Last night, I realized it is time for me to write about inbreeding, basically God said, "Hey, stupid, it is time to write about inbreeding because your readers are not getting the full picture when you talk about inbreeding so they can't understand how serious this is". It is nightmare time, people.

Having studied history, archaeology, culture, religion, and biology, I have learned there are things I see that none of the people who only study one or two of those things can possibly see. They are missing one of the most important pictures in history.

Before you get started, you have to understand that evolution has a much bigger problem with this than Biblical creationists because both start with one set of parents, the evolutionists start with parents who had mutated or damaged DNA, which would have been much worse, and Biblical creationists start with parents with perfect DNA that was degraded by God twice, once with the fall of man and once following the Flood, which would still not be as bad as starting with the damaged DNA of the evolutionary parents.

Therefore, what I show you concerning the Biblical parents would be thousands times worse for the evolutionary parents. Basically, genetics, history, culture, and religion prove that evolution simply could not have happened because man would have become extinct tens of thousands to more than half a million years ago and could only still exist today because of Biblical creation.

First, you have to understand that we humans didn't even know about DNA and genetics until about 70 years ago so they could not have begun to do the research in relation to history, archaeology, culture, and religion I have spent the last half century doing on my own AND I have not heard of or read about anyone else who has studied all of these sciences, much less done the research I have done. They simply can't see all of the dots I can see to connect.

This is more Nobel Prize stuff I will never see a Nobel Prize for. This is just being written to teach you how bad our situation really is and what the x-spurts, who got dem the right degrees from the right unkneebersities, are missing.

Now, what are the problems that inbreeding causes?

The better known problems caused by inbreeding are a decrease in intelligence and increase in insanity but that isn't all. For example, the Hapsburgs developed a specific skull structure and they passed on to their children because of their inbreeding. You have to understand that other inbred families will develop other skull structures or bodily deformities and pass those deformities on to their children because they pass on the damaged DNA that causes those deformities.

Once the DNA for a group has been created by inbreeding to cause a specific physical structure or medical problem, that DNA will be passed on to their descendants and cause those same problems in most of those descendants. That is DNA 101, people, and, if you study genetics, you learn to recognize those problems when you see them.

For example, in studying photographs of American Indians from the 1800s I noticed a number of different skull deformities within specific tribes that were clearly caused by inbreeding and when I show you how quickly inbreeding happens, you will better understand.

Other problems we know are caused by inbreeding include infertility that will eventually cause a group to not be able to reproduce and then die off the way the Hapsburgs died off, "mongolism" with the flattened face and visible eye deformities, autism, and other medical problems. This is some really serious stuff, people.

I have learned, based on observations, that two very important symptoms for heavy inbreeding are greed and a lust for power because, remember that inbreeding causes insanity and greed and a lust for power are just forms of insanity. Greedy and power mad people behave irrationally or in an insane manner because they are willing to oppress, enslave, and murder other people for power and money. That ain't rational, people. That means that ALL of the upper class trash have inbred themselves nuts with an occasional sane person like Trump emerging.

Listen, even the greedy and power mad upper class trash royals will tell you that mass murderers are insane and when the upper class trash royals murder massive numbers of people for power and money they are not also insane? Really?

What should that tell you?

All of these upper class trash staging a coup of the US Government by murdering millions of people with their COVID19 con for power and greed are bonkers mad from too much upper class trash inbreeding!!!! Prove me wrong!!!!

It is like I have been telling you for years, the crazy people are in control of the planet.

Now, do you understand why God told me it is time to write this?

How fast does inbreeding happen?

It depends on your culture, which is why you have to study human culture. You see, there are a number of cultural habits that have accelerated inbreeding in humans for thousands of years and when I show you the basics, you will know that we are ALL heavily inbred because of a combination of biology, culture and history.

Any time, you have a small group of people like a village or tribe living together, marrying within their group, and bearing children, you will very quickly begin inbreeding and ALL of your ancestors did this for hundreds to thousands of years.

Don't believe me?

Study history and archaeology.

We have two main human behaviors that have regularly and consistently accelerated inbreeding throughout history. First, even in large cities and towns, people tend to inbreed because they tend to marry and reproduce within just part of that community, which will very quickly result in inbreeding. The upper class have been very bad at this.

For example, if we use a very conservative model of each family only having four children within a community of 100 adults or 50 married couples, you will see that inbreeding begins within just 3 to 4 genetic generations.

You have to understand that most people talk about generations based on life expectancy, which is about 40 to 50 years, but when I talk about generations, I am talking about reproductive or genetic generations because people have historically begun reproducing before they die. Until recently, people around the world married and began having children at between 12 and 15 years of age and today, most Western people still marry and begin reproducing at about 18 to 20 years of age. Therefore, for this study, when I refer to a generation, I am referring to a very conservative reproductive generation of 20 years. It is actually much worse than that but, by now, you should be used to my estimates being VERY conservative so that it is always much worse than I tell you.

