White Supremacy

In this essay, I realized that I need to give you a more complete education on genetics, inbreeding, and addressing the "white supremacy" or "white privilege", which is just another white supremacy lie or bull crap.

People, those white college professors who are teaching white privilege are teaching you that you have a special privilege or advantage because you are white and are superior to others. Than means that your white lefty college professors teaching white privilege are the worst white supremacists there are. Believing and teaching white privilege is racist.

First, let me establish that I am one of those "superior or privileged whites" but I am going to use science to shoot the crap out of that ignorance based lie. I am not superior to anyone because I have white skin.

Get it straight, the whites who believe that whites have a special "white privilege" or are superior because dey is are be white, are just lefty white supremacists and the worst racists on the planet. All of the things the left developed to "help" the "inferior races", you know, like blacks, were dreamed up by white supremacist college professors because they believe that whites are superior to others, especially blacks, and it is THEIR teaching that promotes white supremacy among everyone on both sides of the political spectrum, right or left. These lefty white privilege people are the true and worst white supremacists and racists.

Look, the minorities don't need your help because you are superior to them because your skin is white because you are NOT superior to them.

People, my studies and observations have taught me that there is no such thing as a superior or inferior race. It is all bull crap dreamed up by racist pigs and genetics in relation to history prove it to be true. We are all the children of God and will be judged equally on Judgment Day.

The entire white supremacy thing was dreamed up and started by a WHITE German college professor in the late 1800s, you know, before they even knew that DNA existed so it was based on biased ignorance and not science, and had been taught for more than 50 years by the time Hitler came along and acted on it in the 1930s. It had been taught BY WHITE college professors and media for so long and so much that, by the time Hitler acted on it, it was wrongly believed to be fact and is still believed to be fact today by ignorant or arrogant whites to make them look and feel superior to others because they are so pathetic they have to believe that crap to not feel inferior to everyone else.

Basically, Hitler was just acting on what he had been taught to believe by arrogant and ignorant white college professors and he did not dream it up the way they make it look, you know, to protect white college professors.

So, dey tink dey is are be superior to udders because dey is are be white skinned? Really?

If you study genetics, you find out that the gene that causes white skin is a gene that was damaged by inbreeding and causes the skin to produce less melanin or skin pigmentation to protect your body from the harmful solar radiation that can cause basil cell carcinoma or skin cancer that kills people every year, ESPECIALLY WHITE PEOPLE!

So, let me get this straight, having a damaged gene that makes you more likely to get and die from skin cancer makes you superior to other people whose skin creates more melanin and are much less likely to get skin cancer and die from it? Really? Do you believe me yet that you are being lied to, especially by college professors?

"But duh African blacks test to have lower AVERAGE IQs so dey gots to be inferior." All of the arrogant, egotistical Western white academe just love that lie.

In college, I took four different classes for testing and evaluation for different types of both physical and mental testing and am trained to be able to create tests to evaluate specific things in people, both physically and mentally, and I used this knowledge quite successfully in both coaching and teaching school. I am trained to know what tests prove and don't prove.

The IQ test was especially designed by the Western white academe, you know, them college professor thingies, to be biased towards people who have a Western education to make the people who have the most Western education, you know, the ACADEME, look more intelligent than they are and the rest of the people to look less intelligent than they are. Knowing this and that the blacks in Africa don't get the same quality Western style education should tell you that those "studies" testing the IQs of blacks in Africa are invalid...well, OK, so are the tests testing the IQs of us Western college educated.

I am a perfect example of this. As a kid growing up in poverty, I was actually discouraged from paying attention in class and learning by teachers who kept telling me there was no hope for me because I was poor and they had been taught the lie that the only reason I was poor was because I was stupid and, therefore, there was no hope because I couldn't possibly go to college. They literally told me this a number of times.

Hey, now that is really good motivation, isn't it?

My parents only encouraged me to get a high school education because more employers were requiring a high school diploma to even get a job in construction, which is where my parents thought I would go. They didn't care whether I got As or Ds as long as I got the diploma because the bosses didn't ask what your GPA was, just whether you had a diploma because you having a diploma meant it was more likely you would stay around until the job was done.

Because of all of this wonderful motivation and me being what we called hyperactive and you call ADHD and having dyslexia, which is caused by a bad gene from inbreeding, if the teacher made the subject fun and interesting, I got As and Bs, meaning I wasn't stupid, but if they were boring, I got Cs and Ds so I wasn't exactly motivated to really study in primary education. In spite of this, when I took the IQ test in my last year in high school, I still tested at 139 and 130+ was considered to be genius. According to their test, I was a low end genius and the teachers didn't even notice my score because they were brainwashed to believe I just had to be "supid" because I was poor.

