How God Works

This is going to be a little complex so follow closely. I have been wanting to write about the November election but I have been very ill and am still pretty ill. I am feeling a little better now and will try to write the article.

One thing I want to share with you here is how God never does anything for just one purpose but always has a number of things He achieves with each move He makes. For example, my being ill was to work out some things in my life but God has also used it to keep me from writing this essay until He was ready for it to be written. Personally, next time, I would appreciate it if He just told me to wait to write an essay. :-)

The first thing we have to do is turn the clock back to Satan's move of developing liberalism in order to lead people away from God and to Satan's side but we would have to go back thousands of years to when Satan first developed paganism. I just want to go back to Satan's move of developing Communism to give his people control over the world and to eradicate the capitalism favored by God's people.

Communism, also known as socialism, was designed by Satan to be an economic control system he would use to have absolute control over everyone. Think about it, if the communist government does what Carl Marx proposed, taking everything everyone had and equally distributing it to everyone, it puts the government in complete control of everything and everyone, especially your finances. After all, if you are not a good little commie and don't go along with everything the big, controlling commie government says and does, then the big, controlling commie government will cause a "clerical error" so you don't get your money back from the commie government and send you off into red tape hell to clear up that clerical error until you are a good little commie, at which point the clerical error will magically disappear and you will get your money so you can live.

But, if you persist in not being a good little commie, eventually, you won't get your money you need to pay the rent for the commie government owned apartment you live in, the commie owned car you drive or buy the commie food you need to live. When the rent comes due and you can't pay because of the clerical error they created to punish you, they will call you an irresponsible little commie and give your commie owned apartment to a good little commie who can pay the rent because he agrees with the government all the time. This will cause you to loose your base of operations where you sleep, eat, and prepare for work so that you can't go to work as all good little commie's do. When you can't work like all good little commie's do because of their clerical error, the big commie government will send you off to a work camp until you see the light (work makes free) and become a good little commie ready to be reintroduced back into the commie society or you die. Your choice. As a matter of fact, the only choice they permit you to have.

Satan's power mad liberals hate capitalism because it puts you in control of your finances so that you can have the freedom to disagree and stand up to the government preventing it from controlling you and putting you in a position to control it. Under capitalism, the liberal socialists/commie's can't control you and force their Satanic wishes on you and you can take a stand for God and what is right. This is the only reason why the liberals persist in forcing their socialism/communism down our throats in spite of the fact that it has failed and is failing every where it has been tried and is being tried around the world.

Satan's crowd has been trying to achieve this in the US for over 100 years. To do this, they have used the quiet infiltration method to seize control of the Democratic Party, the main media, including Hollywood, and other organizations and institutions like our colleges and universities. As a little extra insurance, Satan was smart enough to also infiltrate some of his liberals into the Republican Party and they have become known as RINO's (Republican (conservative) In Name Only.)

God permitted Satan's boys to get what they wanted so everyone else could see how bad it really is and that it just won't work causing many people to turn to God for a better way. God knew in advance that the liberals getting what they wanted would eventually cause the problems I have explained on previous pages and cause them to lose power to the conservatives in the Republican Party. He also knew about the RINO's and knew how to get them out because God understands the principal He taught Abe Lincoln, "united we stand, divided we fall", better than Abe.

When the Democrats lost power because they got what they wanted and the Republicans gained power, Satan's insurance plan kicked in preventing God's little conservatives from doing God's will and cleaning up the mess Satan's boys and girls created, love, and want to keep. The hogs love their pen the way it is and don't want anyone cleaning it up.

God knew this would happen and that it would expose Satan's RINO's causing God's people to get rid of the RINO's in one of several ways while God helped out in other ways. In the last election, God's little conservatives voted some of the RINO's out of office and put conservatives in office during the Republican primaries. God knew this wouldn't solve the entire problem because God has some conservatives clinging onto their little corner in the Democratic Party and He needs to get all of His conservatives in one party and the liberals out of that party so that when God puts that party in control, the party will do the will of God. In other words, God is flanking Satan's earlier moves.

How is God doing that? Easy, He caused one of the liberals, Howard Dean to realize in the 2004 presidential election that the liberals can't win unless they get conservative votes because the conservatives had already out numbered the liberal voters like I told you they did. At first, Dean saying this at all, much less publically, was paramount to liberal blasphemy and resulted in him being turned on and beaten by the liberal media and other leaders causing him to lose the Democratic primary election for the Democratic Presidential candidate.

But the election proved Dean to be right so he was appointed to lead the Democratic National Committee (the DNC.) Knowing that it is impossible for the liberals to return to power on the liberal votes alone, Dean developed the following strategy using the anger of the American people against the RINO's to get the liberally controlled Democratic Party into power in both the House and Senate.

To do this, Dean knew he had to quietly run true conservative Democrats, known as Blue Dogs, against Republican RINO's in key races. The trouble with this strategy is that it would make the Congress AND the Democratic Party both more conservative than when the Republicans were in control of Congress. This would mean that the Blue Dogs would vote conservatively and not help but would hurt the cause of the liberals, even with the liberally controlled Democratic Party back in power. You see, the conservatives would be in the majority, not the Democratic Party.

To solve this problem, the DNC came up with the following strategy. They would make an example of a liberal who refused to vote 100% along party line by running a more liberal candidate against Lieberman, in effect, firing Lieberman for not going along with the Party on absolutely everything. This did very well with Lieberman losing in the Democratic primary but Lieberman flanked the move by running as an independent beating the DNC "good old boy" in the election to keep his job. Slap one in the face of the liberals and Deans liberal plan begins to unravel.