If my 4 children marry children from 4 other families, then those families become part of our family and all of the resultant children will have my DNA and will genetically be part of my family. That is a genetic family.

That means that my DNA in that gene pool goes from me to my 4 children to their 16 children in just two generations and remember that this is an extremely conservative estimate because, until about 70 to 80 years ago in the US and still continuing in many nations today, it was much more common for a couple to have from 8 to 15+ children, which would spread one parent's DNA through that gene pool much, much faster.

I don't lie about my estimates being conservative, do I?

Now it gets really complex for even a good biologist to follow so hang on. If you get lost, go back to where you got lost and start reading again. As usual, I will keep this as simple and short as I can.

Those 16 children will not only have my DNA and the DNA of my wife but they will have the DNA of those other 4 families so that, if any of those children marry each other or any of the other children from those other 4 families or my family, they will be inbreeding, which will begin to cause genetic damage, which, at first, will probably but not always be minor but that genetic damage adds up quickly.

Gee, that sure happened fast, didn't it?

We are talking about inbreeding occurring within 2 to 3 genetic generations or only about 40 to 60 years of that community being established.

Now understand that, throughout history, people, A.K.A. your ancestors, have inbred in two basic ways. First, within a larger community, people tend to marry and reproduce within a smaller part of that community, often referred to as a "neighborhood", which should be obvious, it quickly results in causing inbreeding and genetic damage that will be passed on to their children.

This is very common in any community that is large enough for them to develop different classes such as little Alamogordo, New Mexico, where I live, that only has about 30,000 people. We have at least half a dozen to a dozen different neighborhoods or cultures in which people marry and breed. The most heavily inbred community is the very small upper class community because in ALL upper class communities around the world, because of pride and arrogance, it is not acceptable for them to marry and reproduce with lower class people so they intermarry between themselves, which is why the upper class trash royals have been inbreeding for more than 3,000 years and are one of the most inbred groups on the planet, though, there are a few even worse inbred groups and we will get to those.

The second thing that tends to cause heavy inbreeding is migration because people tend to migrate as families to other areas and separate themselves from other people in those areas so they tend to inbreed very quickly.

One really great example is when the people began to migrate from Babylon, the Bible makes it very clear that the three families of the three sons of Noah tended to migrate as families and it also records that those families were already marrying within their families so they were genetically separated from the other two families, decreasing their gene pool.

Historians and archaeologists can't figure out who the Neanderthals were and why they had significant physical differences from the rest of us,such as their skull shape, especially now that genetic research has proven that most of their DNA was the same as our DNA. At the very least, they were our cousins.

As a biologist who has studied history and archaeology, the answer is very obvious. They were a family that fled the cities in the Middle East to get away from what we biologists call "population density stress" to more peaceful and open areas with no other humans. These people began living in caves and their inbreeding caused them to form that unique skull and other physical deformities, you know, just like the Hapsburgs, before they began to separate into different tribes or family groups, which caused them to pass down to their children their damaged DNA.

Where did they go?

Clearly, their inbreeding was so bad because they were such small groups of people that they quickly inbred themselves infertile so they couldn't reproduce, you know, just like the Hapsburgs, and they died off, you know, just like the Hapsburgs.

People, when you are a small family out on your own in the wilderness, your children are only going to be able to marry with and reproduce with each other, called incest or inbreeding. At the very best, you may start with enough members of an extended family that they will be marrying first cousins so the inbreeding will just take little longer but you will eventually end up with the same results.

When you have studied all of those sciences, it is kind of obvious, huh?

Other great examples, and history is full of such examples that historians are missing because they don't study biology, is when the Spanish settled the Southwestern US. They migrated into the area in very small groups that set up very small communities that existed with very little, if any, outside contact for more than 300 years, from the 1500s until the 1800s, which should tell you that those families were very heavily inbred and many of those communities still exist today, 500 years later, and are still inbreeding in remote areas.

People, these migratory habits have been VERY common in history for ALL of your ancestors and I am only using these Spanish as well known examples of your ancestors' migratory behaviors.

Another example is the culture of most Muslims who will only marry and reproduce within their extended family, almost always marrying first cousins or even siblings. These are some of the people who are even more heavily inbred than even the upper class trash royals. The Muslim birth defect rate is estimated to be at least 2 to 3 times greater than the normal global birth defect rate because of their very severe inbreeding.

Please note that this is the kind of inbreeding that ALL of your ancestors were doing just a few hundred years ago. If you study history and archaeology, you will fund that marrying your siblings was quite common not too long ago and the Bible even makes a record of this when Abraham married his half sister. Note that no one condemned it in the Bible because it was an accepted practice to the point that, for hundreds of years, Pharaohs were REQUIRED to marry their sisters, daughters, or mothers.

People have been trying to figure out why the Muslim reproductive rate has dropped below the global average, especially with them having up to 4 wives, and it is clearly because they are increasing their own infertility by inbreeding so heavily, you know, like the Hapsburgs did.

