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Worshipping Satan

Remember that I told you that you cannot let Satan into your lives by worshipping or practicing his holy days? Remember that I told you that, if Satan gets his foot in the door, he will tear the door down? Remember that I have been teaching that one of the biggest sins we are paying for is tolerance of the pagans and their beliefs because that let Satan into our house?

Then, after I had posted that last essay, I found this video that says the same things I have been teaching you for years.

He makes it very clear that it is our tolerance of their paganisms that is destroying our nation, our businesses, our jobs, and our lives just like when the Hebrews were tolerant of the Canaanites instead of chasing their paganism out of their nation that destroyed the ten northern tribes of Israel and sent them into exile, captivity, and bondage. Just like our tolerance of our pagans is sending us into bondage and servitude.

We did not drive our paganism out of our nation and now it is destroying our nation and our lives because we didn't learn from the Bible and history. We are making the same mistakes the Hebrews made thousands of years ago and, surprise, surprise, we are getting the same results contrary to what too many of our lefty preachers taught us.

People, I don't care why you drive your car at 60 mph into a concrete wall, it is still going to kill you. The same is true that I don't care why you are tolerant and don't drive the paganism out of your nation, it will destroy your nation and enslave you.

Unfortunately, he drifted off into another aspect instead of sticking with teaching what sin will do to the nation.

Stupid Conservatives

Remember that I have told you there are stupid conservatives?

This video shows some very stupid conservatives about to make things worse with their "natural immunity bill".

The bill will come back to haunt everyone. An easy prediction here is that the left will turn this back against the people by saying, "Well, OK, we will permit the people with natural immunity to not get vaccinated BUT everyone else MUST get vaccinated". The left will use this stupid bill to force everyone else to get vaccinated and then work on getting those "with natural immunity" with some other excuse like "everyone else is".

Geeze these idiots don't have any common sense. This bill is dangerous. Just ban the mandates.

I have a question, what the heck are we doing permitting corrupt politicians to practice medicine without a license by ordering people to do things of a medical nature? Most of them are too stupid to pass freshman biology and we are letting them seize control of our medical care from our doctors? What is this, Medieval Europe?

These corrupt politicians have no qualifications to practice medicine or handle a medical emergency and they are setting our medicine back hundreds of years.

"But, it is a medical emergency," the lefties whine.

OK, how much training do any of these corrupt politicians have for handling a medical emergency?

None, absolutely none and the doctors they are seizing control of our medical care from ARE trained to handle medical emergencies. Those doctors spent 12 years in college being trained to handle medical emergencies.

Does that make sense to anyone?

Fauci, even with his MD, has no right to seize control of our medical care from our doctors, especially when he doesn't know any of your medical histories, and you have a right to choose which ever doctor you want. He is openly committing malpractice and getting away with it.

When is this insanity going to stop by bringing medicine back into the 21st Century by forbidding corrupt politicians and bureaucrats from practicing medicine by ordering people to do things of a medical nature?

If you are feeling sick or think you have been exposed, GO SEE YOUR DOCTOR, NOT A CORRUPT POLITICIAN OR BUREAUCRAT!


Boy, did I need this video right now and I thought that it might help some of you. Enjoy.

Global Prayer Vigil

Remember that I told you we should have a global prayer vigil to get God to come save our butts globally?

This video teaches why we Christians need a global prayer vigil.

At the first of November of each year a day is designated as a day for international prayer for persecuted Christians but that is not enough because Christians are being persecuted every day of the year. You also need to keep in mind that just because persecution is not happening to you right now, it does not mean it will not soon happen to you and your family, especially with the God hating lefties trying to set up their global dictatorship with plans to wipe out all Christianity around the world.

Persecution of Christians is increasing even in the US and Europe. We really, really need to setup and maintain a global prayer vigil to get us through this accelerating war against us.

Maybe it has to get personal and bad enough for you to join in a global prayer vigil for God to save us?