So Lieberman kept his job, both Congress and the Democratic Party became more conservative, and the Blue Dogs knowing that, if the DNC screws them because they vote conservative, they can always run as independents to keep their jobs. By voting with the conservative Republicans, the Blue Dogs, have already defeated the liberals in a number of actions such as appointments to key positions in Congress and interfering with the advancement of the liberal agenda.

The DNC plan back fired on them (slaps two through four.) God got rid of more RINO's in Congress and increased conservative control in both Congress and the Democratic Party by using Satan's own strategies against him. As a matter of fact, the important thing is that it is not the liberal Democrats who are in the majority in Congress but the Conservatives (from both parties) who are in the majority in Congress. But, even after thousands of years of losing these little battles to God, Satan refuses to believe he cannot outsmart God. So Satan had the DNC develop the following strategy.

In order to scare the Blue Dogs into being good little party members and vote with the liberals, the DNC decided to threaten them with the same thing they failed to achieve against Lieberman. (Yeah, I know, not too swift, are they.) After all, we know that one of the most important liberal concepts is, "if it fails the first time, do the same stupid thing again and again and again until the stupid thing succeeds." Liberals are determined to get what they want regardless of how many times the end result sucks convincing me once again (for the billionth time) that the first and most important requirement for being a liberal is to not have a lick of common sense. They are really into beating dead horses even after they have turned into a pile of bones. They refuse to accept that their ideas could possibly be wrong and stupid. They think that, if they beat those bones hard enough, long enough, and in different ways, they will eventually get up and run.

Like I have said before, the liberals are the best sitcom on the planet. They keep my sides hurting from laughter. Hang in there, fools, everyone needs a good laugh. Keep beatin' them bones.

But they were smart enough to realize that, with enough abuse, some of the Blue Dogs could always just walk across the isle to the Republican Party giving the Republican Party back control of Congress so the DNC has been quietly recruiting RINO's to walk across the isle to the Democratic Party to keep the Democrats from losing control of Congress if the Blue Dogs walk. Now that the liberals have persuaded dozens of RINO's to soon walk over to the Democratic Party, the liberals in the Democratic Party are threatening the Blue Dogs the same way they did Lieberman.

Hold it!!! What, did the liberals flunk math? If the conservatives are in the majority in Congress, all the liberals unite in the Democratic Party, and the conservatives unite in the Republican Party, who is going to be in the majority when the dust settles? :-) Yeah, by now, those of you with common sense have figured out that God is moving His conservatives into the Republican Party and the liberals out so the conservatives will be united and in control when God returns the Republican Party to power. Is God brilliant or what? :-)

What is happening is that the conservative VOTERS have staged a civil war against the RINO's in the Republican party telling them to get lost and the liberal LEADERS have staged a civil war against the conservative Democrats (most of them southerners) telling them to get lost and don't have enough brains to realize that this message is not only going to the conservative Blue Dog politicians but also to the conservative Blue Dog voters in the Democratic Party. Having studied history and knowing the strength of the southern conservative spine, I know that telling southern conservatives to be good little servants of an oppressive governing body is not a good thing. But the liberals who have high jacked the Democratic Party (mostly northerners) have not learned this lesson. The southern conservatives seceded once against an oppressive governing body, they will secede again, right into the Republican Party.

But, it gets better. By causing the Republican Party to lose power in this last election, God has created a sucker punch against, not one, but two groups of people. You see, the liberals and the Muslim terrorists persist in believing that the reason conservative people voted for more Democrats wasn't because more of them were conservatives but because of Iraq. This has caused both groups to become emboldened and over confident in their "victory" which is causing them to be more open about who they really are.

First, the liberals have been increasingly making it more obvious that they really are the commie traitors they have been denying they are. They have been saying they are socialists and not communists even though they are the same bird with two different names. That is like the American Kestrel saying it is not a Sparrow Hawk. The intelligent and informed people know better.

The liberals have been increasingly blatantly showing their support and love for communism by showing their love for communist criminals like Castro and Guevera and for existing communist leaders like Chavez and Noriega. How can they not be communists if they love communism and communists so much? God is making it very clear to everyone in America that the liberals really are the commie traitors they have been denying they are.

The other thing God is making obvious to Americans is that this war against terrorism is not a war of radical Muslims against the US and Israel but a war of all of Islam against the entire world. With the success of the Democratic Party, nuts like Iran's Amadinejad are coming out of the closet showing their true colors and taking a direct stand against the entire world. More and more of them are openly threatening to conquer the rest of the world and showing that it is not because of the Crusades or anything else but because of the Koran just like I have been telling you.

More westerners have been realizing who the real enemy is and now know who they must defeat to keep from being over run by oppressive Islam and having to live under Islamic law. In a later essay, I will address some of the more significant developments in this war since I last wrote and what you should expect. But, at least for a while, I need to rest and get better.

hopefully, now, you can better understand how God works, realize that He is in control and not anyone else, and that all things DO work for the good with God regardless of who is doing them. Keep the faith and fight the fight. It ain't over till it's over and those who know Bible prophesy know who will win because we read the end of the book. :-)

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son so that who so ever believes in Him will have ever lasting life.

BTW, thanks for the e-mails about the site, they helped keep my spirits up during my illness. God (Yahweh) bless all of you.

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