I have told you before that I have a huge amount of respect for Russia's Putin and it is because he has earned it and intelligent people respect their enemies. Actually, it is a love-hate thing. I love Putin because he is the only current world leader who is a man with his own pair of testicles. The rest of the world leaders are candy butt momma's boys whose mothers keep their testicles in a jar at home. I hate Putin because he is a very ruthless, power mad commie who would laugh at Hitler, Stalin, and Mao. But he is still a man and not a poser man. If he were a conservative, born again Christian capitalist who ruled for the people, I would love him to pieces. Wow, just imagine having a man like that on our side of the fence. But he is still the enemy so you better get to know him.

I just read that Obama and Putin are going to have a "face off" over Syria. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Just the thought, Mr. Jello and a man of iron facing off. I wish I could be a fly on one of those walls.

Obama is the exact opposite of Putin. Obama is a spoiled, rich, liberal, doper, brat, commie, momma's boy who has probably never had his faced slapped much less his butt kicked in a real fight. Mr. Jello couldn't fight his way out of a wet paper bag with a fist full of razor blades. If Obama doesn't take mother Jerrette with him, he will get his butt kicked and come home crying to mother Jerrette while she holds the little darlings head in her lap. Putin, Assad, Iran, and others have already proved that Mr. Jello is just a tough talking coward who will back down if just looked at wrong. Red lines, anyone? Hey, Mr. Jello doesn't have enough guts to fight even his own people without disarming them first. Putin does.

Putin is a very tough, old school KGB MAN who regularly works out doing hand-to-hand combat with his own Russian special forces. Could you see Obama workout with a Navy Seal or Green Beret? Bwahahahahaha!!! They would look at him and Obama would run crying to mother Jerrette. At this time, Putin is easily the toughest world leader and knows it. Putin IS the Russian Iron Man.

Putin knows that ALL liberal western commies are a bunch of spoiled, doper, candy butt, momma's boy cowards who are stupid enough to believe their own crap and Putin knows very well how to use that against the liberal western leaders. Putin is a very intelligent but evil man. He knows how to bluff the western leaders, that western liberal leaders don't do anything but bluff unless they gang up on somebody weaker like Lybia, and how to call the western leaders' bluffs. Putin is intelligent enough to know that all liberal western leaders are typical bullies who are also cowards. He knows that all liberal western leaders will only fight some one who is significantly weaker than them like Lybia and even then, they have to gang up on them. Putin knows that, any time a liberal western leader threatens anyone as powerful as Russia or China, they are bluffing and how to call their bluff. Putin is smart of enough to know that this western liberal commie crap about "finding common ground" is really just coward talk for backing down with a really great sounding excuse.

Listen, even if Obama took mother Jarrette with him, Obama is already at least half beat. Why? Remember that Russian Naval carrier fleet Putin has based in a Syrian port? Do you really think Obama has enough vertical anterior structure to go up against a Russian carrier fleet? All Putin has to do is move a Russian Marine unit from that fleet into Damascus and Mr. Jello will run to hide behind mother Jarrette's skirt. If Putin were to fly in one infantry battalion, a tank battalion, and a couple of S300 SAM units, Mr. Jello would wet his diaper. End Game, Putin!!!

Putin will get what he wants but will let Mr. Jello have one or two meaningless little "concessions" to brag about back home so Mr. Jello won't cry.

Just remember that Putin stared down George Bush, who is the best back bone the west has had since Reagan and the Iron Lady. Think Georgia!!! Believe me, the people of Georgia remember how tough Putin really is, he sacked their country with impunity against the western cowards' "protests". And you think Mr. Jello is going to "face off" against Putin, even with a dozen teleprompters? Bwahahahahaha!!! Mr. Jello won't even be able to read without crying. Obama facing off against Putin is a liberal commie media wet dream.

Have you figured out yet that I am ashamed of my president?

Know this, you will not get my respect until you earn it and, if you earn my disrespect, you will get it. I respect Putin because he has earned it and I disrespect my president because he has earned it.

Please note that this essay was not meant to glorify the tyrant, Putin, but was meant to shame the rest of our leaders, because the best global leader is a tyrant.

With a president like Mr. Jello, you better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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