If that is the case, then you can bet God will wait for it to get that personal and bad for you to turn to Him in prayer.

Just like Jonathan Cohn says, we need to repent of our sins, turn back to God and call on His name in prayer. Because our problems are global, we need to make this a global vigil to save and protect ALL Christians globally and not just Christians any particular nation. We need to not only pray for the Christians in our nation but our Christian brothers and sisters around the world.

Please, please, please help me get a global prayer vigil going by starting it in your church and other churches in your area in the name of God. We really need this right now because, sooner or later, they are coming for you too.


Remember that I told you that the lefties are firing cops to replace them with their Antifa thugs to force their dictatorship on you?

It is just getting too obvious that is what is going on when places like Chicago, Portland, and California are firing cops during increaseing crime pandemics. There is no other reason for them to be firing cops right now under those conditions.

Keep an eye on this.

Illegal Aliens

Why is Biden offering to pay every illegal alien $450,000?

Because he and the upper class trash know that, if the illegal aliens know they will get $450,000 each, there will be a global mad dash for the US borders to get that much money. In most nations around the world, that is like becoming a multi millionaire.

They are obviously trying to get as many illegal aliens into the US as they can as quickly as they can to use them as voters in the next few elections to maintain power so they can finish setting up their dictatorship.

They know that right now their efforts are failing so they are falling behind schedule in setting up their dictatorship so they need more time and to get that time, they must stay in power longer but they are quickly losing votes because people are realizing how evil the lefties are and too many states are reworking their voting laws and systems to make rigging the vote harder so the left is bringing in more voters.

Plus they plan to use some of those illegal aliens as thugs to terrorize the people into submission, especially the Muslim terrorists.

Basically, the left's plans are failing and the left is desperate to hold onto power until they can consolidate their power forever.


Remember that I have been telling you that the left converted to Islam in 2012 under Obama, hates Israel just like all Muslims, and wants to destroy Israel?

Watch this video about the left's actions towards Israel. Their actions speak louder than words and are saying they hate Israel, they are on the side of the Muslims, and the left converted to Islam. I don't care what their words say, I care what their actions say.

Also, I decided to watch a video about the Mark of the Beast that I knew would be Euro centric but I wanted to see what they said. Basically, they read stuff into the prophecy that wasn't there and left stuff out of the prophecy that was there and that is the only way they can believe and support their Euro centric fairy tale about the book of Revelation and I believe that God is permitting this to sort out the true Christians from the poser Christians because, when their false prophecy doesn't come true, the poser Christians will turn from Christianity to Islam.

Fighting Back

Remember that I have been telling you that conservatives are fighting back against the lefty upper class trash.

This video shows intelligent conservatives fighting back and winning. The lefties are losing ground to intelligent conservatives and getting desperate because their plans are failing.

Virginia Governor's Race

Don't be surprised if this governor's race in Virginia is rigged as bad as it was in Commifornia and, if it is, you should see this as a warning that all future elections will be rigged against the people and for the lefties until you take back your nation from these criminals.

The Republican is currently leading by at least 4 points in liberally biased polls and should win by a reasonable margin but don't be surprised to see either truck loads of mystery ballots and/or mail in ballots show up out of nowhere and in greater numbers than there are registered voters. If they do, this is a warning by the left and from God concerning what you should expect for all future elections including the 2022 and 2024 elections.

The lefties are not going to just let the people win back their nation and freedoms with elections. These criminals are not going to give up their power and control that easily and will even rig elections to gain more power and control.

People, the commies have committed blatant crimes to get what they have and will commit even more blatant crimes to keep what they have and get more.

Do you believe me yet that these evil lefties will not stop and the only thing that will stop them is death?

If not, stick around for a few more rigged elections because they keep telling you I am right by rigging the elections more and more. Greedy and power mad people can never have enough wealth and power and will always want more and more at your expense. They are not good people and don't have any good intentions for anyone but themselves.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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