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Yesterday I uploaded an essay in which I warned you that the cops leaving the blue cities would cause crime in those blue cities to explode.

This morning, I found this video which tells you that the FBI is reporting a 30% increase in murders this year caused by the number of cops decreasing in those blue cities and it is getting worse as more cops leave.

You blue city dwellers can thank your Commierats for this and, if you are still voting for Commierats after this, you are either complicit in their crimes and/or an idiot.

An extremely easy prediction is that this and many other things will keep getting worse until you vote out the Commierats and, with them super rigging the vote, that won't happen so you will have to either flee those cities to never vote Commierat again or storm the Commierat castles.

What will happen is that the Blue cities or zones will end up with either no cops or just the bad cops and and the red zones will end up with all of the blue zone good cops.

Super Stupid

I keep seeing conservatives, especially politicians who keep saying that things are going wrong because Biden and the lefties are stupid showing just how stupid these conservatives are. Quit being stupid.

These things are NOT going wrong because Biden and the lefties are stupid but because they are INTENTIONALLY destroying the US to set up their global dictatorship by INTENTIONALLY causing these things to go wrong.

These conservatives are ASSUMING that, because the things the lefties are doing are causing things to go wrong for us that those same things are going wrong for the lefties but they are wrong because those things are doing what the lefties want, which is to destroy our nation so they can set up a dictatorship to have absolute control of our nation. Quit assuming the left has good intentions

The lefties are intentionally planning for those things to go wrong to destroy our nation.

Are the lefties stupid in that these things will eventually work against them?

Yes, for the long term but not for the short term and their focus is on destroying our nation for the short term so they can set up their dictatorship as quickly as possible.

People, the lefties are planning to cause the harm they are causing, it ain't no accident!!!

The lefties are not just stupid, they are also evil.


I realized after posting the essay about the terrorists bringing nukes into the US that quite a few people might not understand why the feds would take a Geiger counter through an empty tunnel.

If the terrorists smuggle a nuclear device through one of those tunnels, it will leave a trace of radiation that the Geiger counter will pick up telling them that there is a rogue nuke loose in the US they must quickly find.

This tells me that the feds may have gotten word or evidence that a nuke had already been smuggled in to the US through one of those tunnels or may soon be smuggled through one of those tunnels and they were checking.

I guess I need to fill you in on some unclassified nuclear weapons information to help you better understand the situation.

The explosive force for a nuclear device is called its "throw weight" and it is measured by the amount of explosive force that would be generated by tons of TNT or dynamite. For example, a one kiloton (1,000 tons) throw weight tells you that the nuke will have the explosive force of 1,000 tones of dynamite. A one megaton tells you that the nuke will have the explosive force of one million tons of dynamite.

Anything up to about 100K or kilotons is considered a tactical nuke for use on battle fields and anything over that is considered a strategic nuke for use against hardened or strategic targets like military bases or any weapons systems. The tactical nukes can be as small in throw weight as about 100 tons or less with the smaller ones considered or classed as mini and micro nukes.

The US had much more accurate guidance systems than the Soviet Union so the Soviet Union experimented with detonating a 50 to 60 meg nuke to generate enough explosive force to take out key targets by just getting "close enough" but they discovered what the US already knew, which is that a nuke with a throw weight of 30 megs was the most you wanted to use because anything over that required a much larger increase in nuclear material to get that much more explosive force. Two 25 meg nukes would generate as much explosive force as one 50 meg nuke with much less material.

When I was in the Air Force, many of the US strategic nukes were 25 megs but the accuracy of our guidance systems has increased to where, the last time I checked, we didn't have anything over 15 meg nukes because we can put a nuke right down your chimney. Today, most of our strategic nukes are in the 100 to 300 kiloton range because we won't miss by much, if at all.

As far as I can find out, the only nations that might still have nukes in the megaton range are the US, Russia, Britain, and France. I think that most of Israel's nukes are in the 100 to 200 kiloton range, probably about where China's biggest nukes are, and Pakistan, North Korea, Iran, and probably India only have nukes of about 10 to 20 kilotons.

That means that, if the terrorists smuggle one or more nukes into the US from Pakistan, North Korea, or Iran, they will probably be about 10 to 20 kiloton weapons.

Now you have to understand delivery systems.

The US, Russia, Britain, France, and Israel can accurately deliver nukes anywhere in the world with missiles, bombs, satellites, and even torpedoes but Iran, Pakistan, and North Korea can't accurately deliver nukes very far from their own countries.

