I was just watching a video teaching the accepted bull crap about IQ and that low IQs are the reason why blacks and Latinos do worse than Asians and Whites that is based on completely wrong circular reasoning in the name of "science" and has nothing to do with culture.

While I was still in college in 1969, I got to deal with this on a personal basis plus I grew up dealing with this as a kid.

I was taking an education course in which I was required to tutor two kids not doing too well in elementary schools. The professor explained the requirement, said some biased crap about the different schools in Albuquerque I knew from growing up in poverty was wrong, and the kids got to choose which schools they would tutor at.

Of course, all of the rich kiddies chose the upper middle class public schools "where they could do the most good" because of "genetics" and, without really admitting it, where they would also feel safest because the rich kiddies tend to be afraid of lower class neighborhoods.

I sat and watched this circus while thinking about it and decided I would select a school on the poor side of town because that is where the kids would need the help the most. After all, those rich parents could hire tutors.

Remember that I grew up in public schools with teachers telling me that there was "no hope" for me because I was poor white trailer trash and was, therefore, too stupid to go to college and here I sat in college with the intellectually superior rich kids making better grades than most of them, proving what they believed and my professors were teaching me to be wrong. Oops!

After everyone else had selected their schools, I went up to the teacher and asked her what was the worst school in town. She said it was a little elementary school between South Broadway and I-25 in South Albuquerque that was an all black school in the town's only all black neighborhood. It was our Harlem and Watts, baby.

I said, "I want to tutor at that school."

With a look of horror and surprise in her eyes she asked, "Are you sure, that is a very dangerous part of town."

I said, "I am certain," turned around and returned to my desk.

I knew that, if I had lived in Albuquerque as a kid, I could have easily gone to that school. It was my kind of turf, my world, and my people, regardless of color. When I was a kid, I went to poor schools everywhere I lived with kids of all colors and probably attended at least 30 different schools in at least 30 different communities from West Texas to California and from Southern New Mexico to Southern Colorado between first and sixth grades. I went to two different schools in just second grade in just Tucumcari, New Mexico because we averaged moving at least 8 to 12 times per year to follow work for at least my first four years of school plus moving almost every year since that.

Except for the schools in California and Colorado, I was in the minority in almost all of the schools I went to during that time.

The world I grew up in was very different from what the x-spurts, including teachers, media, and others, teach you it is like. What you have been taught to believe about the poor side of town is bull crap. Most of them are people just like you trying to make a living. They just have less money.

About a week later we got our student assignments with the name of the person we were to report to at the schools we chose and my professor, in all of her superior wisdom, gave me another chance to change my mind but I persisted with her replying that, if I changed my mind, I could change schools any time I wanted later.

I reported to an arrogant, black male sixth grade teacher, who had grown up middle class and bought into the same IQ crap the rest of middle and upper class believed, at the school who had a D student and an F student, both considered to be failing, I was supposed to work with. He introduced me to the two kids, I don't remember their names from about 50 years ago, and then he took me down to the office, where I had to register and was informed that I could change to another school any time I wanted.

Then the teacher started to escort me upstairs to an empty class by his class where I could tutor the two kids but stopped about half way up the stairs, told me he thought I was wasting my time with these two failing kids because he thought they were going to fail anyway, he offered to let me tutor two of his better students, whom he felt I could do more good with, and stated he would write the paperwork to make it looked like I had tutored the two failing students.

I politely thanked him for his offer, refused his offer, and told him I wanted to work with the two kids who needed the help the most knowing that, if you just turned his two top students loose in a library, they would continue to study and learn. They didn't need my help and the two failing students did.

I went to the empty class room and the teacher sent the two failing students in with a few of their books, paper, and school stuff. I started by doing the stuff they were teaching me to do in college like improving the kids study habits while my gut was screaming at me, "That ain't right, Carl!" Finally, after about 10 to 15 minutes of the two boys reading quietly by themselves to "improve their study habits", God tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Carl, do what you know is right."

I had the two boys come sit right next to me, close their books, I started asking them questions, and then I started LISTENING to them. The first thing I noticed was that their attitude was, "Why bother trying, we are black?"

So I asked them why did they believe this.

They told me that it was because all of their rich black role models on TV were always telling them that there was no hope for them because they "couldn't make it because they are black." They specifically named Louis Farrakhan, Oprah Winfrey, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton again and again. Both boys said that those four people and many others were always telling the two boys that there was no nope for them and they couldn't make it because they were black so the two boys figured they must be right and decided, "If I can't make it because I am black, why bother trying?" They gave up and were fulfilling the prophesy. After all, everyone else they knew believed it, well, except for me.

I had heard that message, "There is no hope for you; you can't make it because..." all of my life and I instantly knew how to deal with it. I had both boys get a piece of paper and a pencil and I had them spend about 10 to 15 minutes making a list of all of the rich black people they knew of.

Then I had them bring their lists to me and at the tops of both lists were the four evil black parasites who had made millions teaching black children that they couldn't make it because they are black in spite of the fact that these evil black parasites had made it by convincing the black kids they couldn't make it, you know, Oprah Winfrey, Louis Farrakhan, Jesse James Jackson, and Al Capone Sharpton.

Yeah, I have not had any respect for any of them since then.

I asked the two boys, "These are all black people, right?"

They said, "Yes."

I asked the two boys, "These black people are all rich and have made it, right?"

They said, "Yes."

