Infinite Stupidity

So you don't think the liberals have invented infinite stupidity, right? Try again. I just read on that some fool liberals in California have written a law to be voted on by the people in the coming election which will make it legal for people to smoke pot in the work place. :-0

Their stupidity is beyond mind boggling and well into infinite stupidity. It would take much more than a complete imbecile to even think of writing a law which would make it legal to use drugs in the work place. We are talking well beyond brain dead. This can only be the result of infinite stupidity just to write such a stupid law much less to actually put it on the ballot. These people are mindless little children who can only think of their pathetic little physical pleasures and nothing else. Their pathetic little minds are so simple they don't care about anything but immediate physical pleasures which last a very short time. We are talking about people who are clearly not even grown up enough to be considered infantile.

Let's take a look at what will happen.

If this bill is on the ballot and it is voted down, you know the idiot liberals will plunge their bankrupted state into court battles for years because they believe that the liberal courts are supposed to have say over the voters which is wrong and unconstitutional but they get away with it because of the idiot liberal judges who believe the same and because the idiot liberal politicians won't reign in the idiot liberal courts so the politicians don't have to pass the very controversial liberals they also want to be passed but know they would get voted out of office for passing those laws.

This is why the politicians permit the courts to unconstitutionally write laws. The US Constitution says very clearly that the only body or entity which can write laws is the legislature. This means that every law which has been written by a court or bureaucracy is unconstitutional.

If this stupid law does pass and the work places refuse to permit the workers to smoke pot on the job to prevent accidents, then the idiot liberals will plunge those businesses into court battles for not permitting the idiot liberals to "exercise their right to smoke pot at work" until the businesses relent to prevent being bankrupted by the attorney's fees and court costs.

If this stupid law does pass and the work places do permit smoking pot at work, the businesses will face law suits for injuries caused by the pot smoking at work and will be driven into poverty paying for attorneys and court fees along with damages for the injuries.

Guess who wrote this law knowing they will make a lot of money in attorneys fees! It wasn't a janitor.

This is a lose/lose situation for everyone...well...except for the attorneys. The liberals are so simple minded that they think they will win on this one but just use a little common sense (which we know liberals are allergic to) and think about it. If you own a business and they pass this law, you won't be able to afford to keep your business in California because it will go broke with law suits no matter whether you permit or don't permit smoking pot at work. So what will you do? You will take your business to anther state which doesn't permit pot smoking at work so you can stay in business. People don't go into business to go broke.

This will cause a huge additional drain on an already dying California economy which was caused by the fool liberals. Businesses and jobs will leave an already sinking ship even faster, much faster. It will be like a business land rush as they race to beat the law out of state. The really stupid business owners will stay behind and go broke further decreasing jobs in California. The economy will plunge down the toilet even faster decreasing tax revenues faster and causing the state to be forced into bankruptcy even faster. The stupid commie's who do work will lose their jobs and be forced to leave the state to find work in states which don't permit smoking pot at work and the commie's who are living on the state will stop getting state checks when the state goes broke so they will be forced to leave Commiefornia to find work or another free meal in states which don't permit smoking pot at work. Only the corrupt attorneys could possibly win with this one and only for a little while until they run out of businesses to sue for the commie clients then they will also have to leave Commiefornia to find new clients.

This has to be absolutely the stupidest thing the liberals have dreamed up but I have the utmost faith in these fools to dream up something even more stupid in the near future. The depth of their stupidity can't be fathomed by the human mind. It hurts my head to even try to think about how stupid these people really are. I do not exaggerate when I say, "My farts are smarter than liberals because my farts would never do anything as stupid as liberals regularly do". And these people are in control of our country? Our country has become terminally stupid and the liberal stupidity has already destroyed our country but most people are either not educated enough, well informed enough, or intelligent enough to realize the country has all ready been killed, it just hasn't finished kicking yet.

Believe me, liberalism is a terminal disease which eventually kills all countries and hundreds of millions of people. If God doesn't cure this disease in the near future, it is very likely that liberalism could cause the deaths of one or more billion people in the next few years. Liberalism is definitely a form of insanity and I will never give up on the ability of the liberals to dream up something more stupid than the last stupid thing they dreamed up because their stupidity is infinite.

Never underestimate the stupidity of a liberal!

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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