Iran's Nukes

We are going to do a little exercise in military intelligence where you have to figure out what is going on based on bits of information. It is like trying to determine the picture for a jigsaw puzzle without all of the pieces. The first requirement is to have the needed knowledge in the areas of science, military, and politics to be able to understand what is and is not important information.

First, to develop nuclear weapons grade material for building nuclear weapons, you have to develop fuel grade material used for nuclear power plants. That is about 70% of the task but requires most of the time, which can take a year or more depending on how good your equipment is developed.

The last 30% of the task to developing weapons grade material will only take about 3 months with US quality centrifuges. But it has been recently reported that Iran's engineers have developed more efficient centrifuges which can get the job done sooner. How much sooner, we don't know, which becomes a scary unknown. All we do know is that it will take them less than 3 months to process the material from fuel grade to weapons grade.

We also know that Russia recently shipped over 85 tons of fuel grade material to Iran greatly accelerating their nuclear weapons program to within less than three months of obtaining weapons grade material. This means that Iran will have weapons grade material in even less time and be able to make nuclear weapons significantly sooner.

Shortly after those shipments arrived in Iran, it was reported that Iran now has a "little" of the gas required to begin developing weapons grade material.

The problem here is that the term "little" is a subjective term which can mean anything. For example, a cup of water is a lot of water compared to a teaspoon of water but is only a little water compared to Lake Michigan. So what is meant by a little?

In such cases, for national security reasons, you have to assume the worst and hope for the best to prevent bad surprises. In military matters, you only want good surprises and not bad surprises because bad surprises will get you killed and good ones get the other guy killed.

Therefore, we have to ask how much is a little gas? Is it not enough for one small nuke in the kiloton range or not enough for many nukes in the megaton range? We can't safely assume they don't have enough for even one megaton nuke and must assume they have enough for at least one or more megaton nukes. Besides, with over 85 tons of fuel grade material, it won't take them that long to develop enough gas to start developing weapons grade material for quite a few weapons in the megaton range.

Add to this that it has been reported that Iran is already making the physical structures for the warheads and you know they are getting ready to build nukes in the near future or even in the present. Add to this that Iran has advanced multiple warhead technology which is capable of delivering two or more warheads launched by each missile. Time is obviously short.

Now you will have some Europeans, Americans, and others in distant countries saying that we still have time to counter Iran's nukes because we are so far away from Iran. That brings to the table the latest event in Iran's nuclear adventure.

First, Russia stupidly provided Iran with ICBM missile technology. Second, Iran just successfully launched a satellite proving they can deliver their nukes globally.

You have to understand that, in order to deliver nuclear warheads via missiles to a country as near as even Israel, Iran will first have to get those warheads to at least a low orbit, orbit them to the target area, and then cause the warheads to drop from orbit falling on their target. Since Iran can launch a payload into full orbit with their Sahab 3 missiles, they will be able to deliver nuclear warheads to targets anywhere on earth by orbiting those warheads until near enough to their targets to drop those warheads on those targets. This puts everyone on the planet at risk.

The worst thing is that Iran has blatantly stated they fully intend to use their nukes against Israel and the rest of the non-Muslim world in order to conquer the world for Islam instead of just using them as a deterrent. If you have read the Koran, then you know that the Koran requires that they use their nukes to conquer the world for Islam.

Plus there is a little known fact that the military uses satellites for targeting their missiles and Iran just launched a satellite. Oops.


It should be obvious that Israel and the rest of the world have an absolute maximum of three months to destroy Iran's nuclear program or they WILL get nuked by Iran. The problem is that the rest of the world is dragging its feet hoping the problem will go away just like Europe did prior to WWII. Gee, I guess our brilliant, all knowing, all wise, highly educated, and grossly over paid natural elites running this planet just don't learn from history.

That leaves only Israel to save the world and they may have as little as one month or less to destroy Iran's nuclear program. The Israeli military knows this and know they must act very soon or they WILL get nuked by Iran. This means that the IDF has very little time to get Olmert's head out of his butt so he will do the right thing, get Olmert politically replaced by some one who will do the right thing, or seize control of the government with a military coup so they can do the right thing, or get nuked by Iran.

Iran knows that no one else will do the job because they are all idiots and is trying to prevent Israel from striking before Iran can have at least a small fleet of nukes. That explains why Iran's top terrorist planner was mysteriously assassinated in Syria.

Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas, and the PA are trying to use this "assassination" as an excuse to start a conventional war against Israel by all parties involved to tie down Israel's Air Force so that Israel won't be able to stage an assault on Iran's nuclear program until Iran can develop, deploy, and use their nukes.

It is very likely that this assassination was staged with puppets being sacrificed to make it look like their leader was killed. All they would have to have done was get a few regular terrorists into the car by telling them to deliver the car to some one else and set off the bomb by remote detonation. After the explosion, no one would be able to tell who was in the car because there wouldn't be any identifiable parts left of the victims.

So, what do you think the IDF will do next and how long will they wait? They can't wait much longer unless they want to get a really nasty tan.

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