I know that Iran has experimented with delivering nukes with satellites and cargo ships that would get within range of hidden nuke missiles on the delivery system and launch them at their target.

You have to understand that, because of the shape of the Earth, flat maps are only accurate close to the equator and you can't use them to get accurate targeting information very far from the equator.

The US began flying surveillance satellites, SR-71's, U-2's, and other spy planes over Soviet and other targets in the 50's and 60's to take accurate pictures of intended targets to get accurate targeting information. By about the late 60's and early 70's the US had gathered enough such information to generate 3 dimensional computer maps that could be used for aiming missiles from US soil to anywhere in the world but the Soviets had not so they depended on using more powerful nukes to make up for their guidance systems not being as accurate.

Hey, if you miss it by more, just blow a bigger hole.

Today, the US has a global satellite network that can relay messages to and from satellites on the opposite side of the planet so we can see targets anywhere in the world real time.

I hate to bust some people's bubbles but the world ain't flat.

On the other hand, the Iranians don't have more than a few dozen satellites so they have to launch a nuke armed satellite into orbit, orbit that satellite over an intended target a few times to get accurate targeting information, wait for that satellite to return to within signal range of Iran after each time, download that information, figure the targeting information to program their nuke armed satellite with the next time it comes overhead, and hope that satellite hits its target.

This is why I am pretty sure that, when I saw the star ship blow something up at high altitude one night, you know, that nice, big orange fireball I told you about years ago, it was probably destroying an Iranian nuke armed satellite gathering targeting intel about White Sands Missile Range, which is less than 30 miles from me.

Think not?

Twice since 9/11 Iran moved "cargo ships" from Iran we knew were armed with nuke missiles into the Atlantic Ocean from the southern tip of Africa (if those ships had gone through the Suez Canal, we would have picked up the radiation) with plans of moving it to just outside of US waters in the North Atlantic "for some reason" and both times they never reached the North Atlantic because they both "mysteriously sank" in the South Atlantic. It was probably something in the South Atlantic water or air.

These persistent failures would encourage Iran and/or Pakistan to try to smuggle nukes into the US by terrorists hiding among illegal aliens, transport them to their target, and detonate them.

That is why the feds are checking for radiation in the smuggler tunnels.

Blood Money

It is time to share some history with you to show you what has happened and what is going on right now and why. This bit of corruption, one of many types of corruption that have taken over our nation, is called the US Military Industry.

Remember that, as always, this is just the nutshell version. You could easily write books about the upper class trash corruption.

In WWII, the upper class trash learned they could make a lot of money killing people in wars by selling more and more weapons and other things to the government for your tax dollars and, without people killing each other in wars, they don't make as much money because stuff doesn't keep getting destroyed and needing to be replaced. That is the military industry.

Now you have to understand that those military industry businesses don't just give bribes to corrupt politicians and bureaucrats to buy more of those businesses' products, today most of those corrupt politicians and bureaucrats OWN stock in those businesses, meaning they ARE the military industry and they are running your government. Just a wee bit of a conflict of interest. Don't ever forget that.

When he was president, Eisenhower (Ike) warned you about this military industry and its threat to you. I am going to show you why there have only been 5 good presidents since before FDR; Ike, JFK, Nixon, Reagan, and Trump. You will also learn why I say these evil upper class trash things don't care about you and only care about themselves and their bank accounts. This will open an eyeball or two and you will realize just how much more you are being lied to.

Ike was a good president or he would not have warned you about these evil criminals.

Easily, one of the worst presidents this nation ever had was Truman because he sold you, our troops, and our allies out a number of times, when he was president.

The first time was when he let the Soviet Union have North Korea to turn it into a communist dictatorship.

The second time was when he let the communist Mao overthrow our ally, Dr. Chiang kai-shek, to set up another communist dictatorship in China.

Our lefty commies love to use the excuse that this was good because Dr. Chiang kai-shek was corrupt but the truth is that he never murdered more than 50 million of his people the way Mao did. He definitely wasn't even close to being as evil as Mao was.

The third time was during the Korean War when MacArthur had driven the North Korean Army into hiding in the Northeast Korean Mountains and the Chinese Army was massing 400,000 troops on their border with North Korea, clearly to invade and attack the US troops.

