I Told You So 54

In my essay, "Economy", I told you why the unemployment is going down ever so slightly since September and that, when it continued to drop because of the temp hiring, the commie government would start ranting about how fantastically the economy is recovering. Yep, they just did it. You probably guessed that one, right?

Talk about a political sitcom. I have to get me a TV show so I can make fun of the commie idiots with a good political sitcom. Get this picture, they are saying our unemployment is at a "four month low" and is the lowest it has been since July, you know, right after that 600,000 lay off followed by a spring of temp hiring for the census, just like I told you it would happen. Wow, that is a big success! It makes me want to run right out and shoot off a firecracker or something. (/sarc - second thought, why stop now :-) I am just starting to have fun with these stupid commie's).

Let's see, the unemployment first began to drop in September because they began hiring temp workers for the election which took place on November 2 and they increased hiring temp workers in October as the run up to the election built tempo so OF COURSE THE FILING FOR NEW UNEMPLOYMENT CLAIMS IS GOING TO BE DOWN BUT IT ISN'T A RECOVERY!!! It is just temp hiring for a special event which will soon result in temp firing when the event is over. I can't believe they are so stupid they can't figure something that obvious out so they have to be lying. On the other hand, some of those liberals can be pretty stupid.

In October, they began the early temp hiring for the coming Christmas season so that will drive the unemployment down even more. Obama's commie economy got a slight double hit. So the question is how big of a decrease did we get with all this temp worker hiring they are using as a banner to proclaim the economy is booming? You're going to love this. It ain't much. LOL

It dropped by 24,000 in one week (that is about when they were hiring temp workers for both Christmas and the election) and the four week average was 10,000 whopping fewer applicants for unemployment per week (ROFL in tears with both sides hurting.) What a joke!!! Only a decrease of 10,000/week while 446,500 people filed for new unemployment benefits per week. That isn't even a 5% decrease because of temp worker hiring much less the 400,000+ who keep dropping out of the economy in frustration every week. The one week total decrease of 24,000 only comes to 5.4% and the 10,000 weekly average comes to only 2.2%. Oh yeah, we have a booming economy for certain!!! (note more sarc - why stop now?). If you could check it out, I wouldn't be surprised they hired more than 24,000 temp workers during that time, especially with the election ramping up.

These commie losers are so hard up for any good news they will tell any lie to make bad news look good. Please note that the fake unemployment is STILL at 9.6% even with all this temp working hiring. The temp hiring was so small in relation to the firing that it didn't even budge the fake unemployment rate one tenth of one percent. What a joke!

OK,the big question now is, "which will be greater in November, the temp firing following the election or the temp hiring for Christmas?" If the temp firing is greater, you know they will conveniently trot out the truth about the temp firing following the election while ignoring the previous temp hiring to cover their lying butts but, if the temp hiring is greater than the temp firing, then you know they will be dancing on roof tops screaming about our booming economy. There will be commie parades every where with confetti and free drugs to celebrate the booming economy.

Why watch TV sitcoms? Just watch the fool commie politicians, commie government experts, and commie "news" journalists, they are much funnier. We have a three ring circus which is nothing but bungling clowns trying to impress everyone with blatant lies. Really bad blatant lies.

They are now even claiming their super recession is over and ended June 2009. LOL Hold it, weren't they just saying we are in a recovering super recession a few weeks ago? I am going to have to stop reading the commie "news" before I laugh myself to death. With all the bad economic news we have had this year, over 600,000 getting laid off in one month, 6 million more frustrated unemployed workers who have quit looking for work, and the recession ended last year? ROFL

I want to know what closet these commie fools are living in. We need to put a peep hole in the door so they can at least get a glimpse of the real world occasionally. They think the only life on this planet is in their little commie closet. At least turn the closet light on, fools.

A really big question none of the "experts" are asking is, "How many million more frustrated unemployed people who have quit looking for work can this economy absorb before the economy implodes?"

Another really big problem I have warned you about is all of the foreclosures the banks have either been not repossessing or have been not dumping on the housing market in order to stabilize the housing industry and keep from losing even more money from declining home values. The number of these homes has grown to where it is so huge it has to be at least 8 to 10 times the number of repossessed homes which caused the housing bubble to burst a few years ago. The banks finally started making those repossessions and dumping those repossessed homes on the market a few months ago, just like I told you they would have to do in order to keep from going broke. It should only be common sense that it won't be long before this move destroys the housing industry again and it will be worse than the first time around for the many reasons I have explained in the past.

I keep waiting, hoping, and praying for some good news but have not seen any yet. We really need something soon. Most conservatives think the GOP winning control of the House and almost winning control of the Senate is good news but I am waiting to find out from God whether it is good news or is God just painting the liberals and Obama into a corner to force their hand. I keep hoping it is good news but we will see soon. From what I have studied in the scriptures, I would tend think that, if it were good news from God, He would have given us control of both the House and Senate and not just the House. I am watching this one closely.

Another question this brings up is, "Will these conservatives who got this win just say, 'OK, we won,' and just go back to sleep or will they keep fighting until they have a real victory over the commie's?" You can bet the commie's will start putting out propaganda trying to lull the conservatives back to sleep. Watch for it.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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