When I studied psychology in college we were taught that there were a number of factors that affect IQ scores including motivation to study, gee, what a coincidence, but they actually gave us a list of about 30+ different things which affect IQ scores, of which I was on the down side for most of them because of my culture so I realized my IQ score should have been a lot higher. I conservatively estimated my IQ should be about 150 to 160 and it turned out to be a conservative estimate.

In college, I was much more motivated by my teachers to study because 1) I didn't let anyone know I grew up as impoverished trailer trash, A.K.A. was stupid, and 2) suddenly finding myself in college when I had been told all of my life there was no hope for me to even go to college really motivated me to do well because EVERYONE had told me I couldn't make it, except one high school math teacher who had encouraged me to go to college and I thought he was nuts because everyone else said otherwise.

You know, I am human and believed that, if everyone believed it, it gots to be true because that is what everyone taught me. It turned out that everyone except that one teacher was wrong and everyone believing something does not make it true. I learned some valuable lessons just getting into college, like don't believe something because everyone else believes it and question everything, which I have done since.

I found I easily did very well in the hard sciences and found out that better than 90% of the people who get college degrees, you know, in the soft sciences, can't even pass freshman and sophomore college level hard science courses because dey ain't smart enough. People regularly flunked out of the hard science courses, went across campus and got degrees in the soft sciences, sometimes even Ph.D.s. I was surprised to suddenly find out that I had gone from not being smart enough to go to college to being in the top 10% of intelligence for those who do graduate from college, which motivated me even more.

Hey, I was suddenly a smarty pants and was loving it. I guess those kids who teased me in grade school were right, I really am a smarty pants. I now have a master's degree, proving almost everyone, including most college professors, wrong.

I also found that most of the college courses other students were complaining about being very difficult, for me, they were easy. I have had some of the toughest college courses on any college campus, you know, like Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Princeton, Oxford, and the other "right unkneebursities", and never had a course I thought was tough. That included courses in "very difficult sciences" most of the people I have known can't even pass the prerequisites for in such things as molecular biology, nuclear physics, and calculus.

So, by this time I was getting just a wee bit suspicious I was a smarty pants and probably well up in the top 10% of the people in the world intellectually. I had realized my IQ score was definitely biased against me because of my culture.

Then, after getting ye ole Western education enough to get a college degree, I took a test for entry into a master's program, later was discussing the test score with someone at a university, after having told them I have dyslexia, which is caused by a damaged gene from inbreeding, I was quickly informed that, if I got tested for dyslexia, with my test scores being so high, I could easily qualify for Mensa, which would officially put me into the top 2% of the people in the world intellectually. I would be recognized as a "super duper smarty pants".

People, that is one heck of a trip, you know, going from being too stupid to even go to college to being in the top 2% of the people in the world intellectually and, because of my more motivated education, my IQ magically jumped from a low genius at 139 to a very high genius at 198+ proving the educational bias of the IQ test. It is just a wee bit of a culture shock, you know.

I honestly thought about testing for my dyslexia, which I obviously know I have, for a while because I am human, I have an ego I already was having trouble controlling, and it sounded nice to be able to whip out a card to officially prove I is are be a real life smarty pants but I already knew 1) Mensa is just an ego trip for people who can't do anything else in life than do well on tests and 2) it costs you a lot money every year for the privilege to be able to whip out ye ole Mensa card to prove you is are be a real smarty pants, which I was 1) just too busy doing things in my life and going places to care about carrying a smarty pants card and 2) didn't care about something that was just ego based when I had already done more in my life than most people who carry the smarty pants card plus 3) I could always take that test later to officially prove I is are be a smarty pants so I just decided, "Screw it, I have more important things to do right now." After all, that card and $3 would buy me a route 44 size soda at Sonic and, if I wasted the $3 on the card, I wouldn't be able to buy the soda.

Another point is that those biased IQ tests white academe love to throw around showing dey is are be smarter dan ebreebody else, are just an average test score and really don't mean anything for any specific individual, you know, like the AVERAGE IQ for African blacks is lower than the AVERAGE IQ for Europeans and Americans. You have to judge people on an individual basis and not based on average test scores. Talk about grabbing at egotistical straws.

I have known and been friends with plenty of blacks, Latinos, Asians, Indians, and other races who were intelligent people and I have known and regularly see rich whites on TeeBee who is are be very obviously really, really, really stupid people to judge any one person based on a silly average test score, especially when I know that score is education biased to make the academe look smarter than they are and everyone else look dumber than they are. I have known some VERY intelligent black and Latino people.

