Who Is Evil?

The lefties have elevated themselves above the rest of us as being the people who get to determine right from wrong and who is good and who is evil. They have established themselves as the conscience of the world. But who really is evil?

I know, let's do another analysis. They always make the truth so obvious and they are so much fun. Let's do our analysis based on the five main groups involved in today's conflicts, the Chinese, Russians, Muslims, Western Liberal Commies Traitors, and Christians. Then, based on our analysis, we will determine who is evil and who isn't evil. This should be fun.


The Chinese seem to have gotten better since they reverted from pure communism to a blend of communism and capitalism but have they? It is difficult to tell with them being such a closed society but there has been enough information leaked out or just plane made known to be able to get a good idea of how evil the Chinese really are. For example, we know from leaked sources that they brutally arrest, torture, and kill many people just because of what those people believe and things those people do which would be considered acceptable in most cultures. We also know that they kill prisoners so they can sell the internal organs of those prisoners on the international black market. For decades, China murdered tens of millions of prisoners so now they are doing it for a profit.

That is pretty evil but we must also ask who are the evil people buying these black market organs? After all, if no one would buy the organs, China wouldn't kill people just for their organs.

We also know that the Chinese have supported entities which wage war against the west so the Chinese can see how their weapons perform in relation to western weapons, especially US weapons. In doing this, the Chinese have supported some really savage tyrants such as Pol Pot who brutally murdered millions of Cambodians. In supporting these military actions, China has cold heartily caused and contributed to the suffering and death of only God knows how many tens of millions of people in China's long term efforts to conquer the world. That is pretty evil.

But, with the Chinese, there is something even more sinister. China openly posts on her government web sites, especially the military sites, what her long term military plans are. Anyone who has been paying attention knows that she plans to conquer the world, killing off everyone except a few million slaves, and repopulate the planet with Chinese. With China having a population of about 1.3 billion people, there being a global population of more than 7.5 billion people and, if we assume China will leave 200 million non Chinese alive globally as slaves, then she is planning on slaughtering more than 6 billion people.

That is pretty evil and would put China pretty close to the top of the list.


Putin is openly called a tyrant by the western liberal commies, except when they need him, but just how bad of a tyrant is he? The main reason why the western liberal commies call Putin a tyrant is because he doesn't adhere to the rules for combat and law enforcement the liberals have forced on the west in order to handicap our militaries and law enforcement agencies. A formerly communist nation (now capitalist) openly doing these things makes it more difficult for the western liberal communists to sell communism and to force their restrictions on us so they call Putin a tyrant.

This is in spite of the fact that communism has had much more ruthless and violent and less humane leaders which the western commies consider their heros or gods such as Stalin, Mao, and Che Guevara. These glorious commie heros killed off over 100 million people from their own countries in the 20th Century alone. I seriously doubt that, in the last decade, Putin has killed even a million people including fighting Muslim terrorists and other military actions.

So what does Putin do which is so terrible it gets him branded a Tyrant when the same liberals calling Putin a tyrant, worship much worse tyrants who murdered over 100 million people in just one century? (Yeah, you got it, hypocrites.)

First, he uses corruption and force to maintain his power so he is running a virtual dictatorship just like the liberals want to force on us. (More hypocrisy?)

Second, he is much rougher on criminals than what the liberals have imposed on the west. Basically, they don't want Putin giving the western conservatives any ideas on how to treat criminals like the liberals so they call Putin a tyrant to discourage us from treating the liberals the way Putin treats his criminals. It is known that Putin is no nonsense and tortures and kills his criminals. He doesn't take any crap from anyone and our liberals want us to keep taking crap from them so they call Putin a tyrant to keep us from getting any ideas from Putin on how to treat our criminal liberals.

Third, Putin uses a no nonsense way of dealing with the Muslims fighting and committing acts of terrorism in Russia. Putin kills as many of these terrorists as possible and then tortures the captives to death to get more information about the remaining terrorists so he can also kill those terrorists. Putin is ruthless and brutal in dealing with his enemies who are killing his people. He doesn't feel sorry for his enemies (even the liberal Muslim allies) and permit them to kill his people. The liberals don't like this because they realize it may give the conservatives ideas on how to treat the liberals and their Muslim allies in the US.

