Illegal Immigrants

Everyone knows the main reason the Commiecrat Party wants to legalize illegal immigrants, is to get 10 million more votes for the commie's. But there is another reason the immigrants probably don't know about, the illegal's will have to start paying taxes. The Commie's see those immigrants as a new source of money so the commie's can keep right on spending their butts off.

So, should the immigrants really want to be made legal US citizens?

For most of them, absolutely not! You have to realize that better than 80% of the illegal's in this country only want to make as much as they can for a period of time so they can live better in their countries and then return home. They really don't want to become a permanent fixture in the US. That automatically means that better than 80% don't want to become legal citizens in the US, especially since most of them would have to give up citizenship in their home countries. Less than 20% want to stay in the US and with some living as parasites off of the government and our tax dollars or by committing crimes. The rest work very hard for very little money doing the worst jobs, most of which, very few Americans would do, even for a decent wage and during these hard times.

I had a friend here in the Southwest who wanted to build a home and tried to recruit US workers to do the construction. He only got one worker show up to help build his home. He was forced to recruit green card workers from Juarez, Mexico to get the job done in a timely manner. He didn't have a choice because he couldn't find more than one American who would do hard labor, even for decent wages. Most Americans have become too spoiled and will only do the easy desk and computer jobs and then complain because those jobs are too boring. Believe me, the illegal's are not taking jobs from many US citizens because most US citizens won't do those jobs today. Don't believe me, try to get US citizens to show up for work involving hard labor, even at a decent wage. Most of them would rather live on Welfare than work.

Then the illegal immigrants' employers will have to start paying the illegal's minimum wage instead of under-the-table-wages at below minimum wage, which would cause almost all of the illegal's to lose their current jobs and become unemployed. That would put the illegal's in competition for the remaining jobs, of which there are not many and most of the illegal's are not qualified for. Then there will be the problem that the illegal's will have to start paying taxes so the commie's will be able to increase spending some more. The illegal's having to pay taxes will only decrease their income and take the illegal's longer to earn enough money to be able to return to their home countries, where they really want to live, just financially better off.

Then there is the problem that the illegal's would have to be held by the same standards as the rest of us US citizens such as not getting free medical service and having to "qualify" for things like Social Security, Welfare, and such. Since our government would know where the illegal's are living, the illegal's would not be permitted to live two or more families per apartment because Social Services would require them to only live one family per normal family unit which would start costing the illegal's a lot more money further decreasing the money they can send home and increasing the amount of time it would take them to get back home.

For example, it is not uncommon for three or four families of illegal's to share a three bedroom apartment meaning that they are only paying one fourth to one third of the rent for that apartment. Suddenly, they would have to pay from three to four times as much for housing further decreasing the money they can send home. This is very significant when you realize that the average person in this country spends from 1/2 to 2/3 of their income (after taxes) on housing.

What would happen if the commie's got their way and passed a bill making illegal's US citizens? First, the commie's would have to set up a system which would require the illegal's to report to the government and register to become legal citizens. Most would simply refuse to show up and keep working as illegal's. Some hard working people, who want to stay, would show up but most of the people who would show up would be the parasites and criminals. Once again the stupid commie's don't know what they are talking about and/or lying and would be very surprised at how few illegal's would actually try to become legal US citizens. Most of them would just ignore the program, keep working and sending money home, and then return to their own countries when they got enough money saved up.

So, with the stupid commie's thinking that making illegal's US citizens would give the commie's more than 10 million new commie voters, the commie's would actually only get about 2 million new voters and a lot of those wouldn't be commie's. The reason a lot of the illegal's are here working for a better wage is because the commie's in their countries have caused it to be impossible for those illegal's in this country to make a decent wage in their home countries. Guess who those illegal's would vote for. Not the commie's. :-)

Once again, the stupid commie's are talking about and wishing for something they shouldn't wish for and it would only back fire on them. Poor stupid commie's, they just can't get anything right. The only things the commie's can do very well at all are lie and steal. Maybe the stupid commie's should just crawl off in a corner and find something shiny to play with.

BTW, when you realize that you spend much more than 50% of your income on taxes (some upper class people as much as 80%) and better than 50% of what remains on housing, plus a lot of the rest for essentials like food, clothing, transportation, and such, then you realize just how little disposable income the commie's have left you by taxing you so much. For most of you, less than 10% of your gross income is disposable income. That greatly decreases your quality of life. Now, why would most illegal's want to become US citizens? If they don't pay income taxes, they have a lot more money to send home to their families AND they do pay most taxes such as sales, gas, and other taxes, contrary to what you are being told about the illegal's not paying ANY taxes. They pay almost all of the same taxes you do except for the taxes which are deducted from your pay checks. Isn't it amazing how the commie media and politicians just can't stop lying to you? I get so tired of being lied to by our media and government.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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