Another thing that is accelerating the problems caused by our inbreeding is that we keep destroying large portions of our gene pool, decreasing our genetic diversity, by murdering people and removing their GNA from our gene pool. This has been going on for thousands of years for a number of reasons.

First, you have the upper class trash royals going off on wars to steal more land from more people, murdering hundreds of millions of people over thousands of years with their stupid wars massively depleting our gene pool so the upper class trash royals can steal more from more people faster so they can live lives of luxury on your backs.

It is like I have told you, those "intellectually superior upper class trash royals who know what is best for you" having been causing almost all of our problems for thousands of years and they now have a bunch of stupid people supporting their current actions to commit mankind suicide with their globalism by murdering off more than 7 billion people in a very short time removing all of their DNA from our global gene pool.

Wow, I am really impressed by their intellectual superiority. (/sarc

Based on my observations, if they succeed, they will wipe out mankind within the next 50 to 100 years because they will so massively deplete the global gene pool that the remaining "superior" upper class trash royal whites will quickly finish inbreeding themselves completely infertile and die off. That is a pretty easy prediction, people.

Gee, maybe God was right when He said, "Thinking themselves wise, they have made themselves fools." I believe that God was mostly but not totally talking about the upper class trash and they are proving.

Their globalism is the stupidest thing the upper class trash royals have ever thought up in all of history and they are so stupid from so much inbreeding they think it is brilliant. The thing is that they think they are intellectually superior to you because dey stole more money dan you or dey could earn. "Hey, I gots me more money dan yuze soze I gots to be smarter."

Based on my observations in relation to their really ignorant and stupid globalist plans, Gates, Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Bezos, Soros, and the rest of the upper class trash are very ignorant babbling idiots with more money than brains. They shouldn't be allowed to speak publically. What makes it much worse is there are so many stupid people who are so ignorant that they just blindly believe the great sounding rambling stupid ideas of these rich, arrogant fools who are about to kill off all of mankind with their stupidity.

The wealthy upper class trash royals are about to kill themselves off and too ignorant and stupid to figure it out.

Now, we have to take a look at the affects of pagan religions on this inbreeding problem. All pagan religions have eventually resorted to human sacrifices where, if you study biology, which most of them are too inbred and stupid to learn, you learn that they are removing people from the gene pool and accelerating our inbreeding problem.

If you study history, you will find that all nations which had such religious cults, especially murdering babies and children to their false pagan gods, they quickly inbred themselves insane and stupid enough that they permitted themselves to become vulnerable to invasion by other groups or even just died off.

A great example here is the Maya culture that flourished about 1,000 years ago. They had the really stupid religious practice of murdering their children off from about 4 years old to about 10 years old to their pagan gods and, at the top of their empire, they were known to be murdering as many as 1,000 children per day per temple for regular days and 2,000 to 3,000 children per day on special holy days. You know that didn't help their gene pool.

That stupid slaughter not only depleted their future adult population but also devastated their gene pool so that, about 400 years before Christopher Columbus was born, their civilization began to decline and, within about 200 years, they were so weak that the Aztec Indians swept through finishing off their civilization. 700 years later, the Maya civilization has still not recovered because their gene pool is so messed up.

You will find this is true in all pagan cultures that slaughter people, especially children. Look at the US today. Our pagans have butchered almost 60 million unborn babies to their false pagan goddess, Free Sex, and look at how the lefty pagan culture is in such decline that they had to massively rig this last election to get their power back. You have only begun to see what is going to happen to this nation because these stupid, inbred lefty pagans have butchered almost 60 million unborn babies.

Don't believe me, study history.

People, it is only genetic common sense that, if you deplete the gene pool by murdering people off with things like wars, abortions, pagan human sacrifices, depopulation of the planet, and abortions that it will FORCE inbreeding much, much sooner because your genes will have fewer choices in other genes to mix with. Then you add to that the genetic damage done by the drug abuse pagans love and it is like throwing gasoline on a fire, it ain't going to make things better.

Now, remember that I told you about the symptoms caused by inbreeding?

If you put that together with the drugs pagans use, which we know also destroy DNA, we are in real trouble as a nation and even planet and I see those symptoms everywhere. It is absolutely stunning at the damage the stupid upper class trash and lefty pagans have caused to our gene pool and the price history teaches we will have to pay. Maya Indians, move over.

When I do a comparative analysis between what I observed 50 to 60 years ago in relation to what I see now, it is really terrible. The incidence of things like rapidly increasing insanity, number of children classified as mentally challenged, autism, mongolism, fewer people intelligent enough to question what they are being taught and more willing to accept something as stupid as Marxism, rapidly increasing infertility, and many more such signs, it tells me that we could very easily be within 50 to 100 years of human extinction.

Note that I have found that the number of Marxist and pagans are a very good indicator of the decreasing intelligence and increasing insanity caused by the genetic damage caused by inbreeding and drug abuse.

I conservatively estimate that, if Jesus doesn't come within the next 50 years, there won't be any humans left, especially if the upper class trash nuts set up their global dictatorship.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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