Fourth, when Putin invaded the country of Georgia, he did so swiftly and ruthlessly to end the fighting as quickly as possible. He savagely crushed the nation of Georgia with absolutely no mercy. The liberals have been insisting our troops fight handicapped by being kind, caring, and overly merciful to their commie and Muslim allies which causes the fighting to last longer resulting in more suffering and death for civilians and our troops. Putin just gets it over with so the killing stops sooner and accepts whatever collateral damage is required to win the fight quickly. Putin's attitude is, if you don't like the way I fight, then don't pick a fight with me. Therefore, Putin is called a tyrant so we won't try to immolate his actions saving thousands of civilian and US troops lives.

It is well known that Putin's global aspirations are to conquer the world, kill off all the liberal commie traitors because no one can trust a traitor and enslave the rest of the people. This would probably require killing from a few hundred million people to possibly killing a little over one billion people. This is pure evil but it is the best we have seen so far. Or...maybe it isn't evil and Putin is just trying to kill off all the bad guys planning on conquering the world to protect Russia? I will have to think about that one.

Get it straight, Putin is a power mad tyrant but he is not as crazy as the rest of them and he is practical and no nonsense.


Islam is a ruthless warrior cult which requires its people to conquer the world, slaughter all non Muslim males over 12 years of age, and enslave all non Muslim women and young male survivors while castrating the young males, most of whom will probably end up being beat to death or other wise murdered.

Since there are approximately 1.6 billion Muslims in the world and, if we assume that only half the non Muslim women and young males survive the slaughter, this act of global war should require the killing off of at least 2 to 3 billion people globally with the fighting and eventually killing off at least 6 billion people globally. I have heard from different sources that the first thing the Muslims plan to do after gaining control of nations and the world is to kill off all the western liberal commie traitors because no one can trust a traitor.

Muslims call their women dogs and regular kill their women and children any time the women and children embarrass the family in order to regain family honor. These people ruthlessly murder any one including their own family members for the slightest excuse, even just rumors.

Muslims are constantly waging war against each other butchering each other off by the hundreds of millions while trying to conquer the rest of the world because they are a ruthless warrior cult and, to them, peace is a vacuum which must be filled with constant fighting and killing.

I would have to rank the Muslims at the top of the chart for being evil.

Western Liberal Commie Traitors

By now everyone who has been reading this site knows about UN Agenda 21 where the western liberal commie traitors plan on killing off everyone on the planet except for a maximum of 500 million people with worms like Ted Turner publically calling for numbers of survivors as low as 250 million. You also know about how, just in the US, they have already murdered more than 50 million helpless unborn children so these commie traitors can have their free sex and commit adultery with anyone they want. You also know they are trying to make it legal to murder already born children so they can murder their infants and toddlers to their false pagan gods with their "post birth abortions". You already know they are trying to get it made legal to have sex with children so they can rape children. You also know that they have FEMA death camps like Hitler's work camps to slaughter everyone else off along with their death squads to murder off sick people.

Are these a bunch of cold hearted murdering savages who would make barbarians look civilized or what? And to think that these people call themselves civilized and have managed to pass themselves off as the conscience of world. What lying hypocrites, there is nothing civilized or humanitarian about them. But....it gets better.

Remember that I have repeatedly taught you that no one can trust a traitor?

Let me show you why.

Remember that little number of 500 million which is the MAXIMUM they are planning on leaving alive on this planet so they, the wonderful people don't have to share "their planet" with anyone else? And how about the numbers as low as 250 million that super slime, Ted Turner, is proporting? Hey, I know, let's do some math to see just how evil these vermin really are. :-) I love math.

Let's see, they plan on murdering off all but a MAXIMUM of 500 million people with there being 1.6 billion Muslims on this planet. Wow, gee, does that mean they plan on murdering off all Muslims? Yep!!! But don't these vile slugs say that Islam is a wonderful religion and the rest of us should be tolerant of Islam? Yep!!! Obviously, the traitors don't plan on being tolerant of Islam, do they? Nope!!!

As a side note, have you noticed that when these western liberal commie traitors go to Muslim countries their liberal traitor women keep getting raped and the stupid commie brats can't figure out why their "allies" would do such a horrible thing to the traitor women? The Muslims know, bet on it.

