I have decided to share with you some DECLASSIFIED military and intelligence information which has been made public knowledge because 1) some of you were not around when it was made public knowledge or were not old enough to pay attention or 2) some of you forgot about it. I WILL NOT post anything which will in any way provide our enemies with intelligence information which will aid them in defeating our military and intelligence agencies. I find it amazing that most people don't even know about most of this stuff.

NSA Spying

Remember in my post about Snowden I kept saying that there was something missing? Now I am going to show you what was missing. What I am going to show you was first declassified and made public knowledge by Reagan during the late 1980s right after the Cold War "ended" and was later reconfirmed following 9/11. This information I am going to provide you with was made public via some TV show like 60 Minutes or a documentary and I was amazed that they made this public knowledge at that time. We had known about this in the military when I was in from 1972 to 1976. Remember that this is just the nutshell version and it is actually much more complex than this, especially today.

Reagan made it public knowledge, right after the Cold War "ended", (obviously, I don't think it really did end, clearly it just went into a different phase) that the government had been monitoring our phone calls and snail mail (this was pre Internet) since at least the 1960s. The way it was explained was that they had a super computer to where every phone call in the US was fed into RAM where a special program looked for "red flags" such as words like nuclear, missiles, bombs, president, Washington DC, etc. They were looking for any words or phrases which could have anything to do with national security. If no red flags were found, the phone call was cleared out of RAM so the next phone call could be analyzed.

If the program identified a red flag, another program would do a sentence structure and word analysis to see if there was anything worth further investigating. If the second program didn't identify anything worth further investigating, then the phone call was flushed out of RAM.

If the second program did identify something worth further investigation, the phone call was fed to what was said to be the first of three levels of human operators who would see the phone call written on their computer screen while hearing it in their head phones. The first level operators would analyse the phone call to see if they felt it required further investigation. If they didn't feel the phone call required further investigation, they flushed that phone call out of RAM to make room for the next phone call.

If the first level operators felt that the phone call should be further analyzed, then they would send it up to the second level operator who would do the same thing. If the second level operator felt the phone call required further investigation, they would bump it up to the third level operator who would decide whether to flush the phone call out of RAM or send it to the appropriate government agency (some times after consulting with a supervisor) such as the military, FBI, DEA, ATF, CIA, or other government agencies.

Now you have to understand that there were different sizes of red flags. There were little red flags, big red flags, and a full range of different sized red flags in between. If either of the first two programs or the two lowest levels of operators identified a really big red flag, the phone call was automatically bumped up to the third level operator who would usually also consult with their supervisor before sending that phone call to the appropriate government agencies.

That is about all we were told concerning the basics but it should be common sense that, after the Internet got started, they also started monitoring the Internet and, after 9/11, that was confirmed.

Following 9/11, to my absolute amazement, government officials repeatedly stated on TV that one of the top five red flags the government was looking when "spying" on our phone calls or the Internet was the phrase "$25,000 cash". The reason we were given was that, whenever Al Quaeda sent out terrorists to murder people, Al Quaeda gave their terrorists $25,000 cast to get the job done. I was stunned the government would publically reveal such information, especially during a war. Our government was telling our enemy what our government was doing. Stupid!

So, here we are, more than a decade later, with Snowden "revealing classified" information which had been declassified and made public knowledge more than a QUARTER OF A CENTURY BEFORE and it had been publically RECONFIRMED MORE THAN A DECADE BEFORE and he had to flee to China? Of course, I am sitting here wondering, "Why did he have to go to China?" Just what whistle was he blowing? And, if he had actually been blowing a whistle, we have laws which protect whistle blowers so why was Snowden in China?

Obviously, something was missing!! When China and Russia publically declared, shortly after Snowden showed up in their countries, that they now "knew" they could defeat the US in a war, were willing to start that war, and would fight even if it required using nukes, I knew that Snowden was secretly releasing classified US military intelligence to those countries while publically "releasing" declassified information about NSA spying on US citizens as a cover. I also showed you that Snowden had been intentionally infiltrated into the CIA by the lefty traitors. So my big question right now is, "how many more Snowdens are hiding in the CIA, NSA, and military intelligence"?

It is blatantly obvious that Snowden was sent there by Obama and company to betray the US and the NSA spying thing is just smoke and mirrors to cover that up. It is also obvious that Obama and company are in bed with Russia and China. It is also obvious that the liberal media making a big deal about this is just part of the smoke and mirrors to try to cover up the fact that Obama is working with China and Russia to destroy the US.

BTW, the reason why Snowden is "trapped" in a Russian airport is so the CIA can't get their hands on him to find out who was behind this act of treason who his contact was. If Snowden went some place like Ecuador, the CIA would have his butt in a hut in some jungle torturing the intel out of Snowden within two weeks. Clearly Obama doesn't want that.

Concerning the dog and pony show about the US spying on other countries, everybody on this planet knows that everybody on this planet is spying on everybody on this planet. When you see some lying politician getting "upset" and putting on a show of indignation because they "just found out" that another country is spying on them, that is just political show boating to win votes in the next election. Those same lying politicians know that their country is spying on every other country. If they don't, then they are the stupidest politicians on the planet.

Then we have the crap about US citizens getting up set because the government sees their pathetic little phone calls, e-mails, and texting. If you have ever been on Face Book, then you should know that better than 95% of the phone calls, e-mails, Internet postings, and texting are what the government would consider junk and are a waste of NSAs time to read. That is why they have programs checking all communications before anyone reads them. Better than 80% of the people in this country will never say anything in their life time worth the government listening to. Get a clue.

I have absolutely nothing against a GOOD government monitoring my communications to protect our country because I don't have anything to hide. It is when you have a bad government that good people need to worry about it and we have a bad government but not all of our government is bad, only some.

It is with a bad government that you most need to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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