Idiot RINO's

First, a RINO is really nothing more than a liberal Republican. A liberal Republican has little, if any more, common sense than a liberal Dummycrat. Since they are lacking common sense, they are both fools.

Unfortunately, it seems that the RINO's have seized control of the Republican Party. In their great and superior brilliance (just like the liberal Dummycrats), they have decided that only a liberal Republican can win the presidential election this coming November and have taken it upon themselves to use hook and crook (just like the liberal Dummycrats) to get the most liberal Republican, John McCain, nominated as the presidential candidate for the Republican Party in spite of the fact that I have shown that conservatives now make up more than half of the total number of voters.

This great brilliance of theirs is based on the Muslim Stream Media lie that the reason the Dummycrats won control of Congress, was because the people were against Iraq and not because of the deceit of the Dummycrats in offering poser conservatives for the Republicans to vote for. In their simplemindedness, the RINO's decided that this meant the majority of voters are now liberal. Based on this great brilliance, the RINO's took it upon themselves to work to get McCain nominated. I told you liberals are fools.

Add to this that the majority of conservative bloggers are "secular conservatives". Remember that secular is a liberal term used as a nice way of saying God hater. Therefore, anyone who calls themselves a secular conservative is saying they are a social liberal and economic conservative. Because of this, the majority of the conservative bloggers beat down and lied about the only two true conservatives to make the top five in the Republican campaign this year for their beloved RINO buddies, Rudy and Romney. The majority of the Republicans and conservatives wouldn't vote for Rudy or Romney because they know these two twits are RINO's and not true conservatives. But now those same conservatives won't vote for either Fred Thompson or Huckabee because the RINO media labeled both of them as being too liberal in order to get their RINO buddies nominated. That only left the ultraliberal, McCain, getting votes because most conservatives just didn't show up to vote because they won't vote for liberals. You know, like I told you.

In their great brilliance, the RINO media got themselves stuck with the worst liberal in the Republican Party because they are too foolish to realize that the conservatives already knew that both Rudy and Romney are RINO's and the RINO media convinced the conservatives that Fred Thompson and Huckabee are even more liberal. Gee, I wonder why the conservatives didn't vote for any of them and just stayed home. (/sac).

But the idiot RINO's are not smart enough to know this and they figured the conservatives will show up to vote for just any Republican because they are one. The problem is the conservatives are not as stupid as liberals and don't just vote party because their gurus or gods tell them to. Conservatives think for themselves and will cross party lines to vote for a conservative. The RINO's don't understand this because they are fool liberals.

Now we come to the folly of the Great RINO Plan. They had dreamed up, in their great brilliance, that the conservatives will still vote for just any Republican and that they would also get enough liberals from the Dummycrat Party to get McCain elected. It won't happen because the conservatives won't vote for the liberal McCain and the Muslim Stream Media is in the process of causing all the air headed liberals to blindly fall in love with their new Caliph, Obama. McCain will lose by a landslide and we will have our first ever Muslim president, will lose the war against terror, and could find ourselves living as slaves under Shiria Law.

In a mind boggling show of stupidity, the RINO's in charge of the Republican Party have convinced even the conservative leaders to try and help build support for McCain against Obama and Hillary. It won't work because I don't think that even most Republicans realize just what is at stake with this election and they know that McCain is one of the three most liberal members of the Senate. Most of them just won't vote for the guy so they will stay home. The conservatives voting for Dummycrat conservative posers should have proved this. End of debate.

To make things even worse, when the conservatives stay at home, they also won't be voting for conservative Republicans for Congress. This will cause the liberal Dummycrats to win Congress by a landslide. Remember that I told you that the worst thing the conservatives could do right now was to stay at home but they don't see any need to vote because everyone running for President (except for Huckabee, whom they have been told by the RINO media is a liberal) is an idiot liberal and they WON'T VOTE FOR LIBERALS! Get a clue, you idiot RINO's!

What should the conservatives do?

They should run a true conservative like Duncan Hunter who has not yet been beat down by the lying RINO media as a third party presidential candidate with a well loved and known conservative vice presidential candidate like either Cheney or Bolton. The conservative voters WILL cross the party line to vote for this presidential candidate in droves. The trouble is that I don't think there is enough intelligence left at the top of the Republican Party to make this happen so you better start reading your Koran and practice praying towards Mecca.

I believe that what has happened it that God drew a line in the sand for us to choose which side we will stand on. Will we choose to stand on His side or the other guy's side. He gave us a true conservative for President but he is a Christian preacher. We were voting for a god and not just for a president and God was saying you will either vote for Him or the other guy. The RINO's in charge of the Republican Party and the RINO media hate God so they worked to destroy Huckabee choosing the other guy.

Now, unless you Christians pray your butts off and God performs a miracle to get Huckabee elected as the presidential nomination for the Republican Party or any conservative including Huckabee as a third party candidate with the conservatives learning the truth about Huckabee, you are going to get the other god in charge and God will turn His back on this country. You know, like He did for Israel and I told you He would for us.

God is giving us a test and we are failing. I believe that God is doing this to show that the US is no longer His country but a pagan country which hates God. I believe that this is being done at this time because God is getting ready to send His Christians and orthodox Jews to Israel following the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 to build that country into God's new country. As the pagans have continued to seize control of America, they have been increasing their persecution of both Christians and Jews. God always uses such persecution to move His people to either go somewhere else or do something else.

By rejecting Huckabee, this country may have just become a pagan country which will persecute the Christians and Jews until they leave for Israel, will begin a rapid social and economic decline, and could even end up dividing up into two or more smaller and less powerful countries with at least some of the middle and lower class becoming some form of slaves. I believe that only the prayer of the conservative Christians and Jews can now save this country.

Pray long and pray hard. God has performed greater miracles.

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