How about the 1.3 billion Chinese the liberal traitors keep telling us are so wonderful and we should all be like them? Obviously, the traitors plan on butchering off all those Chinese the evil slime bag traitors keep telling us are so wonderful. Oh yes, remember that the Chinese plan to conquer the world and kill off everyone except a few million slaves and their own Chinese people? They know.

Then there is the liberal traitors' ally, Russia, which the liberal traitors have been using as an icon for how our countries should be run. Does this mean that these liberal traitors also plan on butchering off all the Russians? Yep!!! And the real reason why these liberal traitors keep calling Putin a tyrant? Because the liberal traitors know that Putin knows and he is showing he knows how to deal with such rotten trash waging war against him and his Russia by "brutally" killing off all the Muslims who are waging war against Russia and this scares the crap out of the liberal commie traitors. By calling Putin a Tyrant, the liberal traitors are hoping they can get Putin removed from power so he won't be able to defend his Russian people against the liberal traitor's planned slaughter. Oops! The truth's out. Did that set you free or what?

Now you understand why I keep telling you that no one can trust a traitor. And the thing is that these traitors can't even trust each other because their own leaders plan to butcher off almost all of the rest of the traitors while those commie traitors are foolishly trusting their traitor leaders. Just how stupid are the commie traitors?

Now you also understand why I keep telling you that, as soon as the west finishes falling, the "allies" to these western commie traitors are going to turn on and slaughter all the commie traitors first because all those allies KNOW that the commie traitors cannot be trusted and are planning on slaughtering everyone else. The very first to go will be the commie traitors. Bet on it. They are dead, they just have not finished kicking yet.

Now to show you how inbred and stupid these commie traitors are, remember that the commie traitors are tearing down their own countries' militaries, while their allies are ALL building up their militaries, so that the commie traitors can cause their own countries to fall so the commies can seize control of their countries and then seize control of the rest of the planet. With what military?

After the stupid commie traitors have destroyed their own countries' militaries, they won't have a military to seize control of the planet or even to defend themselves from their allies, who are planning on killing off all the stupid commie traitors and are going to have very powerful militaries. Believe me that all the traitor's wonderful allies plan to hunt down and slaughter the traitors, everyone of them, for a very good reason, no one can trust a traitor.

Kind of just a little flaw in their brilliant thinking, don't you think? LOL And to think, they have convinced themselves they are intellectually superior to everyone else. :-P Phbt!!! I think they should take a vacation from thinking because they don't do very well, do they? :-) Now you also know that my farts are smarter than those people.

Now, maybe you can understand better why I keep saying there is no way the western liberal commie traitors can win this and that they are all going to die. There is no maybe about it and the traitors are so far along with their insanely evil plans that they have gone well past the point of no return. The fools have destroyed our militaries so they can seize control of our countries without the militaries staging a military coupe to stop the vermin and the traitors have bankrupted our governments and destroyed our economies so that there is no way we can rebuild our militaries to save their evil butts. Oops!

You guessed it, I have to classify these morons as the most evil people on the planet, along with the dumbest, you know the people who have managed to establish themselves as the "conscience of the world" while clearly planing to destroy everyone in the world....and believing they are the most intelligent people in the world. These people are beyond barbaric. They are beyond inhumane. They are beneath slime scum. They are the epitome of evil and deserve everything they are going to get. And they are so stupid that they still have not figured out yet that "End Game" doesn't include them. Oops!


We all know the stories the liberal pagan traitors have been spreading to show how evil Christians are. They tell about how evil Christians waged the Crusades to invade Muslim land and steal from the Muslims, how the evil Christians wrongly persecuted good pagans such as witches, and how the evil Christians conquered the world for wealth and glory. Well, that is their story but I found the truth to be much different.

In a series of Caliphates, the Muslims conquered more land than the Roman Empire conquered. They brutally murdered more than 120 million Christians alone, enslaving many more and murdered untold numbers of pagans who lived in those areas. They brutally wiped out almost every religion in those areas except Christianity and Judaism. Under Sharia Law, the Muslims were permitted to beat up, rape, rob, and murder any non Muslims they wanted any time they wanted for no reason except they wanted. These conquests extended into Europe including all of Spain and Portugal, Southern France, Southern Italy, and a big chunk of Eastern Europe including all of Greece.

