Liberal Sex


In the essay "Polygamy" I showed that the next thing on the liberal agenda to legalize concerning sex was polygamy and why. They have at least two more types of sexual behavior the liberal pagans want to legalize after polygamy and they are not even trying to hide these goals.

The first thing they want to get legalized after they have legalized polygamy to destroy the institution of marriage is pedophilia or to rape children. As they get each new sexual perversion legalized, they get more obvious about their remaining goals and they are being more open about wanting to legalize having sex with children.

First, just because the liberal pagans make something legal doesn't mean you should do it. Being legal doesn't make something right, it can just as easily make the rulers wrong. The Bible clearly states that leaders who lead their people astray will be held accountable for doing so.

You should always live within the constraints of the Bible because, ultimately, it is God you will stand before on judgment day and not your friends, family, religious leaders, politicians, the media, college professors, or any other human. All of those people will stand before God the same as you and won't be able to keep you from paying for your crimes against God's Laws. On that day, all of their witty little sayings they use to justify their crimes won't mean a thing or do anything to save their butts. They will burn just the same.

God gives us children as a blessing because our children are our future. The better we raise our children, the better potential future we have. If we neglect or abuse our children, then we neglect and abuse our future. If we murder our children, then we have no future. Therefore, we will be held responsible for how we raise our children and not just in paradise but also here on earth. Our children are a responsibility and not sex toys to be abused.

God makes it very clear that we are to raise, feed, clothe, house, and protect our children. They are our single greatest treasure and can be our single greatest curse. Today, we are under attack by children who were not raised right and our very lives are at stake.

Jesus said that to harm the least of the children is to be cursed. We didn't raise our children, let the government raise them and we are now reaping the fruits of that mistake. We have murdered more than 50 million of our children to the pagan false god, free sex, and, today, we are a cursed nation. We must not make it legal for people to rape our children. It will only increase the curse against us.

In a previous essay, I pointed out that one reason why the pagans want to legalize post birth abortion or murdering children after they are born is so they can resume sacrificing children to their false pagan gods. It is important to understand that, before these pagans murder the children to their gods, they love to gang rape the children. This is just one more evil reason why they want to legalize raping children.


These liberal pagans are already openly making it known that, after they have legalized raping children, they want to legalize bestiality or to have sex with animals. This is absolutely sick and the Bible calls it an abomination. All sexually transmitted diseases come from animals. For example, syphilis comes from sheep. The organism which causes this disease is not harmful to sheep but destroys the human brain causing insanity and, eventually, death within about 20 to 30 years.

Al Capone died from Syphilis because he slept with the whores in his brothels, spent the last 4 years of his life completely insane out of his mind, and living in excruciating pain. They also believe that King Solomon died at 35 years of age from syphilis because of his harem. Decades ago, I knew a historian whose hobby was to research and study Arab Sheiks who had large harems. He told me that the sheiks almost all died by about 35 to 40 years of age from syphilis, which was much more common in those days. This was caused by two things. First, these sheiks shared the women in their harems with visitors and, second, the women in these harems were often not virgins when the sheiks got them so these harems were all filled with all types of sexually transmitted diseases.

They don't tell you this but all sexually transmitted diseases, if not cured, are eventually terminal. Some just take longer to kill you than others.

How do we get these diseases from animals?

The two most common ways to get these diseases from animals is to have sex with animals or drink the animals' blood. Either way, the organisms which cause the diseases go straight into your blood.

Interestingly, both of these things are forbidden in the Bible. What is even more interesting is that both of these things were common practice in all the different cultures, tribes, and religions of that time, including all of the Egyptian pagan religions that most of the Israelis were practicing before the Exodus. It would have gone completely against human behavior for those people to have written the laws forbidding either practice, much less both, especially since they didn't know anything about biology, microscopic life, and could not have known what caused these diseases. This is also especially true because the symptoms for all sexually transmitted diseases don't show up for anywhere from days to months after the initial infection. The only reasonable answer for those Laws being in the Bible is that a much more knowledgeable being wrote those Laws and gave them to the people of Israel to show Israel how to live better lives. The Law itself is proof that God is real, He exists, and He is alive.

Now what is also interesting about both of these things is that both bestiality and drinking the blood of animals are common practices in pagan religious rituals. The Israelis had to give up their beloved pagan religions to keep from killing themselves but didn't know it. That is also why today's pagans want to legalize bestiality, so they can openly practice their cult rituals. You see,the pagans want to be able to come out of the closet with their religious practices. In order to do this, they must first legalize everything which is part of those pagan religious rituals and is currently illegal. This is why they are fighting for homosexuality, post birth abortions, raping children, and having sex with animals. These are all normal parts of pagan religious rituals. We are under attack by paganism. Get the picture?

God really means it about not committing adultery. He also said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out" and our sins are finding us out big time, as a nation. Interestingly, God gave the death penalty for adultery and we are dying by the millions around the world because of the sexually transmitted diseases caused by our adultery which the liberals told us was free sex. Liberals have murdered off more than 50 million unborn babies because of adultery. Right now our nation has died because of adultery. Personally, I don't like the price of their free sex.

Why are the liberals and Islam working so hard together to destroy Christianity?

Because they have so much in common. They both want or practice polygyny, pedophilia, bestiality, the right to kill anyone you want in your family, especially your children, the right to steal from other people so they don't have to work for a living, and many other things. They have more in common than they differ. The biggest difference between Islam and liberalism is that, in Isalm, only the men get to do all of these things concerning sex, not the women and the liberal women don't know this. Boy, are they in for a big surprise.

It is very important to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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