Truman refused to 1) permit MacArthur to finish off the North Korean Army for its war crimes against South Korea and 2) stage a preemptive strike to stop the Chinese Army invasion and attack against his US troops. When MacArthur insisted, Truman fired him and thousands of US soldiers died.

General Chesty Puller of the US Marines also started to stand up to finish the job but the top military brass Truman put in MacArthur's place forced Chesty to back down or be fired and Chesty stayed to take care of his troops.

The fourth time was after the Chinese Army had driving the US and South Korean armies back down to the southern tip of South Korea, then the US Military staged another counter offensive and drove the Chinese Army, now only 300,000 troops back north to what was called the "Iron Triangle" in southern North Korea, then drove them out of the Iron Triangle and the Chinese Army was fleeing north for China, Truman called off the US Military to save the commies, started truce negotiations instead of surrender negotiations, and gave North Korea back to the war criminal North Korean commies, you know, his way of punishing them for starting the war and killing so many people.

In my opinion, Truman should have been hung for treason but, hey, the military industry and US commies loved him and still teach that he was a great president. They just knew that, with North Korea and China staying communist, there would be more wars for both of them to take advantage of and make a ton of money by murdering US troops.

After the Korean War, the Soviet Union and Communist China said, "Hey, we got away with that mischief, let's try again" so they started the Vietnam War.

I told you that JFK was murdered because he was trying to stop the evil lefty upper class trash and one of the things he did was to get the US involved in the Vietnam War to save the Republic of South Vietnam from being taken over by communist North Vietnam, you know, friends of the US commies and upper class trash.

Gee, northern commies trying to take over another southern republic?

It was commie deja vu, baby.

JFK was trying to win that war to protect the Republic of South Vietnam and, when he was murdered, LBJ took over and things got really bad. I previously told you how LBJ escalated and prolonged that war to make more money selling more trucks and jeeps to the US Military with his Johnson Transportation Corporation. LBJ and McNamara made a fortune with that bit of treason and they both should have been hung for treason but, hey, they made the rest of them Commierats a lot of money too.

I told you how they tied the US troops' hands so they couldn't win the war and kill the upper class trash "cash cow" making the upper class trash a huge fortune. I also told you how most of the other Commierats like Teddy Kennedy made fortunes from that war selling stuff to our military so they didn't want to see that war end, which is the real reason it lasted so long, you know, just like the Afghan War.

When Westmoreland tried to quickly win the war in spite of his orders from LBJ, he was also fired. Dem commies just don't like you winning wars against their commie pals.

In spite of this, the US Military had the North Vietnamese Army within 2 weeks of being forced to surrender FIVE TIMES during LBJ's criminal reign but good old LBJ and McNamara made the US Military stop hostilities against the North "to show good intentions" while they staged a phony peace conference in Paris, France ALL FIVE TIMES.

During those "peace negotiations" the North rebuilt, retrained, rearmed, and repositioned their troops for an offensive and, all 5 times, they staged indignation and walked out of the "peace negotiations" followed by them staging an offensive within 3 days of them walking out of those "peace negotiations" ALL 5 TIMES!

What? Johnston and McNamara didn't learn from the first time or two or three or four?

No, they knew what would happen and that it would make them a lot more money along with killing thousands of more US troops but, hey, I have told you that all the upper class trash care about is themselves and their bank accounts. Any time they tell you they care about you, they are lying.

To this day, the lefties tell you that Johnson and McNamara were good leaders. Hey, they made the lefty upper class trash a fortune by murdering almost 60,000 US troops and crippling almost half a million more so dey must be good leaders.

Then Nixon got into office as president. He sat down with his generals, put together a game plan, untied the US troops hands, and quickly drove the North to the peace table, while continuing hostilities against the North with the understanding that the North will quickly sign a peace treaty or cease to exist. I got to be part of that fun.

The North signed a peace treaty in February 1973, ending all of the money the lefty upper class trash were making off of that war and you can bet they didn't like that.

The lefty upper class trash set a trap for Nixon, forced him to resign, and have spent more than 40 years defaming him as the bad guy to cover for their crimes against you. After he was forced to resign, the left passed a law stating that the US Military could not come to the aid of South Vietnam, if the North invaded, and just handed the South over to the North the way Biden just handed Afghanistan over to the Taliban and the way Truman handed both North Korea and China over to the commies. Gee, what a coincidence. At least the Commierats are consistently evil.

