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You can tell when someone has hired marketing people to run their site or do just about anything for them. The business goes to hell and becomes a nightmare of money grabbing.

We have gone from one absurd business practice to another absurd business practice. We went from CPAs running businesses and them focusing on only "the bottom line" or the numbers of business management to marketing idiots running businesses by running more and more cons to steal more from more people faster. The marketing people call it advertising but it isn't advertising when it is deceptive, it is a con.

I have watched one site obviously being run by marketing people reach a very irritating and frustrating point to where I have to close three banners and con windows just to be able to read the news. They tried to con us into paying an additional fee for weather but that failed so they finally quit.

I wish I had the money to start up and run competitive sites for the larger sites today. I would make them more user friendly for my customers with fewer opportunities for me to con them out of money to do what is called "stealing market share," something idiot marketing people don't understand.

All they understand is constantly adding more and more and more frustrating adds with cons to increase profits by stealing more and more and more money from more and more and more people faster and faster and faster, which makes their sites very user unfriendly by irritating their customers more and more and more.

If I put together a more user friendly site that was not so frustrating to my customers by making a reasonable profit with a reasonable amount of advertising, it would draw the overly frustrated customers away from these idiot sites run by the idiot marketing people, increasing my profits by increasing my traffic. Gee, what a novel idea.

But you can't expect marketing people to understand this because their idiot college professors didn't teach them about customer relations, user friendliness, or anything like that. All their idiot college professors teach them is being innovative in how many cons they can run on their customers as possible to maximize profits by stealing more money from more people faster.

(I have been there watching idiot college professors teach this fad oriented business management junk and the stupid students just eat it up without question because they can't think for themselves. Thinking for themselves is kind of discouraged by today's idiot college professors; not the good college professors; the idiots.)

So this is another one of those opportunities I am letting you know about that was created by crusading idiot college professors. Feel free to take advantage of it by firing most of your marketing people and CPAs, hiring good general business managers to run your business to cover all bases properly, and steal market share from the simple minded idiot sites run by idiot marketing people and idiot CPAs. This door is wide open just waiting for some sane, rational, intelligent people who will be happy just to make a reasonable profit while not frustrating or stealing from their customers.

A good business rule of thumb is, "Don't follow those idiot fads that keep coming out of our idiot colleges being taught by idiot college professors; actually think and do things right."


If you think I am wrong about the IQ thingy, just remember this: Today's upper class trash consistently test highest on their beloved IQ tests, they have the greatest resources ever gathered together for one goal in history to obtain their evil goal of a global dictatorship, and they are failing.

Get this straight, these evil monsters have more money; trillions of dollars, more manpower; millions of professionally trained people, more high technology; massive super computers and the Internet, and more of all other resources focused on achieving their evil goal of global domination than anyone or even almost everyone in history and they are failing.

Now just how stupid do you have to be to do that?

Alexander the Great, Caesar, Genghis Kahn, Napoleon Bonaparte, and all of the other great conquerors in history combined didn't have the resources available to today's inbred upper class trash globalists and today's upper class trash globalists are failing. Think about that.

They have to be the stupidest people in history, just like I have been telling you for years, and they have to be the greatest losers in history. How pathetic.

And you still believe their beloved IQ test means anything other than what culture you come from? And you think these heavily inbred people are smarter than you?

Man plans, God laughs and God said, "Thinking themselves wise, they have made themselves fools."


It has become obvious that the EU, May, and the rest of the British traitors cooked up an absolutely absurd deal they knew would be voted down in hopes that it would force a second referendum vote with most of the people voting to remain in the EU. This was clearly all planned out and Brits are being played for suckers by the EU, May, and her ilk.

It is just another upper class trash con job to get what the upper class trash wants, which is to keep Britain in the EU working towards their beloved global dictatorship.

It is my opinion that these traitors should be tried for treason and hung.

Medical Rant

I want you to know that one of the biggest reasons why I am so upset about bad doctors is because all of those doctors who refused to listen me, their patient, and run tests to keep me from getting that sick, robbed me of the best years of my life.

For almost everyone, the best years of your life will be between 40 and 60 years of age, when you have enough experience and know enough, along with good health, to do the best you could do in your life.

I will be 70 this coming April and I have been suffering from declining health for the last 30 years, severely incapacitated for almost 20 of those years, because those quacks would not listen to me and run tests on me.

I was at the top of my field and on the verge of proving myself to be one of the very best in the world, easily within reach of all of my dreams and more, when my health started declining. My best years were still ahead of me but now they are behind me and gone forever because of a bunch of quack doctors who would not listen to their patient and run some tests to see if I really was sick.

How many lives have bad doctors destroyed?

I know that I am not the only one.

But know this, I am "mean enough" and determined enough that, if I get my health back enough and can recover my finances enough, I ain't through yet, baby. I will still do something and I have been fighting for this for more than a decade, after I realized my best was gone, stolen by bad doctors.

There are still one or two good kicks left in this old man and that is what I am fighting for now. I am fighting to get my health back while waiting for God to open a door for me and, when He does open that door, this old fart is going to blow through that door like a runaway nuke exploding. Light doesn't know speed like you will see when this old fart goes through that door.

So I keep researching, studying, and learning, while working to get my health back so I will be ready when that door opens. Almost every day, I spend hours researching, reading, studying, and watching how-to videos just like I did last night.

I keep my eyes open, looking for opportunities and trying to improve myself in every way possible for that day. My God is my hope and He gave me good reason to hope even more with my improvements last year. I had some setbacks the last 6 months that knocked me back down but I am trying to get back up and will keep trying because, with God, nothing is impossible. I am one determined old fart.


I just saw where Hanoi Jane Fonda has arrogantly decided to return to the public eye and has started saying unpleasant things about other people.

My first thought was, "Is there a statute of limitations on treason?"

So I did a little research and came up with the following on statutes of limitations:

"Felonies: 10 years for larceny, bribery, embezzlement, extortion, antitrust violations and racketeering; 7 years for water pollution; 3 years for other felonies; no statute of limitations for major crimes like murder, treason, arson, burglary, forgery, robbery, rape, drug crimes, sexual assault and child molestation."

Hanoi Jane just might want to shut her vile commie mouth and crawl back in her slimy little commie hole because she can be tried and hung for treason for the rest of her life.

BTW, so can all of the politicians, bureaucrats, media, upper class trash, college professors, school teachers, activists, and many other lefties who have committed treason. There is hope.

But what we must do is regain control of the DOJ, which means law enforcement, DAs, and judges or no one will investigate, bring charges against, or judicate these horrid criminals.

Now, do you understand why the traitors have seized control of the DOJ?

So they can feel free to commit their evil crimes with impunity. We need to stop the impunity thingy.

So, please, Hanoi Jane, keep your vile commie yap running so the people will learn there is no statute of limitations for treason so the people will take back control of the DOJ and start trying and hanging you and your vile commie pals and, if the people won't bring capital punishment against you slime, God will...very soon.

People, it is no coincidence that Hanoi Jane, these commie traitors openly staging their coup, and other blatant acts of treason by the left are coming together right now. God is getting ready to hold court for these vile criminals and I want video.

There is hope...and His name is Yahweh, Jesus, Elohim, Adonai, and the Great I Am. Pray long, pray hard, pray often.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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