Then I asked the two boys, "If they are black and they have made it, why can't you make it?" And little light bulbs came on inside their little heads.

That semester ended just before Christmas and I spent those nine weeks, two days a week, one hour each day talking to them about this. I taught them to believe in themselves, I taught them how to use education to get the tools of knowledge needed for success, and how to work hard to use those tools to succeed. When it was over, I prayed that I had helped the two boys.

A year later, just before Christmas, my wife and I went into a grocery store for a gallon of milk. We walked to the back of the store where the milk was, we stopped in front of the milk while my wife decided which type of milk she wanted to buy, and I noticed the little black boy who had been the F student about 30 feet to my left with his mother. Since I had not done what I was taught to do by the college professors and had done what I believed was right, my first thought was, "What if what I had done didn't work, both kids failed, and it was my fault?"

He had not noticed me yet so I pretended to not notice him while watching him out of the corner of my eye and wishing my wife would hurry up and make up her mind. I saw him notice me, I saw him grab his mother's hand and pull on it, I saw him talk to her and point at me, I saw her grab his hand and come charging at me very quickly, and my first thought was, "I am going to die right here in this store next to the milk!"

She rushed up to me with her son in tow and asked, "Are you the man who tutored my son and the other little boy?"

I answered, "Yes, ma'am," hoping being nice would save my life.

She said, "I am so glad to meet you and want to thank you for what you did for my son and that other little boy. My son is now a B student and the other little boy is now an A student. Thank you."

What a great Christmas present from God.

Note that I didn't change their DNA or IQ scores. All I changed is what they believed so that they now believed in themselves and felt it was worth it to try. I also taught them not to believe the lying rich parasites.

That is why, about a year and a half earlier, I had changed my major from mechanical engineering to coaching. I could have easily been a rocket scientist and built spaceships, missiles, fighter planes, submarines, highways, and great dams but I didn't want to build any of those things. I wanted to build better people by help poor kids have a better chance in life.

Let those poor kids build the spaceships. I want to build the poor kids who build the spaceships.

It has been more than 50 years since I made that decision and not for one instant have I regretted making that decision, not even living in poverty with my bad health. I have helped people and saved kids lives. With all of the wins and placings I got as a coach, I easily have huge bragging rights but those are not my favorite trophies. My favorite trophies are the people whose lives are better because of me and the kids whose lives I saved by keeping them out of gangs, drugs, and crime.

When I studied psychology in college, we studied the IQ test. One day, the professor started rattling off a list of dozens of things for which, if you changed any of them, it would result in changing your IQ test scores and all of those things were cultural and not one of them had to do with DNA or biochemistry.

I started out trying to write all of those things down but he was talking too fast and, after about the first dozen or so I realized that, if just half of those things had been better in my life as a kid, I would test with an IQ score of better than 200, so I quit writing.

When I was in high school, I got an IQ test score of 139 with 130 being genius, in spite of my pretty bad childhood living in poverty with my parents divorced. After getting a master's degree, I now qualify for Mensa, which means my IQ has to be between 198 and 200.

What, did me getting a college education change my DNA and make me smarter?

No, you see, IQ tests are culturally biased towards a culture that includes a college education so, in a nation with more people who have a Western college education, the average IQ will be higher. Even within a group of people, such as blacks or Latinos, if the percentage of people who have college educations is lower, their average IQ will be lower.

Don't believe me and want to still believe the lies of the upper class trash and their supremacist minions?

Go to college, get a master's degree and watch your IQ score increase.

They tell you it is because the people with high IQs get college degrees but, no, it is the college degree that causes the higher IQ scores.

Gee, you don't think the white European/American academe invented and rigged the IQ test to make themselves look more intelligent than they are and make you look less intelligent than you are, do you?

Of course they did. Put that together with some really bad statistical analyses involving such things as school dropout rates, and, hey, we are the super race, baby.

Get the picture yet?

In cultures where people put more emphasis on education, the IQs will be higher because more of them will get a higher education and fewer of them will drop out of school.

I have seen people flunk out of first and second year hard science courses because they are too stupid to pass those courses, go across campus, get a Ph.D. in one of the soft sciences, score really high on the IQ test, and they were dumber than rocks. Most of your college professors really are not that intelligent but they will score higher on IQ tests because IQ tests are biased towards a Western college education.

These same people will tell you that they, the white upper class trash, should be ruling the world because they are intellectually superior to the other races because of average IQ scores. That is what all of these white upper class trash are working towards today. They set up their global dictatorship and then tell all of the other upper class trash that we whites should be running things because we have higher average IQ scores.

You want to put an end to most of the problems we have in this country right now?

The first thing you have to do is shut up the rich parasites who get wealthy teaching kids that there is no hope for those kids because... Then you have to teach the children to believe in themselves, how to use knowledge as a tool to build, create, and succeed, and then to work hard using those tools to be a success.

Those kids will apply themselves harder towards learning, their knowledge will increase, their IQ scores will rocket, their dropout rates will plunge, and most crime will go away.

But, first, you have to shut up the evil parasites who teach the kids to not believe in themselves so that the kids will decide, "If I can't succeed and there is no hope for me, why bother to try?" Those kids will quit trying and turn to crime in mass.

Forget all of that IQ bull crap and genetics, which are meant to convince you even more that there is no hope for you because you can't change your DNA. If you make the right cultural changes that will make the right changes in attitude, you will solve most of our problems.

When I changed what I believed, which changed my attitude, I started going places because I knew I could.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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