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Worshipping Satan

Most people don't realize it but the three most holy days for Satanists, witches, and other members of the occult are Halloween, Christmas, and Easter, when they do wonderful things like murder people and animals, especially children, to their pagan gods.

You have to understand the origins and meanings of each of those holidays.

Christmas came into being when Roman Emperor Constantine the Great (AD 306-337) kind of sort of "converted" the Church of Rome (actually, he became a closet pagan and poser Christian), later the Catholic Church to the west and the Christian Orthodox Church to the east, "to Christianity" in 312 (it still remains very pagan to this day).

You have to understand that years after this "conversion" to Christianity or actually the assimilation of Christianity into the Church of Rome, the Roman Empire split in about half with the western half remaining the Roman Empire and the eastern half becoming the Byzantine Empire. When this happened, the Church of Rome also split with the western half becoming the Catholic Church and eastern half becoming the Christian Orthodox Church.

Prior to that "conversion", Constantine's favorite pagan god was the Roman sun god, Sol, whose birthday was on December 24 (the winter solstice when days began getting longer so they figured the "sun was being born again" - the true winter solstice is December 22 but they thought it was December 24). Since Constantine didn't really convert to Christianity and only pretended to (yes, he was a poser Christian), he moved the celebration for Sol's birthday to December 25, only one day away, and named it Christmas (the mass for Christ) so he could deceptively continue to worship Sol while fooling the Christians into believing he was worshipping Jesus.

This means that, to this day, when you worship on Christmas, you are actually worshipping Sol, the Roman sun god, not Jesus, the pagans know it and totally love it, which is why I don't worship on Sol's birthday. They use Christmas and the other pagan holidays the Christians worship on to the make the Christians look like fools to discourage others from even considering being Christians or even listening to Christians. It devastates your Christian witness to pagans.

You see, the archaeologists and historians now know that Jesus was probably born in either September or October and not in December because it was during the fall, after the crops were gathered, that they made people pay taxes in those days because that is when most of the people had money because most people were farmers, which was when Joseph and Mary went to Bethlehem to pay taxes and Jesus was born.

I worship Jesus, his birth, death, burial, and resurrection year round.

Halloween was originally the pagan religious festival of "All Hallows Eve" until the Catholic Church changed it to Halloween so they could still worship on that day while fooling everyone that it was no longer the pagan day of the dead, when the people worshiped the dead, Satan, demons, ghosts, witches, and other such Christian things (/sarc).

This means that, when you worship or practice Halloween, you are literally worshipping Satan, his demons, and everything occult, you are asking them into your life, the pagans know this and they just love to see you Christians worshipping Satan and his demons on Halloween because it weakens the Church of God and its message.

Since I don't worship Satan and his demons, I just don't practice Halloween at all.

Easter is the birthday of the pagan fertility goddess known by about half a dozen different names, pending where you come from, such as Aster, Ester, and others. The eggs and bunnies used to celebrate that birthday are pagan symbols of fertility.

What Constantine and the Church of Rome did was move the crucifixion of Jesus back a few weeks from the Biblical Pass Over, when He was actually crucified, to Easter so they could deceptively continue to worship their fertility goddess while pretending to celebrate the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus.

Therefore, to this day, if you worship on Easter, you are worshipping the pagan fertility goddess, the pagans know it, and they really love it because they are playing Christians for suckers and fools.

If you really want to worship the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, you do it a few weeks later on Pass Over when it really happened and leave the pagan bunnies and eggs out of it.

Are there true Christians in the Catholic Church? Yes and many of their religions leaders are also true Christians but most are poser Christians and closet pagans, who control the church, just like many of today's protestant leaders are also poser Christians and closet pagans.

This video by a former witch turned Christian tells you quite a bit about it.

People, I have seen videos of pagans using Christians worshiping on these pagan holy days to mock Christians to discourage others from even listeting to Christians.

I don't worship on or celebrate any pagan holidays because I am not a pagan, I know better, and their gods are not my God.

If you want to celebrate the one true God of the Bible, you celebrate on the 5 festivals God gave us to celebrate on to keep us from worshipping pagan gods instead of our God and, when you do, don't ruin them with the Hebrew customs and traditions the Hebrews ruined them with. Practice them the way the Bible tells you to practice them. That way, you are worshipping the one true Christian God and not a pagan god, which strengthens our message of salvation through Jesus.

Many "Christians" say it doesn't really matter because "in their hearts" they are still worshipping God but God tells us to not knowingly eat animals that were sacrificed to pagan gods because that is worshipping or showing respect for those pagan gods and celebrating on pagan holy days is even worse than eating sacrificial meat because you are showing respect for those pagan gods AND worshipping them. If you worshipping on pagan holy days is keeping others from coming to Jesus as their savior, then it does matter to God.

When are we Christians going to finally get our act together and live by the Bible instead of pagan customs and traditions taught to us by pagans/poser Christians? Can our hearts really be in tune with God when they are being subjected to celebrating pagan holy days with you asking Satan and his demons into your lives?

Maybe, just maybe that will be when God saves our butts from ourselves.

Maybe God is using this supply chain shortage to give us a chance to stop worshipping on these pagan holy days and start worshipping on the Biblical feast days?