There are intelligent people in all races and there are stupid people in all races. Duh color don't make you smarter or dumber.

I don't judge people based on groups and averages. I judge each person individually based on what they say and do, regardless of race, eye color, hair color, number of feet, size of their ears, size of their pecker or tits, whether they have two or three eyes, or anything else. I let you tell me whether you are a good person or bad person or whether you are an intelligent person or are a stupid person and you will eventually tell me that with your actions and words and none of it has to do with how much money you gots in yuze bank account because there are too many stupid rich thieves in this world, especially stupid rich white thieves who can't earn half as much money legally, you know, in Congress.

Hey, when I look at anyone, I only see two colors; brown or white and the only true white people are the people who have the genetic disorder called albinism or they are albinos, which ain't a good thing. Everyone else, we are just different shades of brown because ALL of our melanin is brown and us thinking we are white or black is just an optical illusion in the brain based on the amount of light being received by your eyes and there are a lot of really stupid brown people in this world.

ALL of this white supremacy or white privilege crap dreamed up by biologically ignorant white academe is just egotistical bull crap. The only thing it tells me is that people who believe it are really ignorant and/or stupid. They are probably believing it because it is the only thing they have to make themselves feel special because they are too stupid to actually achieve anything in life, which is undoubtedly why so many white supremacist college professors are teaching the white supremacist white privilege bull crap. Hell, the reason most of them are college professors is because they are too stupid to get a real job making half as much money.

Most of the white college professors teaching that ignorance based bull crap are so stupid they couldn't pass the prerequisites for the hard science courses I took in college. It is the only way they can believe they are smarter than rocks.

Over the years, OK, for more than half a century, I have noticed a lot of signs for inbreeding getting much worse and that it has reached critical mass. There are a lot of physical attributes and medical problems, which are caused by DNA damage from inbreeding, with drugs making it even worse, that are rapidly increasing, tell me we are in a world of hurts right now.

For example, hemophilia is caused by inbreeding and the magnificent and intellectually superior British and German royal families developed hemophilia hundreds of years ago because their inbreeding was so bad by then, with some of them actually bleeding to death because their blood wouldn't even clot and their inbreeding is much worse today.

I told you that "institutions" for housing physically deformed and mentally challenged children caused by inbreeding were started because the royalty used to put their "little inbred monsters" in castle towers to hide them but they kept getting out at night while their care takers were sleeping so the royals had to invent the haunted castle lie to hide the results of their inbreeding and then started putting their inbred little monsters in monasteries and nunneries to hide them but then the Pope and other religion leaders knew their dirty little secrets and used those dirty little secrets to extort power and money from ye ole royal families so the royals came up with the idea of hiding their inbred monsters in "institutions" where the kids would be dropped off late at night while everyone was sleeping so no one would know where these inbred little monsters were coming from. When they dropped off the kid, they rang a bell to wake the keepers up and then drove like hell to be out of sight before the keepers could get to the door to see who was driving away with the only people who drove carriages in those days being the royals because everyone else was kept too poor by the royals to own carriages.

This inbreeding problem is one of the reasons why the heavily inbred upper class trash royals of today fight so hard to keep abortion legal, you know, so they can kill their inbred little monsters off so they can just quietly bury them and don't have to spend the rest of their lives hiding them.

There are plenty of other problems I see increasing among all races because of inbreeding such as rapidly increasing down syndrome, mental retardation, infertility, and other problems, which increasing numbers of whites are having right along with all other races. There are no superior or inferior races, people. We are all in a world of hurts right now because of our inbreeding and drug abuse, both of which cause genetic problems.

We are all human, we all came from the same two ancient parents, whether you believe in evolution or Biblical creation, and we are all heavily inbred because of our human behavior, especially the smaller groups that have been inbreeding within those groups for thousands of years, you know, like the natural elite, intellectually superior, upper class trash royals who keep screwing everything up because of their insane obsession with more and more wealth and power when they are already the most wealthy and powerful people in the world because they are so crazy they just can't get enough wealth and power.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

Do you believe God yet?

Hey, when you go crazy, the only things you can love are self and money because the love of power is really the love of self, you know, your widdle ego. "Look at widdel me, see how important I am." All the upper class trash can care about is themselves and their bank accounts because they are inbred nuts.

God lifts up and God brings down, I don't care how wonderful you think you are and I am also a great example of that. I got to thinking too much of myself and God said, "Really? Let's see." I was wrong, I ain't as wonderful as I thought I was. The humble heart is a good heart.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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