Hydrogen Fuel

Tonight on the news, they showed how all of the automobile manufacturers are following the alternative fuel fad with many of them coming out with hydrogen fuel cars. I warned you about the eventual side effects of that fuel but no one wants to listen. They want to rush off following another foolish fad to make a buck because Hollywood and the media said so.

It is time for me to make predictions based on my observations as I have with other things. By the time they have converted about 25% of the cars in the US to hydrogen fuel, most of them will probably be in the more highly populated areas, you will see significant changes in the weather that the meteorologists wont be able to figure out because they wont realize the cause is our new wonder fuel. They will be confused and dumb founded but you will remember where you read those effects.

The first effects will be that, in the areas of greatest use and down wind from those areas, the average humidity will steadily increase until the "harmless" water vapor emissions reach a point so that the humidity will daily be pushed to 100% resulting in daily rain fall during warm weather and daily snow fall during cold weather.

During the warm weather, the level of rivers and other bodies of water will steadily increase until this new wonder fuel develops regular and increasing flooding in those areas with increasing surface water in other areas. The current occurences of flooding will become much more severe until there will be large and increasing areas of land permanently under water. Most of this will be lower lying farm land resulting in more crop damage and higher food prices. This will result in water contamination and diseases such as cholera and mosquito infestations with diseases like the West Nile Virus spreading quickly in these areas. Many areas will virtually become uninhabitable with increasing numbers dying from flooding related diseases.

During the cold weather, the snow and ice storms will increase in intensity until the ice storms cause previously unheard of damage and even killing large numbers of people. The snow storms will turn into regular blizzards until meteorologists begin to relate the storms to days of driving because the storms will become so severe that the people in those areas won't be able to drive for days and, after a few days of blizzards, the humidity will drop to normal until after the people resume driving and drive the humidity back up causing more blizzards and ice storms. This will turn into a regular and vicious cycle of terrible blizzards.

In areas, such as New York City, where three feet of snow is considered extreme and a blizzard, they will increasingly see worse and worse blizzards. The snow depths will steadily rise to over five and even ten feet per blizzard.

By the time they have converted 50% to 75% of our cars to the new wonder fuel, hydrogen, the resulting storms and precipitation will regularly cripple the economy and make increasing areas uninhabitable. The damage will be indescribable and all because they had the follow the fads created by scientifically ignorant Hollywood and the media to make a buck. I expect the worst damage to occur in the Pacific Coast, Mid West, Southeast, and East Coast areas because these areas have the highest regular humidity and largest populations. What I expect to happen in the Southwest is increasing humidity resulting in severe thunderstorms and flash flooding during the summer and harder winter storms. There may occur increased foliage decreasing the deserts.

If you think about it, this should all be common sense because, if you dump that much water vapor into the atmosphere, it has to go somewhere and that somewhere will be increased precipitation. That is the only possibility because all water vapor that goes into the air eventually all comes back out as precipitation. The more water vapor you put into the air, the more will come back out and the faster it will come out. This is a major no brainer.

I find it absolutely amazing that not one of these experts, scientists, and engineers has figured this out. They will eventually but the question is after how much damage has been caused to our environment?

One of my major concerns is that, by the time they realize the cause of the problem, the new wonder fuel will have triggered a new ice age destroying about half to two thirds of civilization and resulting in wars for habitable land. We should begin to see the effects of this new wonder fuel within five to ten years depending on how fast they sell the new hydrogen fueled cars. The faster, the sooner.

If this new wonder fuel triggers a new ice age, the winters will steadily grow longer and colder with more snow and the summers will grow shorter and milder until snow will simply not completely melt in increasing numbers of areas and at increasing rates and amounts. Eventually, summers will disappear in the more northernly climates ending any farming or ranching and making such areas totally dependent on other countries and forcing more people to migrate south until conflicts develop.

So much for harmless water vapor. Too much of anything can be bad and even kill. I have learned that you must always ask, "and then what?" about everything.

Write it down, put my name on it, and date it. It must happen. There is no other possibility. The science is good.

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