Remember that it was the pagan Church of Rome, now the Catholic Church, which assimilated Christianity into their paganism (they never got rid of all of their paganism) because they couldn't eradicate Christianity so they kind of sort of joined Christianity or conned Christians into joining their paganism and the Catholic Church is right now in the process of converting completely back to paganism by converting to Islam.

You think I am wrong about the pagan holy days?

Watch this video about Halloween commercials. If you let Satan get his foot in the door, he will tear your door down.

I am pretty sure that I have told you that I have a number of witches on my FB friends list that I keep an eye on the same as I watch lefty trolls and others. This morning I found myself staring into the glorified photo shopped face of a witch made to look like a beautiful human demon with horns because we are getting close to one of their most holy religious holidays, Halloween.

To get it off my chest, I just had to write my friend this e-mail:

"I am pretty sure that I have told you that I have a number of witches on my FB friends list I watch to see what they are saying and doing to know what is going on in their evil world just like I was trained to do in espionage, you know, keep an eye on the enemy.

I am really getting tired of this job and I know it is just starting.

With Halloween coming, they are posting glorified photo shopped pictures of themselves as evil demons with horns. They relish the idea of them being evil demons. Is that evil and freaky or what? 'Hey, everybody look, I want to burn in Hell!'

I WANT MY OWN PLANET!!!! These people are so evil they are nuts. We will see if they think being demons is so great when they are burning in the Lake of Fire.

I really, really hate having to watch and study these evil satanic things so I can teach and warn others about them.

Sorry, but I had to get that off my mind. I can't wait for Paradise without these evil things."

You think I am wrong about these evil lefties being human demons?

I KNOW from watching them that they WANT to be human demons and they just love the thought, they are that evil. Yes, I am convinced they are human demons because they said so. I simply cannot exaggerate anything I am telling you about how evil they are because they chose to be that evil and love being that evil. They BRAG to each other about how evil they are, which is their virtue signaling to each other. Believe me, they are the spawn of Satan and proud of it, because they regularly tell me so.


Conservatives are fighting back in every way they can, even in the blue states. The conservatives in the blue states are rightly concerned that, if the red and blue states secede from each other, they will be stuck in a communist dictatorship so they are trying to get out of those blue states before it is too late.

This video shows where it is right now happening in two states and I expect other states to follow.

For example, in the blue State of New Mexico about two thirds to three fourths of the counties are red and I would not be surprised to see at least some of them trying to secede from New Mexico and become part of Texas, especially since a lot of Texans already live here.

What these secession people are doing is trying to not have to fight the communists for their freedoms, which is an act of cowardice because they are abandoning their fellow conservatives because they don't want to have to fight but this secession may actually cause states to wage war on each other so that, instead of preventing a war, it may cause a war, you know, just like the last attempts at secession did 160 years ago and the attempts by the colonists to secede from the British Empire 85 years before that also caused the American Revolution.

Note that NONE of those seceding counties voted 100% Republican in any election. That means that there are tens to hundreds of thousands of lefties in those counties who would have to either fight or move. Succession is a simple minded solution to a complex problem and, therefore, can't work. Roman even explains to you why it can't work.

People, the blue states are not going to give up tax payers to other states, the Commierats are too greedy, you know, just like the greedy British Royals didn't want to give up their tax slaves either. Gee, what a coincidence.

God showed me years ago that this won't work and we are going to have to fight so you better spend your time preparing for that fight. These greedy, power mad lefty criminals and human demons are NOT going to just give you your freedoms and rights back that they have been fighting really hard to take from you, you are going to have to take your freedoms and rights back just like our ancestors did with the greedy British Royals.

There are people fighting back with many winning against the power mad lefties as this article I got from Newsmax by staff shows:

Headline: "Angry Parents, Voters Driving Recalls Around Nation Over Mask Mandates, Lockdowns"


"Across the country, dozens of recall campaigns are underway, many led by people who oppose any COVID-19-related rules. The recalls illustrate the contentiousness that has upended usually sleepy school board and city council meetings. The tension is almost sure to last into 2022, when more recall efforts are expected in the spring."

Believe me yet that the evil, greedy, power mad lefties have infiltrated everything?

I think these power mad commies have ticked the people off just a wee bit. The commies are turning out to not be as powerful as they thought they were.

People, this satanic crap that is bringing down the US has brought down every nation before the US and will always bring down every nation that embraces it. If you turn your back on God, you are running into the murdering arms of Satan, who wants all humans dead.


Remember that I told you that all of these cops leaving the blue cities and states were going to go to the red cities and states so that the blue states would become less safe with much more crime and the red states would become more safe with much less crime?

Watch this video about what is happening and it is growing.

You lefties keep voting for your criminal lefty politicians and they will gladly drive off your cops, fire fighters, doctors, nurses, and others sending your communities back to the dark ages and beyond. Hey, you can now bludgeon each other to death in the streets of blue cities over pocket change. What an improvement communism is bringing to America. (/sarc)

And most lefties are too stupid to figure it out because they will blindly believe the lies of their politicians and media as to why these people are leaving so they will keep voting for their lefty politicians and it will keep getting worse. That is an easy prediction.

"Hey, I seen it on TeeBee so it gots tuh be true." Think for themselves? No way, that would be blasphemy in their fanatical commie cult. "Duh lefty gods said so so it gots tuh be true."

I think people have to choose to be that stupid.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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