed towards homosexual members of the opposite sex. It was interesting to watch the transitions of pretending to be good friends when they were together or in public because they had a common cause in promoting homosexuality. But you should be there when they get home from their "Gay Pride Parades". Things are not quite so gay.

There were a number of different groups of homosexual males and females that we frequented from Los Angeles to San Francisco on a regular basic. It was interesting at how freely her lesbian friends would discuss their hatred of males after my wife put them at ease. I also found that, if I shut up and just listened and watched, they would very easily and quickly forget I was there so that hate talk about males would escalate until they suddenly realized I was still there.

My favorite story about this had to do with a group of lesbians we visited south of Monterey, California who were operating a Christmas tree farm. There were half a dozen of them who quickly accepted me and I found a place by a wall in the dining room, shut up, and listened and watched playing wall paper. By not interacting with the discussion, they quickly forgot I was there and quickly drifted into a moderate hate discussion about males with at least 90% of this discussion being about homosexual males. After about 15 to 20 minutes of this casual and increasing hate discussion, two more lesbians returned home to join the discussion with one of them staying in the kitchen and not entering the dining room so she could not have seen me or known I was there.

When this last lesbian joined into the discussion, it became extremely hate filled towards mostly homosexual males and continued at this level for at least another 15 minutes until one of them sitting across the table from me working on something on the table just suddenly remembered that I was there. She suddenly froze with a look of horror and "oh crap" on her face, slowly looked up at me, and said just loud enough for the others to hear, "Carl's here!" You could suddenly hear a pin drop as the others followed her gaze to me with looks of equal horror and surprise.

To put them at ease, I said, "It's OK, it doesn't bother me," and my wife said, "He's OK." To my amazement, they quickly eased back into their hate filled discussion though at a lower level with the lesbian who had remained in the kitchen continuing to rant, even after realizing I was there, for at least another half hour.

For the homosexual males to open up to me with their lesbian hatred, all that had to happen was for my wife to leave the premises. As soon as they heard her car engine start, the lesbian hate started with amazing vigor.

I found it very interesting that they hate each other more than they hate heterosexuals of the same sex. It seems that the reason for this is that both of the homosexual sexes see the same heterosexual sex as being potential lovers who just need to be seduced. The bisexuals also see members of the opposite sex from the heterosexual community as being potential lovers who need to be seduced. It is important to understand that they don't see any sexual potential in the opposite homosexual sex which is why them hate each other so much. The only commonality between the two homosexual sexes is to sell homosexuality to the heterosexual community and that is only a false public display. In this regard, they are no more honest than used car salesmen. It is just an act or public show. You might call it good marketing.

It should be obvious that I am against legalizing homosexual marriage for the above reasons but my main concern is permitting homosexuals to adopt children. To me, it is horrifying to think of subjecting helpless children to such incredibly unstable and violent relationships filled with such hatred. We should be ashamed of ourselves for subjecting children to such a living hell.

A one year old child adopted into the average homosexual male relationship will have from 60 to over 70 step fathers by the time they graduate from high school. They will have witnessed and been victims of constant domestic violence and hatred for the opposite sex. The same child adopted into the average lesbian relationship will have from 8 to over 12 step mothers in the same period of time with only slightly less violence and about the same hate talk about the opposite sex.

Who in their right mind would subject any child to this kind of hell? I believe it is only a matter of time and these children will grow up reveling incredible stories of relationship instability, domestic violence, and hatred further exposing the dark side of homosexual life. I will not be surprised to see, in the next 20 years or so, numbers of children adopted by homosexuals filing class action law suits against everyone involved in making the homosexual adoption of children legal even going after the individuals including liberal journalists who promoted homosexual adoption when they knew about such behavior statistics. It isn't if, but when will this happen.

Homosexual Marketing

In spite of these terrible statistics, the liberal media and Hollywood have gone on a major marketing campaign to shove homosexuality down out throats trying to convince us that it is not only OK to be homosexual but is better than being heterosexual. They do this largely by bashing on heterosexual males portraying them as being inferior and stupid when compared to homosexual males, portraying homosexual males as having a better taste in clothing, art, and decore, and portraying homosexuals as being cool and heterosexuals males as not being cool.

The latest attempt to seduce heterosexuals into becoming homosexuals is the "Metrosexual Male" campaign. This is basically a semi-homosexual male being portrayed as being the coolest while heterosexual males are being portrayed as not being cool and being stupid. This is a two step seduction process where they seduce men half way to being homosexuals and then will later introduce a program to seduce them the rest of the way.

Interestingly, most heterosexual females are saying they would never date such a male because they don't portray the masculine qualities that most females want in a man. So far, most of the liberal attempts to ram homosexuality down our throats have failed and are still failing but they just keep on trying with different shows and programs that keep failing. They refuse to accept that most heterosexuals are not interested in the homosexual product. But don't expect them to accept reality and give up soon.

God's Law

After reading the above, it should be obvious why the much more intelligent being, God, would call homosexuality an abomination. It threatens every aspect of survivability for any group, is based largely on hatred, is very violent and unstable producing tormented children, and is a culture based on lies and deception. The question here is why would a very intelligent and rational being be permissive of such a terrible and destructive culture?

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