BTW, Biden was a major player in handing the South to the North too. Gee, what a coincidence. At least he is consistently evil and once a traitor, always a traitor.

And you think he is just being stupid?

Then Ford and Jimmuh Cahrtuh tore the US Military down to a one front military that could only fight a significant enemy on one battlefield or front, which permitted the commies to more quickly and easily take over other nations, increasing their international influence and power so the commies could take over the world and set up their global dictatorship.

Then Reagan took over and quickly rebuilt the US Military back to being the most powerful military and nation in history, capable of defeating any and all enemies from that time, which forced the Soviet Union to surrender to Ronnie (there went the commie global dictatorship) and free their people from their communist dictatorship and you just know the US commies hated that.

Then, by the strangest of coincidences, Ronnie suddenly got sick with the exact same symptoms that a poison the CIA had been using for more than a decade caused. Gee, what a coincidence.

The left hated that Ronnie proved that a strong peaceful army cost much less than the same strength army at constant war with it getting its weapons blow up and troops killed so they have to be constantly being replaced, making the military industry much, much more money.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil." He didn't lie and our corrupt upper class trash prove that every day.

Then Bush I immediately began tearing down the US Military while openly preaching setting up a global dictatorship under their globalism. He tore down the US Military to prevent the US Military from stopping their global dictatorship. Gee, what a coincidence.

Billy Boy Clinton continued this crime against the US and the world by tearing the Military down so that, by the time Bush II took over, the US military was a less than one front military, that could not beat anyone in a war.

At the same time, Billy Boy had the CIA start Al Quaeda "to drive Russia out of Afghanistan".

After Bush II took over, Al Quaeda staged 9/11, Bush II decided he would invade Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, and North Korea, one at a time, but only built his army back up to a two front army, which was obviously stupid.

After he took over Afghanistan, he had to leave half a front there to maintain control and rebuild that nation so he invaded Iraq with a 1.5 front military, then he had to leave half a front in Iraq to maintain control and rebuild Iraq so he was going to invade Syria and Iran at the same time with just a one front military (half a front for each nation) but realized that wouldn't work so he decided to use that one front to maintain control of and rebuild Iraq.

Who was he going to invade North Korea with, the Boy Scouts?

He never was going into Syria, he never was going into Iran, and he never was going into North Korea. That was all smoke and mirrors.

None of what he said in relation to what he did makes any sense, especially with me now knowing that both he and his father were globalists and actions speak louder than words. Don't forget that.

I have spent a couple of decades thinking about this in relation to the actual outcome and I think he used the 9/11 attack (Billy Boy and the CIA set it up?) and invasion of Afghanistan as a cover to invade and take Iraq from Sunni Muslim dictator Saddam Hussein to give control of Babylon to the Shiite Muslims, who also want to rebuild Babylon to be their global capitol for their global dictatorship just like ye ole Western globalists do. Gee, what a coincidence.

Obama took over and I showed you years ago how he started the actual rebuilding of Babylon with your tax dollars, tore down the US military again so it couldn't stop their dictatorship, and had everything set up for Hillary to finish setting up their global dictatorship but Trump got in the way and spoiled their plans.

Trump quickly destroyed most of their plans and rebuilt the US Military to stop what he knew was happening so they super rigged the election to get rid of Trump, are now trying to consolidate their power in the US and around the world so they won't lose control again before they can finish setting up their global dictatorship, and they are forcing the US Military to take their killer vaccine to permanently destroy the US Military so it can't stop their global dictatorship but God is running interference for us right now with a lot of setbacks for the upper class trash that are frustrating and making the upper class trash more desperate. They are right now trying to set up their global dictatorship with the help of their Muslim pals and other allies.

Biden just gave back control of Afghanistan and used that implosion of their government as a cover to bring tens of thousands of Muslim terrorists and their war against us to the US to wage war against you at your home, terrorize you into submission to their dictatorship "to save you", and keep you from resisting their grab for power and control.

Clearly, COVID 19 was a biological warfare attack against you to terrorize you into submitting to their mandates and will "for your good" but that is beginning to fail so they are bringing in Muslim terrorists to finish that job.

The point is that, if you are a good president, you may very well end up dead because the upper class trash will murder you. We have only had 5 good presidents, who cared about this nation, its people, and its troops in almost 100 years and most of them ended up dead or destroyed. Pray for Trump.

Do you get the picture yet?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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