It took the Europeans more than 300 years to regain control of their lands and free themselves from the brutal rule of the Muslims. After the Europeans had freed themselves from Muslim tyrany, the Pope began getting letters from Middle Eastern Christians begging for help in also freeing those Christians from brutal Islamic rule. Europe staged a series of Crusades attempting to free those Christians but, ultimately, they failed until the Imperialism of the West when Europe conquered most of the world. It was only then the Christians around the world were finally freed from their oppressors. Most people don't know that, by the time of European and US imperialism, Christianity was already found every where around the world.

Gee, those Christians freeing other Christians from oppression by tyrants was so evil, wasn't it?

Then we have today's pagans telling us how evil the Christians were for brutally oppressing sweet, king, innocent pagans. You know, like them.

The truth is that all pagans were using human sacrifices and loved to kidnap Christians, especially children, to use for those sacrifices. The Christians fought back forcing the pagans underground to protect themselves and their children.

Have you ever heard the Germanic fairy tale, Hansel and Grettle? It is a fairy tale Germanic Christians made up to teach the children about witches and what not to do to keep from being kidnapped and used as human sacrifices by the witches. These Christians understood that the children would remember lessons better if the lessons were taught with interesting stories or fairy tales. Most of the witches tended to live on the outsides of the towns which would have been in the woods just like in the fairy tale. The Germanic people didn't have candy and, for a treat, especially for the children, they used ginger bread. The Christians found out that the witches were using ginger bread to lure the children to and into the witches homes so the witches could more easily kidnap the children and the fairy tale was teaching children to not accept ginger bread from women to go into their houses. The Christians also found out that the witches used the blood from sacrificed children to make ginger bread which is why the fairy tale has the evil witch turning children into ginger bread. You would be surprised at how much truth there is in most fairy tales.

Gee, those Christians were so evil for fighting and killing those murdering pagans to protect themselves and their children from being used as human sacrifices to pagan gods, weren't they?

The lying liberal pagans falsely tell us that Islam made huge advances in science and education in an effort to demean Christianity and the many good things Christianity has done for the world. Interestingly, the few innovations made under Islam were quite insignificant and done by the Christian and Jewish slaves. It is also interesting that those innovations quit as the slaves died off.

The real truth is that the vast majority of innovations in all areas were brought about by Christians. Almost all of modern science, math, medicine, education, government, military advances, cultural improvements, and many other things were brought about by Christians. The first schools for most children were Christian schools often held in Christian churches and they used to the Bible to learn to read. Christians have had more positive effect on this planet and less negative effect on this planet than any other group of people. Are we prefect? No, but we don't even come close to being evil like our liberal commie traitor pagans who have caused more evil on this planet than anyone else and are currently working towards bringing even more evil on this planet.

By all rights, I have to place Christianity at the bottom of the list of evil because Christians have done much more good than the evil they have caused.

BTW, did you know Putin is a Christian? He is Orthodox. I saw a picture of Putin and his wife in an Orthodox Christian church having their child baptized. Did you know that the brutal tyrant, Putin, has made huge strides in cleaning up organized crime in Russia? You know, criminals like our liberals. Did you know the brutal tyrant, Putin, is currently waging a vicious war against Muslim terrorists to protect his people and he is doing better than we are? Gee, I wonder why our Christian hating commie traitors keep calling Putin a Tyrant. Maybe the rest of us Christians should learn from Putin how to deal with our criminal liberals and fight wars. He is doing better than we are. Think about it.

If nothing else, you Christians might want to make nice with Putin because he may end up being the only ally we have and may end up saving our butts. Russia USED to be our enemy. She may not be now. For me, the jury is still out on that one. I need more intel and definitely not from the left.

Putin's big problem is he can't trust the west and he is isolated between the Euro commies, the Muslims, and the Chinese. I guess he figures the people he can trust the most for right now are the Chinese and the Shiite Muslims. (Not the Euro commies?) I know Putin knows that, after everyone else has been destroyed, he will have to fight the Chinese and the Shiite Muslims.


Now you know that the most evil people on the planet are the self righteous, condescending, hypocritical western liberal commie pagans who have usurped the title as the conscience of the world. They have been exposed. They are nothing but a lie and are working towards the greatest evil in the history of the world but their brilliant plans are doomed to fail and they will pay with their lives. Our concern is surviving their evil plans. Therefore, you need to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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